OEMs Pain Is Microsoft’s Gain: MS Looks to Sell 25 Million Surfaces

Surface Ballmer

Sources close to Paul Thurrott have told him that Microsoft’s internal goal is to have the Surface maintain control 50% percent of all Windows tablet sales in the coming year. In fact, Microsoft already achieved this goal in Q1 2013. Even as OEMs come up with new and better products, Microsoft expects to maintain 50% market share of all Windows 8 tablets going forward!

According to Paul Thurrott, here are Microsoft’s internal goals for fiscal year 2014, starting July 1, 2013:

Surface sales. MS expects to sell 25 million Surface devices in FY2014.

Enterprise tablets. Microsoft expects to become the number one enterprise tablets provider in FY 2014.

Retail tablet sales. Microsoft expects to become the number two provider of tablets at retail in FY 2014.

Education. Microsoft plans to at least bid for every available education tablet opportunity in FY 2014.

Distribution. Microsoft expects Surface to become the top tablet choice of its distribution partners, which will drive Surface sales through resellers.

Microsoft is expected to expand the Surface family line, and this summer an 8 inch device will be unveiled at the BUILD conference.  Marketing will also ramp up significantly, the internal Surface Team’s budgets is reportedly $4.4 billion.

The markets the Surface in will also be expanded to include Columbia, Poland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, India, and Malaysia. This gives the Surface near worldwide coverage, the only area notably lacking is South America.

The OEMs are of course still floundering, only now getting to the point where they should have been 1 year ago.  I expect to see an increasingly bolder Microsoft in the hardware arena.

  • hasopinions

    1366×768 resolution for the Surface RT is a joke. Anything under 5″ with that resolution is a joke.

    • GG002

      I have used iPads with retina screens extensively, and I own a Surface RT tablet. While I certainly wouldn’t mind higher resolutions, I have absolutely no problems using it with its resolution. My eyesight is 20/20, but Microsoft implements good technologies (very high contrast screen, clear type, low reflectivity) to combat any issues I have had with other tablets with ~720p screens. My guess is that you’re a fandroid who’s had a shitty Android tablet with the same resolution.

      • Bugbog

        Don’t see what he’s making noise about?! The highest rez any 7″ Android tablet has is 1280×800! Excepting the N10, only a handful of Android tablets are even full HD! Most, even 10″ ones, are 1280×800 too!

    • NGM123

      Your choice to stick with your lag fest android POS. I had a quad core Nexus 7 running jelly bean, it was a fkn horrible experience, laggy, glitchy and did I mention the horrible lag? Never again.

      • GG002

        Same here! Nexus 7 was the worst thing I’ve ever tried… I really don’t understand what the fuzz is about. Then I got a Surface RT and I couldn’t be happier.

        • Ocelotty1

          Ditto, but Surface Pro

  • blackhawk556

    how many have they sold? Remember when wp7 came out, MS expected to sell 20-30 the first year. I don’t even think they’ve sold that many since WP came out nearly three years ago.

  • wp77

    Don’t count out MS, look at XBox. They are in it for the long haul.

  • TheHumanOracle

    Haswell and higher resolution versions from July will be a big help.

    • rjmlive

      Better Atom or Haswell and 8″ version will help a lot. Bundled Office and epic keyboard options are great as well.

      • Bugbog

        I’m quite happy that Microsoft didn’t go with an Atom chip for their first Surface! If they had Intel would have gotten comfortable again with a Monopoly on a tablet form-factor, and would have little incentive to innovate. Much less improve their product. Probably just start churning out micro-iterations of the same Atom chip, as they did with Netbooks!

        (I was in retail during that period. The number of SKU’s released every 3 months featuring a “new” Atom chipset was horrible!)

    • fachru

      Well I’m waiting for Haswell or AMD equivalent performance version. and the most important thing is They need to sell into as many country as possible as soon as possible. I wouldn’t buy a 5 months old technology device when a better device already available from other manufacturer. in mobile computing, 5 months difference is too much. rumor of new device already spread out.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    I think the hardware is reasonably in check. What needs to happen now is more community support of what needs fixing. Battery life is an important aspect. I’m wondering if one can also get some benefit from software improvements. If surface RT can manage 10 hours of battery life, why not tweak Windows 8 pro for “RT mode” once plugged off mains power. I would certainly like to see that option for my surface pro. The battery life is awful. I like the surface pro and I use it a lot, bu

    • Bugbog

      That’s why Microsoft proceeded (and will continue to proceed) with their Windows RT platform; Forever waiting on Intel to improve & optimise their CPU/GPU chipsets just isn’t in Microsoft’s (and our) interests!

  • kalval

    Now that is a big marketing budget. Should mean surface 2 will have significant investment and hopefully be an impressive product. That said, MS could have done without leaking their targets for world domination.

    • Bugbog

      Why not? As it currently stands, everyone and their pet Dog have criticized Microsoft’s tablet platforms, but done little to Nothing to “put their money where their mouth is”, as in pull a “Nokia” in the tablet space.

      So Microsoft is well within its rights to proceed full force with its plans!

  • Theri0n

    Windows RT is great idea. Glad to see Microsoft’s commitment to expand the platform despite the chorus of technobloggers, 30+ years old virgin elfs of level 80 moaning about tiles and lack of games.

  • Andy

    Wow, what a big dream for microsoft. Welcome back to reality. Surface sucks!

  • Emmanuel Mac Donald

    Its only recently that they have making commercials that explain why someone should buy a surface or windows 8, or windows phone. And the integration across platforms should help. I really hope this becomes a reality.