Now over 5,000 apps in Windows 8 Store


The rate at which apps are entering the Windows 8 Store has taken an upward turn, as the app store reaches the more than 5,000 apps milestone.

Earlier projections have suggested this will be reached only on launch day of the store on the 26th October.

The information is unofficial and is via WinAppUpdate, who tweeted the above information.

Microsoft has promised more than 100,000 apps by the end of the year, so we will be keeping a close eye on this curve and see if that projection will be realistic.


  • Plasje

    Not in my Windows Store… I just have a few crap apps. (I use Windows 8 RTM version)
    Are they still behind closed doors? Will they be availeble on the 26th? Or is my region (Netherlands) just filtering it all out?

    • fcz

      how many apps do you have? try typing * in the search to know the total app count

      • Fabius Engel

        377 but with Windows 8 RP… :)

        • Anthony James Newman

          Exactly. You can only see all the apps if you have the RTM version.

          • Fabius Engel

            I know I will buy the finial version on 26. october;)

          • CanericanGril

            I am from microsoft, i think its a good program if you have a touch screen

          • Fabius Engel

            Have no touchscreen but i love windows 8!

      • Christopher Demicoli

        2,544 apps. Am located in Malta

    • Neo

      They will be available.

    • Asgardi

      There are localization bugs in marketplace. For me the problem was fixed by setting OS locale to US and marketplace locale to US. Using Netherlands as a locale might definitely be a problem.

    • Harley Meekins

      in Canada, RTM has 3969 applications availbale as I type this message. 😛

      • Harley Meekins

        Holy… already 3972 typing this message…

  • Alex F.

    2909 apps in UK Store.

    My main issue with Windows Store is that Microsoft is so desperate for app count they let anything in… for example I can see many apps that have no tiles/icons and use default cross graphic provided by Visual Studio. I believe this is against the Store guidelines, yet somehow they were allowed in. A few apps are available in separate paid and free versions (a la iOS) when they should have used trial functionality instead…

    • Peter Bannor

      It’s a necessary evil I’m afraid. I’ve actually found quite a few very good apps, there’s a few more I would like but they’ll inevitably show up soon enough. I’m a pretty patient guy so it’s all good

    • deathdealer351

      You have apple and google to blame for that perception

  • K3N

    3430 in Switzerland

  • Jonny V

    3,111 in the US store (W8 Enterprise RTM)

  • dazza

    is there a website that list all the apps in the windows store? i’m still on xp btw :))

  • tN0

    Simply search for “*” in the Store to see the number of all apps. :)

    But a real concern is that not all modern apps are compatible with Windows RT! For instance Endomondo or Engadget isn’t available on ARM according to the Store pages.

  • NegLewis

    The WORST thing that happen to WP was… Marketplace Search. Worst. This alone destroyed WP.
    Why it is so bad… ? …I don’t know. But what I see every day is that absolutely every app is related with some “XXX App”.
    There is no Panorama, no sections for Apps and no “Future Request” or best rating sections.

    SO: What will kill W8?
    YES! It’s the marketplace.
    5000 apps is A LOT. You can scroll 10 hours thru them.

    Let the people see those apps. Let them know you/them.
    Let the people vote for an app, for a feature and they will LOVE you.
    Let the current marketplace/Zune Like UI do their job… and die.