NUIverse App Shows The Power Of Microsoft Surface

We all know about Microsoft Surface, the big 40-inch touch table with lots of power. We have seen many apps running on it before showing its capabilities, but this one looks amazing. This app called NUIverse from Microsoft Technology Center allows us to explore the universe on Microsoft Surface. The app also takes advantage of object recognition, etc, in addition to multi-touch capabilities of Surface 2. Watch the video above, I’m sure you will be amazed by it.



  • Fletch

    6:30 – there is a star destroyer orbiting the earth

  • Anonymous

    Amazing piece of device and research. Again, a cool product, but how is Microsoft marketing or selling Surface?

  • Anonymous

    Magnificent!! I can imagine this kit in two contexts:

    1) Used (in realtime mode) for space command in films, or
    2) Used in games, like The Jupiter Incident (miss games like that, and Homeworld! :(  )

  • Samuel Winter

    wow…just wow. 😀