Now more than 10,000 ‘Windows 8 Store Applications’ in the store


The Next Web notes, via WinAppUpdate, that there are now more than 10,000 apps in the Windows 8 store, being added at a rate of 500 per day.

This rate is likely to increase exponentially as the number of Windows 8 PCs, already expected to be more than 4 million in number, rapidly increases over the next few weeks, and developers see more opportunities.

Microsoft has also announced at BUILD that the official replacement for Metro-style apps will be ‘Windows 8 Store Applications’ which is a rather typically uncool but descriptive Microsoft nomenclature.

Has any actually cool applications hit the Windows 8 store recently? Let us know below.

  • guesttt999

    Amazing pace! At this rate we will have about 40,000 apps before end of this year!!! Hope the momentum continues. Microsoft is back in business!

    • Bugbog

      I say 32 – 35K

  • Chris Brown

    Are there really that many apps in the store? When I do a * search, I only return 4804 apps in the store. When I look at New Releases under Spotlight, the list doesn’t appear to change. Am I missing something? I really wish there more apps available because I really like Surface RT.

    • Ahmad Waleed

      some apps are specific to a country.

    • amaurys

      Yes i’ve been hearing that the count varies depending if you’re running Windows RT or Windows 8 because the windows app store is also showing submitted destop apps, so yes if you are in a windows RT environment you will not see so many apps. Though i believe if there is 10k you should be seeing far more than 4k apps, i highly doubt there are 5k desptop apps submitted in the store yet.

    • Henry

      You will see more apps when you switching off a particular language preference in settings.

      • Chris Brown

        I turned off language preferences and now see 5947 on my Surface RT. On my Windows 8 Ent laptop, I see a total of 6523 when doing the * search with language preference disabled.

  • koenshaku

    That will be the fastest growing for sure.

  • Dirk

    It is now december, and I find exactly 354 apps in the Windows 8 Store !!! Where are those 39646 other ??

  • Dirk

    and this 354 is when I do a * search

  • Dirk

    In Belgium, and in Dutch. May be a specific and small region, but nevertheless, 354 is PEANUTS !!!