Now more than 16,000 apps in the Windows 8 store


The Windows 8 store has continued to grow apace, adding 3000 apps in the last 8 days, according to WinAppUpdate.

The total is a worldwide number, with individual markets varying in quantity. The Chinese market in particular is very robust, with more than 10,000 aps at present. It is the largest market, but unfortunately it is suspected not the one with the highest quality of apps.

At this rate the store should hit 20,000 apps before December, and will hopefully include more big-name apps by then.

  • Alex F.

    9473 apps in UK

    Probably at least 90% is complete rubbish that shouldn’t even be called an app. I just don’t understand people who create that kind of crap.

    • Myclevername

      It’s the same in every app market. Apple, Google….every comparison review loves to talk about how many hundreds of thousands of apps they have in their marketplaces but, as you point out, 90% of them are garbage. Quality over quantity is never mentioned.

      • Alex F.

        I think the problem is that Microsoft’s dev tools are so easy to use that a lot of people found it possible to create (shitty) apps. Most new apps in Windows Store are simple pages with static text stolen from some webpage and are essentially barely modified versions of default Visual Studio templates.

        I have no clue about Google Play, but at least in Apple’s App Store the general quality of the apps is much higher. Apple actually rejects crap like that! I guess with a huge number of apps already available they can afford it – and Microsoft feels like they have to let everything in to inflate the numbers…

    • Mark

      I’d welcome an app store that promotes quality control rather than the number available. There’s far too many of the “apps” that just show pictures of monkeys or something just as useless.

      • the person

        I agree, and Microsoft needs to allow non IP holders to report IP infringement. All the fake “feed” apps sporting a trademarked name need to be banished from the marketplace.