Nvidia CEO Not Happy Over Windows RT Sales, Wants Outlook On Windows RT

Nvidia Windows RT

Speaking to financial analysts at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California, Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun Huang has expressed his concerns over Windows RT. He is not pleased with the Windows RT device sales so far and it is didn’t meet his expectations.

“We expected to have sold more than we did,” he said Tuesday. “I think everybody expected to have sold more than we did.”

“They have to find a way to get into that ecosystem because it’s so disruptive. I think it’s of some importance to Microsoft to continue to invest in RT,”

He also expected Microsoft to release Outlook for Windows RT devices.

“If Outlook were to show up on RT, my life would be complete,” he said. “I am one Outlook away from computing nirvana. Outlook god, please…”

“They own the source code and I know there are smart people up there.

What do you think? Can Microsoft turn the tides of Windows RT with the upcoming update called Windows Blue?

Source: PCWorld

  • blakjedi

    Outlook IS coming to RT. Guaranteed.

    • NegLewis

      Pro has, and RT needs FULL Office. Not just “Outlook”.

      • office

        I agree with Full Office!

  • http://twitter.com/RadSel8 Ahmed A

    I still don’t see the advantage of an ARM Windows RT, when there are ATOM Processors.. More power, similar battery life…. Oh, all the old apps too.

    • NegLewis

      You don’t have to see it… Intel Does :D.
      They are from “Low Power” and efficiency point of view 10 years behind ARM.

      Imagine a 8-16-64 ARM Cores at 1.5 GHz… at the same price/efficiency as a 2-4 Intel 2GHz Core.
      Today we have 8 Arm cores. In 2 years we will have 16-32 ARM Cores.
      Where is intel? Following ARM.

      • i7

        But a 4 core i5 and even an i3 is still way more powerful than any 8 core ARM processor…

      • theflew

        The problem is more cores doesn’t solve ARMS inherent problem. All ARM can do now to increase performance is raise the clock speed and reduce the die size to increase performance. Intel’s architecture is a lot more advance than ARM Holdings. ARM’s benefit is it started on the low power side of the equation. Intel started with high performance.

        The question is who has the easier path to the prize and I would say Intel. All Intel is doing is integrating more coprocessors, DSP, GPU to the CPU die and allowing lower power states and turning off unneeded parts of the chip. ARM is trying to figure out how do to all the superscaler, hyperthreading, etc… that AMD and Intel have done for well over a decade.

  • francis

    I am also waiting for outlook for my surface RT..

  • tata

    He sure loves his Outlook.

  • Orc

    You cant push the ecosystem with $500 tablets. Only Apple can do that because they have a large customer base that buys at any price.
    What they need is something that can rival Nexus7, a cheap entry tablet. Then it also takes patience. You cant build a brand over a day. Take Xbox as an example. The first was an underdog. The 360 was the first that really could compete. Now they are no longer an underdog in the consol race. But on the arena as an equal.
    Give me Nexus 7 hardware with WP8 or WinRT for a cheap price and I buy 2.

    • deathdealer351

      that high of resolution will suck with a small tablet running win8. Win RT though should be ok.
      Win8 icons are designed to run at 1080p on a 10″ screen it still looks good. double the rezo and you shrink the icons to half the size it would look like crap.
      better cpu and gpu I agree with.

  • Joe_HTH

    Why would nVidia care about RT sales. I realize they supply the CPU and GPU to some RT devices, but are they really that concerned about it? I can’t see that it would affect their bottom line.

    • SategB

      Joe your right, as poorly as RT has sold it basically a rounding error on their bottom line. I suspect they hope others MFG would jump on and start producing correlating RT configurations but since most OEM has said no thanks to RT nVidia is feeling like an opportunity lost.

  • Tom

    Why not make a 7″ RT tablet and sell it for $350?

  • kalval

    Surely NVidia acknowledges that tegra 3 is half of the problem. The chip is now very old in the rapidly moving ARM sector. Put a quad core S4 pro, a snapdragon 800 or a tegra 4 in the surface RT and its a completely different story. Better battery life, faster, shinier graphics, ability to compete with ipad and android on DPI. Tegra 3 is not quite up to the task of running RT smoothly at its current res, which results in a double criticism from most reviewers – its not smooth AND it can’t compete with retina.

    The next generation of surface RT will likely fill in these gaps, but will it run NVidia?

    I do agree with the guy that outlook is all that’s required to make it the perfect portable computing device. I know atom devices are more capable currently, but ARM is moving a lot faster, and there’s no way we’re seeing smooth performance on a 1080p+ screen atom tablet this year. The battery life on atom is still a little behind too, and tbh I really don’t want x86 apps on my tablet. I’d rather open the desktop development up to selected developers for video and photo editing software to make RT more complete, rather than waiting for adequate hardware to get x86 working as it should in the smaller form factors.

    • Bugbog

      Sing it brother! Perhaps Nvidia should do more to push the “upcoming” games in its Tegra Zone, before complaining that MS hasn’t done enough!

      • SategB

        Well Nvidia is not alone with their complaints, Toshiba cancelled, Samsung said nope, Acer another nope. So maybe a little complaining is needed for what happen to any marking of RT since introduction?

        • Bugbog

          Toshiba cancelled, yes. However Samsung did [half-heartedly] release an RT “tab”, and Acer was not allowed to join the first RT wave.

          All of them, though (especially Samsung), wish to protect the “free” Android market, in which they see (and Samsung has, limitedly, realised some profits). And all well and good for them.

