Now more than 25,000 apps in Windows 8 Store, accessible on the web


MetroStore Scanner is a new website which scans the Windows 8 Store and makes it available in the web.

At last count the 3rd party service found more than 25,500 apps in the store worldwide.

The service lets one filter by country, category or search phrase, and open the app’s profile. You can also sort by newest to oldest, allowing one to keep an eye on new arrivals.

See the site at at MetroStore Scanner here.


  • guesttt999

    Great, first major milestone achieved. Pace needs to pick up with more premier apps that are still missing! Hopefully 50,000 by end of the year!

  • Bugbog

    Great link!

  • Bill Lee

    Well, Microsoft did claim there would be 50,000 apps in the Windows 8 by the end of the year. Looks like they’re well on their way.

    • arrow2010

      Honestly the raw app count is bogus. Most of the apps are total crap. What matters are the good apps.

      • Bnlknlk Kofi Baiden

        Does it really matter? I mean android and iOS both have crappy apps too and . You don’t expect to see the best apps on the platform after just a few months of release…