OEMs Feel The Pressure As Microsoft Makes $100 Surface Pro Price Cut Permanent

Microsoft originally stated the $100 Surface Pro price cut would last from Aug 4 – Aug 29th.  However, as widely expected, Microsoft has made the price cut permanent.

  • $100 USD off Surface Pro (including the 256GB SKU) – Surface Pro will now start at $799 USD
  • $40 USD off Touch Covers – Touch Covers will now start at $79 USD, Limited Edition Touch Covers will now start at $89 USD
  • $50 USD off Surface RT bundles – Surface RT bundles will now start at $399 USD

Microsoft provided a statement to Neowin:

The customer response to recent Surface pricing and keyboard-cover promotions has been exciting to see, and we are proud to begin rollout of Surface Pro, Touch Cover and Surface RT bundles at even more affordable prices starting 29 August. People who buy Surface love Surface, and we’re eager for more people to get their hands on this incredible device.

I’m waiting on a statement from Acer’s CEO, we’ll keep you updated. 😉

Source: Neowin

  • efjay

    I’d buy one if it had Haswell but with 4-5 hrs battery no thanks for now.

    • koenshaku

      I would too, I would like the screen to be a little larger too. Alas no device is perfect OEMs should be happy with their droid tablets I shouldn’t see too much complaining from their side of the fence.

      • Tips_y

        That’s the thing – they will bitch about MSFT lowering the prices of the Surface devices while they’re merrily going about putting out their droid tablets.

    • Kruegerman

      You’re not going to get it with Haswell for $799.

      • Joe_HTH

        Actually, Microsoft needs to make the second versions of all Surface products at least $100 cheaper. Microsoft can’t afford to try and make Apple-like profit margins with their tablets, considering where they are in mobile. I’d like to see Surface 2 starting at $350 and Surface Pro 2 starting at $699. The prices now are too damn high for them to move an appreciable amount.

        The $349.99 price for the Surface RT is a perfect starting point for a 32GB model.

        • George

          I will gladly pay more for the Surface RT 2 if it is still build of magnesium. So i am all for paying a premium, if the device still is made of premium materials.
          $350 smells like cheap plastic, like the Android models of simular price point…

          • first name

            Nokia will be releasing a tablet for the holiday shopping season with GPS (Nokia Drive+ ; Here Maps) and full radio (LTE) on board

          • Tips_y

            Yes, true. But if rumors are to be believed, it is carrier bound and has LTE and will carry a price tag of $499 where it is expected to compete with the iPad 4 LTE priced at $729.

          • FateStayNight

            If only I didn’t buy my latitude 10 several weeks ago. I’m regretting my purchase now. I should have waited more. WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME NOKIA. WHY?!?!?

        • Tips_y

          I also would like MSFT to release their Surface products at lower price points. Unfortunately, they will never undercut their OEM partners – which puts them in a position of being “between the devil and the deep blue sea”.

  • ja_1410

    Time for desperate measures ?

  • Yuan Taizong

    The Microsoft Surface was never for consumers, it was made for developers, and if they’re smart, they’ll have that investment over for app-building.

    • SategB

      Yep and around 123 developers bought theirs- now MSFT trying to keep from another Billion Dollar Ballmer write down on the dusty Surfaces in the warehouse.

      • nohone

        Best Buy is selling MacBooks at $200 off. If Surface is a failure at $100 off, then MacBook must be a double failure. Amazon has them at $400 off, so now MacBook is 4 times the failure.

  • iLove2argue

    surface 2 is coming!