Nyan Cat, Bank Of America, Evernote Sktich, StumbleUpon, Box And SugarSync Apps Now In Windows Store

Among the reviews of Windows 8 and Windows RT devices like Surface, many noted writers pointed out about the lack of apps in the Windows Store. It seems, they were not aware of the fact that they are trying out the software before its release. Windows Store at present has about 7000 apps and more apps coming everyday. The following high profile apps got released in Windows Store just in the past few hours,

  • Nyan Cat app
  • Bank Of America
  • Evernote Sktich
  • StumbleUpon
  • Box
  • SugarSync
  • NYT

Windows Store is a brand new platform and just wait for some time. I’m sure you will have much better apps than any other platform in short time.

Try the above apps in Windows Store!

  • The Man

    Oh my good windows is the bessstttttt and i love windows phone lumia 920 ou yeahhhhhhhhhh amaaazzziiiiingggggg

  • techieg

    Now the apps start pouring in both on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 stores.

  • GG002

    If people complain about the lack of (quality) apps, they’re complaining for the sake of complaining.

  • http://www.martinspierings.nl Martin Spierings

    Hmm, i’m not findin these apps real dealbreakers. Nice to have but not to wait for. The Xbox Live games or top 100 apps from Apple would make a bigger impression.

  • madriid

    omg amazing i love lumia 920 , has those apps also in wp8?

    • David

      Most of them are already on Windoes Phone 7.5 and I am using them everyday so I am sure they are on WP8 as well.

  • Oli

    When was StumbleUpon not on the Windows Store? I remember having the app for ages when I tried out the Release Preview…

  • Me

    are those apps also on windows phone marketplace? I wish so

    • Jukoi

      if I’m not mistaken, most apps in the store are cross-device (except those marked as desktop app). Best way to find out is browsing.

  • Zicoz

    Google Search is out aswell, but imo it’s crap compared to the Bing one, way too many adds: http://sdrv.ms/SAv5F4 It actually fills the entire height of the window With adds.

    • John

      That what Google is about. They are soy an dadvertising company. So no surprise there!
      When there is Bing there is no reason to use Google. :)

      • Joe_HTH

        Except if you live outside of North America.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Longshot9 John Hough

    wow, the BofA app is pretty sweet

  • jack

    Nyan Cat?! What app store would be complete without a proper nyan cat app? Great news all around. I predict the Windows 8 store to grow much faster than the Windows Phone store did when it launched.

  • Joe_HTH

    Well, let’s hope these are much better than some of the apps already there. The Kindle app is broken, and the Netflix app could be a lot better.

    I’d prefer Microsoft police the store more, even if it meant higher quality and less quantity. The fact that there is not even a Facebook and Twitter app is shameful. Yes, there’s some integration, and yes you can do both through the browser, but my point stands.