NVIDIA: Many Upcoming Windows RT Tablets Will Run On Tegra 4 Processors

Nvdia Tegra 4
Speaking at the earnings report conference, Rene Haas, Nvidia’s VP of computing products told that Nvidia is working on next-generation Tegra 4 processors that will run on Windows RT tablets.

“Nvidia is very invested and very committed to Windows RT, and we feel it has a bright future,” said Haas said. “We feel this [platform] is where things are going.”

He also revealed that next-generation Tegra 4 processors will run on “multiple” versions of upcoming Windows RT tablets without specifying which OEM will release it and when it will be on sale. Tegra 4 is Nvidia’s next gen chip which has a quad-core system-on-a-chip based on ARM’s Cortex-A15 architecture that has been clocked at 1.9GHz. It also includes 72 custom graphics processor cores to support super-high-definition 4K resolution, console level graphics gaming and High Dynamic Range photography.

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Source: CW

  • Bugbog

    Good news! It means that newer RT devices won’t run on ‘year’ old chipsets anymore.

  • http://byazrov.ru/ Byazrov.com

    Didn’t Microsoft admit Windows RT was a huge mistake and discontinued this misunderstanding?

    • MikadoWu

      Great statement with no supporting information.
      I have 2 Surface RT’s. They work wonderfully for what they are designed for.

    • kemite2

      Now look how a nexus 10 performs:


      Project butter helped with some of the stuttering issues of android but it’s not entirely fixed. Apps work but are not aesthetically pleasing to use. Even the ones mentioned in the video were average. KLP better be Android’s saviour.

      • http://twitter.com/joepann Kitab

        Nice, but still a rusty tangled web of, “where am I?”:)

    • http://www.facebook.com/iain.simpson.127 Iain Simpson

      No MS actually said that RT has a very important part to play in the future and will only get better and better as updates and revisions are made, you just simply speak out of your ass randomly all the time or what.

    • kalval

      I think its important for windows not to just place its bets on x86. ARM is advancing at an astonishing rate and still holds battery life and cost advantages against intel. There is no way windows is going to make inroads into android sales if they can’t hit the sub $250 market, which is simply an impossibility with atom. I still have my doubts that even the next gen atom will give all day battery life in FHD devices, whereas there is no doubt the current line of ARM chips can achieve this.

  • umovies

    rt isnt a mistake, if it came from apple people would have worshiped it, but it came from ms so yall hated it, google chrome book is just a web browser and yall loved it this is much more, web office and apps, etc. The only mistake was price

    • kemite2

      100 % agree

    • http://twitter.com/joepann Kitab

      Me too agree 101%:)

    • Bugbog

      I actually think Microsoft’s prices were just about right (for a first level, entry product!). Consider, they have to tread a Very narrow line in their pricing for myriad, and sometimes conflicting, reasons, not least of which:

      – They cannot undercut their OEM’s Too much
      – They cannot go too low, otherwise regardless of quality, components, or content, consumers (and press) will never want to pay over a certain amount for a Microsoft product!
      – Legal Competitive issues
      – See whether or not they can make an operating profit on their venture

      These are but a few reasons. I think the real problem arose when just about every one (of the admittedly very few) OEM’s released ‘touch’ products that were initially [relatively] more expensive than the Surface itself!

      • kalval

        True, but there is a massive profit margin on surface RT. They cost about $250 to build and sell for $500, and the touch cover is under $20 but sells for around $100. They could sell an RT for $399 no problems, and sales volumes would be high enough to more than make up for lost margins.

        The OEMs need someone to force the RT prices down, at the moment all the RT devices seem to be priced well above the cheapest windows 8 pro devices. There is just no reason for most people to buy one atm. The current RT devices should all be under $400, this would fix the poor sales figures we are seeing right now.

    • http://twitter.com/k00ksta k00k

      Love my Surface RT cant complain at all about it ..

  • bricko

    So what…..word is bubbling that RT is a dead platform since it sucks so bad. MS contemplating shuttering it.

    • Tips_y

      That’s the coffee maker bubbling that your listening to;)

  • Windows 8

    This Hardware combo is not a joke, this has the OS and the power to reallychallenge and come out on TOP for Windows RT.
    I want to know as to why MS delays everything..?
    NO launches, not many resellers.. not many countries that the products are sold, what to do?
    SO people get angry and frustrated..

    I hope MS does a quick check on its Marketing and launching in various markets..