NPD: Windows Device Sales Down 21% YoY In US


Market research firm NPD today released their data on hardware sales in US market. Sales of Windows based devices in the last month are down by 21% compared to the same period a year ago in US. Sales of laptops running Windows declined by 24% and Windows Desktop devices sales were down by 9%. NPD also mentioned that Windows 8 tablet sales “have been almost non-existent.

NPD commented the following on Windows 8 sales,

“After just four weeks on the market, it’s still early to place blame on Windows 8 for the ongoing weakness in the PC market,” writes Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis at NPD. “We still have the whole holiday selling season ahead of us, but clearly Windows 8 did not prove to be the impetus for a sales turnaround some had hoped for.”

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Source: NPD via: TC


  • Mista Wet

    And so it begins… The day of MS the “hardware company” is now upon us.

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    As I said earlier. OEMs. They are not pushing the envelope ENOUGH!

    They NEED to reduce models, and offer greater options. They do that, they can expect far greater sales and more money.

    Ultrabook? Ultrabook touchscreen? ultrabook hybrid? intel powered tablet?

    I say: make a 11.6 and 13.3 inch HYBRID. (is a tablet and with dock, an ultrabook). Offer 720p to 1440p display, 2GB to 8GB memory, 64GB to 512GB storage and i3 to i7 CPU.

    On the low end, I could see it slotting at $700 to $800. Maybe even less? On the high end, I could see it slotting in at $2000.

    Exact same device. Only difference is the hardware configuration. Do something like that, you can hit the value consumers, the mid-range consumers and high end consumers.

    • Ludwig Hildmann

      I agree, the oems should be embarrassed about there showing so far. Its practically non existant. If the hardware quality of the surface rt is anything to go by, Microsoft could really build more types of hardware themselves. Im for it, the oems are failing miserably.

      • The__Truth__Hurts

        Asus, Acer, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo, Samsung, etc., are rolling out nice devices….

        1) They are not for sale (yet)
        2) they did something STUPID with the device. (not have some sort of option/etc..)

        • Ludwig Hildmann

          I think what most OEMS fail to realise is that the Notebook that we are used to just doesn’t cut it anymore. People (well me anyways) want a product that is designed very well (innovative if you will), built to last, and has great specs (mainly battery life for an ARM product). A Notebook as such needs to offer more than just a touchscreen, give us something new. Microsoft delivered on that front with the Surface and its touch cover, OEMS Need to follow. Sure there are exceptions like the ideapad yoga which i find to be quite interesting, but its nowhere to be found!

      • DougGroves

        Agreed. None of the Windows 8 devices I’m interested in, some of which were demo’ed at CES or in the summer, are on the market, or at least in any real quantities that the average Best Buy shopper can find.

  • Microsoft


  • Santana George

    I don’t Think so…

  • Joex2

    “Windows 8 tablet sales “have been almost non-existent.”

    Sure, there are almost no tablets with W8. The Surface is sold only in stores of MS.

  • jimski27

    Another group of experts who probably forget to update their spreadsheets to count the new column for W8. Guess those 40M W8 licenses were all upgrades.
    And before someone chimes in with, ” those are sales to retail” in these tough times retail is stocking and forecasting as little as possible. So they only buy what they are 100% certain they will sell in a very short period of time. Overstock is not in the 2012 vocabulary.

    • SocalBrian

      They’re not even sales to retail – there further up the chain sales to OEMs.

  • SystemInvestor

    Check the dates covered by this NPD report. It’s important.

    • vba


  • SystemInvestor

    Check the dates of the NPD report. Oct 21 to Nov 17, no windows 8 for 5 days, hurricane sandy, and no black friday weekend. Not too much cause for alarm.

    • vba

      ^ This!

    • Andre

      Hurricane Sandy? I guess only one side of the world matter huh

  • NegLewis

    The main reason to install Windows was to have IE to open Google to install Mozilla to open Google to install Torrents and Other Direct Connections and chatting on Skype, YM about latest intel about your FaceBook Friends and new Gossips about next Movies.

    In the mean time – some write documents/home works/papers (Office), Develop Apps, Write Books read .PDF’s and play Games.

    iOS and Android does 90% of these things. The 10% left are because of ARM low Power Architecture… soon this will no longer be the case.
    Since we have SO many TV channels, Internet, Youtube & Vimeo… where is the place for a full Desktop?
    For Windows/Linux/MAC (full powered devices ARM or x86) to become mainstream again we need a new OS.
    This OS MUST be a Ultra Low Power one : One that runs on ARM, x86 (Cloud, other) allows me to run on my little phone a full game, powered by Cloud, Device-to-Device Task Sharing, 5G Speeds, 1ms LAG and a Clean and Modern UI.

    Linux could do this but has no money.
    MAC could do this but has no Apple support.
    Windows must do this to survive.

    • Dig The Noise

      The main reason I open Windows is to do development. My autostart includes Outlook, Skype, VS, IIS, Apache, and MSSQL, and in Linux guests PostgreSQL and MySQL. While working, I’ll have a movie or TuneIn or Xbox music going.

      My second machine and the second reason I run Windows is for Diablo and Dota 2 (and soon, hopefully, Bioshock Infinity).

      I’ll be leaving soon to go to where our video editing is done, all Windows machines with multiple graphics cards and OC’d hydro cooled chips.

      I’m surrounded by PC users all day, and I can’t think of one that uses their PC in the limited fashion you describe — except for my one lonely tablet that sits in my living room at home where I read the news and stream music to my stereo.

  • Ray

    That’s last month data. October. So Win8 sales are mostly not included.

  • Alex F.

    Last month? October?

  • mrdeezus

    I have upgraded my win7 laptop to win8, I have a Surface and I have a 920. The problem is this report is not accurate but there is an issue of no COMPELLING hardware. I want:
    12inch or better removable 1080p screen on a laptop
    good graphics chip
    4gb ram
    this is when I will buy a laptop. stupid oems.

  • Rikkirik Contrera

    Well Dell, Sony and Acer seem to have had a great black friday sale, while the Emirates Airline has bought 1000 W8 tablets. The end of the year season is just beginning and everytime there is someone talking negative about W8 sales, only to later be corrected by factual sales figures from Microsoft. They said W8 would not take off, fact: 40 million W8 licenses sold in 30 days. So we will wait and see