Now more than 13,000 apps in the Windows 8 store

imageThe Windows 8 Store is growing apace, with WinAppUpdate declaring that yesterday there was 12,895 apps in the store, and presumably more than 13,000 today.

The store is currently growing at around 362 apps per day, a bit slower than a week ago, when it was closer to 500 per day, but this may have been the BUILD effect, with developers polishing their apps with the latest advice.

New apps include a Slacker App for Windows 8 and the Shazam app amongst the latest entrants.

Hopefully the slow-down is just transient, as what the store really needs is an acceleration to reach a respectable 6 figure number as soon as possible. Hopefully recent success stories such as 100,000 downloads by Metrotwit and 200,000 by ARMED will serve to do just that.

Via TNW.

  • Mike

    I would like to see a list of all the new APPS? how can I do that daily? just apps loaded the previous x number of days?

    • Alex F.

      Search for “*” and sort by newest.

      • Mike

        Thanks, I did that, but it only shows 6500 apps if I do that, so that is why I was wondering…

        • GGlazer

          I show 6553 apps now.

        • Jeff Bramwell

          The number of apps shown vary by device (e.g. I see more apps on my x86 W8 Tablet than I do on my Surface RT) as well as marketplace. I am assuming the 13 thousand apps estimated above is for all devices and all marketplaces. Right now, I’m seeing 7,630 apps on my Surface RT.

  • Logan Nowak

    Give it a few days and two of my apps will be there, Cloud Blaster and Cyber Attack.

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    Any news if any Avid, Autodesk, Adobe software is in there….?

    If you start getting “big name” software in there (heavy duty software), you can expect that the number of apps will just explode.

    • GGlazer

      I wouldn’t expect to see those guys there anytime soon. Microsoft store apps will be mostly consumer apps for now. I doubt we’ll see any prosumer apps anytime soon. It’ll take most of their apps the longest to fit into a touch ecosystem.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      The only autodesk App its sketchbook express.

      Autodesk have been slow with their development… but they have a monopoly so they dont care so much, of course i like their software but what i mean its i dont expect to see their apps released anytime soon. they will but its like asking for a call of durty for winrt. it needs time to be developed and knowing the slowness of the companies like Autodesk, its hard to think about another App from them for like 3 months.
      also Why rush if the computes that matter in these products are x64 and you can run their $3500+ autodesk software normally in desktop?
      I like Autodesk and 3dsmax but they aren’t fast in alot of things.

  • Ocelotty1

    A lot of the apps are pretty hollow, such as the world pie app which lists pies but doesn’t give a recipie or even a link to one.

    • alukard

      A lot of the apps you may be interested in maybe but there are countless apps with substance that I’ve acquired which add benefit to my Surface use.
      As to your example, there cooking apps that gives full recipes and even video instructions. try them out most are free.

  • w1ngnut

    Developers, Developers, Developers! Apps, Apps, Apps!