Nokia X2 Android Device Hands-On (Video)

Today, Nokia announced the next generation Nokia X series device, Nokia X2. Nokia X2 is powered by Snapdragon 200 CPU and 1GB RAM. The software and user experience has also got a significant update with the release of Nokia X2. As opposed to previous Nokia X models, Nokia X2 features a home screen on the front. The back button now provides quick-and-easy multitasking support. It also includes double tap to wake up option as well.

The Nokia X2 is also equipped with another navigation option; the brand-new ‘apps list’, which keeps your home screen clear for your most used apps, bringing Nokia X2 in line with the existing Lumia experience.

More personalisation options are now available on the start screen, too, thanks to the tile color-picker feature.

This device will be a great competitor to the recently released Moto E devices in the emerging markets.

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  • josonkjoy

    Looks like Microsoft learned from its mistakes and it looks far far better than Moto e which is really crap in looks.

  • otacon1k

    So… This cheap “something”has home and back buttons and front camera while Lumia 630 twice expansive not? It doesn’t make sense…

    • PoohGQ

      I’m still pulling hairs trying to understand the rationale..!

      • LexicoRed

        They just trying to get sales numbers from anywhere so they can turn around and sell the division off whiteout losing too much money. It’s the be gaining of the end for making hardware at Microsoft. :(

  • donzebe

    Hope this is the last of android devices coming from Microsoft. I will take it as the remnants of Nokia that Microsoft is clearing out.

  • Joe_HTH

    Nokia didn’t release crap. Microsoft released this, and I can’t understand why.

    • NetilzaQ

      It is obvious, they have given up on Windows Phone, trying to create some value with Nokia so they can sell it off without losing too much money. The slow dismantling of the Hardware strategy.

      • VARUNGUPTA1992

        Sorry, but they aren’t giving up on WP, they wont ever. Android experience will never match up with WP, the fluency, the seamlessness, the maturity. This interface still appears to be a kiddish.
        Even the animations are not par, nor the font style. It nearly appears an unfinished WP experience, which MS will never make it same on WP.

        So to say, what is MS up to?

        1. Making people familiar with the new UI, to android lovers, to make transition hasle free. I bet many people are afraid of metro or don’t like the UI. Because they fear change. (Same can be seen in iOS, many people dint adopted iOS 7, UI changes in Android also stop people upgrading). So to say, they are introducing people to WP UI, so people who aren’t giving chance to WP, will give a try to WP.

        2. Google services are been used by most people. That is another reason Android is so popular and its seriously forcing OEM to include its services to get latest and greatest. That’s the reason every Android phones have two mail clients, one OEM other Gmail. (Whats ironical is that in 2007, when Vista came, Google has sued MS for not allowing change the default search provider in Vista, but the same is google doing in Android, you cannot change global search engine to Yahoo or Bing!)
        Android comes bundled with google essentials, which people like.
        Google shows no interest in developing for WP. Even MS tries they put it down. So now for WP to succeed either they need to get Google or promote its own services.
        So now… they are doing, getting what people like Android (it has apps, so no cribbing) on top MS services. In nutshell they are promoting there services. Once services get necessary attention, people will give a look to WP, as people give look to Google Nexus or Play Edition devices or may be more.

        A different approach, but aim is WP.

    • JasperEnGn

      Even Microsoft recognizes Windows Phone is a no go.

  • Anthony Miles

    I don’t know why, but why does this phone have all the notifications and fast in which windows phone don’t. some of the features in this phone are better in my opinion. If windows phone had fast lane and were able to do all those different types of notifications we would be ways ahead of ios and andriod what a shame MS put a great OS on such a cheap phone.

  • bibleverse1

    Dear Microsoft ,

    The Nokia Lumia 520/521 was the best selling WP8 device update it with a gb of RAM, a front camera, and a flash for $99.99 to 129.99 and sell direct from Microsoft store unlocked. Using this formula will sell devices. Do not get trapped in exclusive contracts with carriers.

    • PoohGQ

      Sometimes simple marketing strategies are what a product needs to succeed. Some how it’s hard to understand why major companies like Microsoft fail to see it..!

  • sin isfree

    it looks and seem the interface much better than Lumia 630

  • Gregory C Newman

    Microsoft folks is a now a True devices and Services company that offers customers what they want. to Americans who are used to and want the latest and greatest Tech devices out there this “X2” smart phone might stink! but to a person in a developing country or a nations where they do have carriers that subsidize the cost of a smart phone this smart phone will do. I dare to say that if microsoft altered this device to access and use Google play store apps and offered this device to be sold in America. it would sell OK but not as well as the high end Android device made by others. Do not be surprised if Microsoft shocks everybody and offers a similar device to be sold in the USA just to see how well it would do in the market. If I were Microsoft I would give it shot.

  • Gregory C Newman

    Microsoft will not give up it’s Windows smart phones why should it. Windows smart phones use the “NT” OS core a stable OS as the base OS of Windows smart Phone.
    it is Updating this smart phone to have all the features smart phone owners need and has about 90% of the most popular apps most people like to use. with these things going for it this is not the time for Microsoft to give up. there are Android and Aple Iphoines all over the place. People need other choices other than just 2. ther may be too many paid Android trolls putting it down on the Web.

    • PoohGQ

      But why is Microsoft continuing this route with Android in the first place..? Lumia 520 was doing just fine. I can say that because it seems to have captured a stronghold on a major street in Boston where every other phone you see on the is a Lumia 520/521. Microsoft should remove the Lumia 6xx series and just have 3 lines of Lumia phones – the Lumia 53x should’ve been the correct follow up to the 520’s success, bolstered by direct sales from Microsoft Stores for unlocked phones and letting the prepaid small carriers push them for the lower price points that seem to work in WP’s favor.
      In another 12months folks would start to gravitate to the higher end versions due their build up of apps under the Windows Phone echo system.
      Microsoft for all the love I have for it is starting to sound like that song “When Men Grow Old” by Babyface..

      • hushv

        “Microsoft should remove the Lumia 6xx series and just have 3 lines of Lumia phones”

        My man you speak my mind. I came to the same conclusion a few days ago.