Nokia Working On a Windows Tablet With Some Exclusive App Experiences?

Nokia Micoach1 Nokia Micoach3

Nokia is working on a Windows tablet. Various sources from various sites pointed out the same and even we reported the same based on our sources. Similar to Lumia Windows Phone devices, Nokia may be planning to bring some exclusive app experiences for its Windows 8 tablets. The above images are posted by some app designer with info that it was a proposal for a Nokia tablet app.

Nokia Adidas App:

Helped design and concept the Adidas micoach app proposal for the Nokia Tablet. The Tablet App intended to be an extension of coaches allowing them to build teams and
monitor individual trainings for each athlete. The way that works is to connect he app to existing technology on Adidas products to read the workout data registered by cell chip implants. The app also tapped into the community allowing users to challenge each other by sending notifications to friends and their social feeds.

It may be fake, but given Nokia’s past strategy around Windows Phone devices, I expect the above app experience on a Nokia Windows tablet.

What do you think? Read more screenshots of the app from the link below.

Source: Cargocollective via: @evleaks

  • Pankaj Gupta


  • emi

    i want it NOW!

  • fake


  • goranwik

    If Windows Phone manufacturers continue to develop their own brand-specific apps, and do not cooperate with each other, the WP will never be able to compete with Android and IOS. That’s what I think anyway.

    • CX1

      As Nokia is developing apps/relationships to further the platform it’s normal business practice to hold some exclusivity if only for a time. I believe all Nokia Windows Phone apps are now available on all devices.

    • NegLewis

      I HATE exclusive apps – even if I own a Lumia.
      But, in time – after 1-2 years – all the Nokia Apps become free for all…

    • TheOne2125

      Nokia’s Apps are only time exclusive between 30 and 90 days all WP devices get them. Look at Samsung you don’t see them offering their device specific apps to the rest of Android do you. You support the OS while making your device more attractive. With Android you are on a toss up on the experience, with WP at the minimum you know that everything at the core is the same across the board, no matter whose phone you pick up. Hardware will be different, Apps maybe different but the main part is always the same.

    • robertwade

      Oh, yes, because different Android OEMs don’t load their devices with unique content. Sheesh. Get real.

  • FavBrowser

    No win button = fake

    • frankwick

      this is a mock-up

  • NegLewis

    Nokia: 820 Like, 8-10″, Slim, 6h battery, NOT Atom CPU = win

  • Breakingillusions

    a tablet from Nokia running windows always welcomed but No for exclusive apps we have enough of exclusive apps on windows phone i want to buy what ever tablet i want and enjoy the same apps

    • PoohGQ

      Well I hope you can afford the budget to have developers create apps for everybody then…

  • bricko

    Anything that can improve on this horrid Metro Shmetro interface would be great. It feels more like a Hello Kitty kludge than real computer interface now. Little colored tiles for kiddies to poke at and they are horribly slow and buggy. When will we be able to drag and drop files in a real File Manager etc. Pure silliness.

    • binlid

      You can drag and drop files in a real File Manager in…Windows 8. It’s called File Explorer, it’s still there. Why would Microsoft re-write the entire File Manager for metro….metro is an alternative interface, not a replication of desktop. There are things tasks that are more suited to Metro environment and tasks that are more suited to desktop environment. Microsoft is giving you more choice, versatility and capability in a single platform than any other competitor…get a clue, or just stick with spending 3 times the price on 2 separate devices in order to complete such a basic task – because you don’t even have a file system to whinge about on crappy oversized iPod OS.