          However, one thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is: “nothing in life is free”, and “you get what you pay for!”

          One of the lures of Android (apart from the fact OEM’s needed a new O.S. to fill the void that Microsoft temporarily vacated when they shuttered WinMo) was that it’s ‘basic’ source code was given away for “free” (with an unknown {minimal??} amount paid for the ‘Google Experience’ licensing), as opposed to Microsoft’s previous & current licensing fee’s, which I surmise are way costlier than what they can get for Android.

          Whilst this is [seemingly] good for the OEM users of the code, as we’ve come to discover, Google took multiple shortcut’s in achieving this goal, and this is beginning to show as rotten fruit, with all Android OEM’s now open to litigation from multiple claimants and having to pay licensing fees to multiple parties.

          But what I find most incredulous of all, is the unspoken Huge Elephant in the room; Google’s Android!

          Contrary, to popular belief, and O.S. of this scope CANNOT be, and IS not “Free!” Google is subsidising the O.S. by leveraging their other business assets! (as opposed to Microsoft’s licensing, and licensed technologies, which offers an inclusive guarantee, and is one of the reasons they don’t allow OEM’s to willy-nilly change or add components to the Core software!)

          Even barring the success of any of Google Android’s litigants (that would force a change of behaviour), I cannot see this as something that Google will (or can?) continue indefinitely!? Sooner or later they are going to seek to protect their creation, either from threatening forks (Acer & Samsung!) or in order to fully monetize it as business in an of itself (as opposed to it current use as an asset leverage).

          At the end of the day “you get what you pay for!” If these OEM’s don’t wish to put their money into marketing an RT product, as they have mostly done, then I’m fine with that. (If only we could have avoided the shoddy product efforts from Sumsung!).

          As can be seen from Nokia efforts, if you are determined you can successfully market Windows “whatever”. If you build it well, support it very well, and then market it very well, your efforts will pay off!

          [Choice is very good, and, as has been demonstrated by these OEM’s, Microsoft does not have a monopoly in mobile, so these OEM’s shouldn’t be surprised when they are denied a license for WinRTWP8 once its market share increases!]

          • SategB

            Who said anything about Android? Failure of RT in the market place is MSFT failure. Just as WIndow Phone failure is MSFT. Your right Nokia builds a very good phone and if it came down to hardware alone Nokia would be selling theirs at the level of Samsung and Apple but that’s not anywhere near reality. There efforts have not paid off – they sell less WP8 a quarter then Samsung plastic piece of crap sells in a month. And worse Nokia is not making money doing it!

            Except for a few fan boys like you and I lets face it RT is DOA.

    • theflew

      I agree that Tegra 3 wasn’t the best processor MS could have used for surface, but it was probably more about the GPU that made it easier.

  • casaout

    He is absolutely right. Windows RT is brilliant, especially on Surface RT; but it lacks Outlook. As soon as I can run Outlook on Surface – I will immediately buy one!

  • deathdealer351

    First they bitch about the price of RT being 199 not nvidea
    but the OEMS now they all bitch about win8 sales not being there when they
    price it at 399-499

    With intel chips coming in at the same price why would you
    buy an RT over a win8 running a Z atom. Maybe for office but you lose so much.
    MS should have been allowed to move the metal and do loss lead pricing on the
    surface RT. Take the hit for other OEMS either by doing a STFU and stay out of
    RT for a year or waiving the 1st year of OS fees to get the devices
    out there. Then when you roll surface 2 make the price adjustment up.

    399 with no apps with a machine that can only run RT apps
    people will choose an android. 499 with the same problem people will chose an
    ipad. A windows fanboy will choose a Z atom. Leaves RT with very few people who
    will buy it.

    • agree

      Unfortunately I have to agree. I would really like to get in some store and buy a Surface RT and I’ve thought about it a couple of times but I can’t do it. I would feel like loosing money when I can buy a full Windows 8 for almost the same price, with way more Apps. I would never buy an iPad or an Android since I can’t get work done with any of them but 650€ is to much for a tablet with almost no apps…

  • Albert

    We have 2 Surface RTs in the house, My wife has stoped using hers as the e-mail is severely lacking. I am close to going back to my laptop as outlook has been a letdown for me as well.

    • http://twitter.com/k00ksta k00k

      Their really is only 2 things that MS failed on here with RT in my eyes.. (1) Domain Support and (2) Outlook. I would flip these to my entire outside sales force (20+ employee’s) if it had those two simple damn functions.

    • frankwick

      Two rumors:
      1. The mail app is indeed being updated and is dog fooding at Microsoft right now. IT will be available within 10 days — well before the Blue update. I don’t know what is in in it, but MS knows the complaints.
      2. Outlook RT is also in early testing. Rumor only, but should be available around Summer.

      • Albert

        I am assuming you are talking US summer. We have had our surfaces for close to 4 months having to wait another 4 to have better e-mail access is not going to work for my wife. Looks like she will need to get herself an alternative.

  • sixseven

    Outlook + 3rd party PN = RT Awesomeness. I care more about the VPN. I am starting to think MS isn’t going to allow it to happen.

    • sixseven

      Whoops. PN = VPN

  • mrdeezus

    Three things wrong with the Surface RT, tegra 3, mail app and most importantly the music app is horrible.

  • Ruufus

    Outlook and Microsoft needs learn to market and advertise it’s products. Last week, in 1 night I happened to hear the Surface RT ad once with everyone clicking and dancing but that damn, iPad “wild” ad at least 6 times on different TV channels.