Nostalgic Internet Explorer ad asks users to go back to the 90’s but misses the mark

Microsoft has released the above nostalgic Internet Explorer ad, which asks users to harken back to the 90’s, to the days of Tamagochi and Hungry Hungry Hippos, and to the days when internet explorer had 90% market share.  Unfortunately I believe Microsoft’s marketers have missed the mark with this ad. 

Whilst it takes users back to the ‘good old days’ of ‘the youth’, and to much loved memories, Internet Explorer has never quite made it to that list, and will likely be remembered more as a major security risk than happily and safely browsing the web 1.0. 

Better luck with the next ad, Microsoft.



  • grs_dev

    The 90s were a lot simpler times.

  • cicily

    I think you missed the point of the ad that many others have gotten.
    It’s not that IE was great in the 90’s and so you should use it because you feel nostalgic.
    It’s the opposite. You have grown up since the 90’s, and so has IE. The IE today is not the IE that one remembers from before with all the security problems and slowness, etc. The point is that you should give the new modern IE another try.

    • Marcio Correa

      Thanks for allowing me to reply with fewer characters. That’s what i got…

    • Jeroen Heijster

      Indeed, Microsoft-News missed the point. Seriously, it actually said “You grew up, so did we”, that said enough.

    • Not Steve

      Totally agree, the part where it says, “You grew up. So did we.” is actually really humble of MS and makes clear they’re not comparing IE to all the fads of the 90’s but rather it’s gotten better since then. Technically IE *was* the most used browser in the 90’s though after it clobbered Netscape (and not just because it was shipped with Windows, but because it was a better browser than bloated Netscape 4). IE wasn’t as much of a security hole back then. Not until malicious hackers targeted the browser since it was mainstream. Much like Android is attacked heavily today. Microsoft always put security updates and still maintains the browser to this day. Had they not stopped adding new features after IE6, they probably would have never lost their stronghold in the browser arena, but IE9 and IE10 finally made up for that. IE10 is very efficiently designed and has all the features I need.

    • DigTheNoise

      Too bad Microsoft-News took a good idea and ad and decided to say it “misses the mark.”

    • disqustingtard

      But fucktard Microsoft insists on tarnishing the quality product with the IE name. Microsoft need to learn from the shampoo manufacturers, there are 50 selections of shampoo in the supermarket from only 3 companies. Keep IE but release another browser or two under different brands. Same with Windows Phone. Fucking wake up, Microsoft.

  • vcfan

    we got a smartass on our hands. man these bloggers should just report news or rumors and stfu. we don’t give a shit about your view. we don’t visit your site for your insight,we visit this site to get the latest info. how about sticking to that,or you risk losing your users.

  • Njoi Fontes

    it seems like the only one that missed the mark is the writer of this article…

  • arrow2010

    look out, we’ve got a badass here.

  • disqustingtard

    Microsoft didn’t always suck at marketing. When they dumped some interpublic company for whatever they are using now is when their marketing really started to resemble diarrheal splatter scum clinging to the walls of a third world toilet than anything that might be considered worthy of being called advertising.

  • Kitab

    Good IE Ad. I’m on ie10 preview on win7. Very good for a preview browser.
    Maybe Atiya should grow up, unless he/she’s on daipers:)

  • jamielife

    Wow, I think you missed the mark. You should not be allowed to write here anymore.

  • SategB

    Unbelievably bad. Instead of showing us why IE is better it takes us back to a time when is sucked. I think this ad was made to help remind Ballmer of MSFT good old days and try to forget they have gone from hold 96% OS market share for computer devices to less then 30% today. The only thing this ad makes me nostalgic for is those great Bill Gates /Jerry Seinfeld ads. LOL