O2 teases Windows RT 3G dongle support


Regular readers will know we are quite concerned by the lack of support for 3G Dongles in the Microsoft Surface and by extension other Windows RT tablets.

While 3G/WI-Fi dongles provide somewhat of a solution, it seems unnecessary to waste battery life on running two WIFI radios when communication could as easily happen via USB.

The big issue with using existing 3G dongles is that they need drivers and management software installed, which makes all of the current crop incompatible.

Now it seems, from a twitter conversation with O2 support, that O2 may be working on a Connection Manager for Windows RT, which would solve the problem and fulfil one of the major expandability promises of the Surface- the ability to overcome any issues by simply plugging in an accessory into the USB port.

See the twitter conversation here.

  • carlos trindade

    I’m still waiting a 3G dongle for my Surface RT. I use it a lot traveling, visiting customers and I need a 3g dongle…please.