Office 15 screen shot leak shows full Metro interface, looks great


It is sometimes difficult to imagine Metro in a complex user interface such as Office.  That task is no longer necessary, as a screenshot leaked by fivestar at showing Office 15 Outlook looks pretty great running the Metro user interface, and shows perfectly Metro is good for more than a simple minimalist UI.

Do our readers like the look? Let us know below.

Edit: We have received information that this is in fact not a real product yet, but an internal Microsoft mock-up. Hopefully Microsoft was convinced by the very positive reaction to make this real.


  • Anonymous

    oh yes! God said let there be Metro and there was Metro.

  • w1ngnut

    Nice! Looks like Zune!

  • Jessie Anderson

    Clean…. very clean.

  • Johan Nilsson

    If I recall correctly we saw screenshots of Live Mail with Metro-UI, that was like 6 months ago at least, where did that go?

    • Pradeep
      • Yasir Alam

        The post above and your link just blew my mind. Conventionally one would assume that menus are easier to use and more visually pleasing with the use of icons and what not, but metro manages to display information with such amazing clarity and cleanliness. I wouldn’t have thought this possible with a typographically based interface. Amazing. I hope MS takes some cues from the work done by the talented guy in the link you posted.

  • Miki Owl

    Nice! It`s cool interface!

  • rsgx

    Microsoft on cue to steal the show.

  • Martin Müller

    Very cool mockup!…But do they really want to kill the tasks?

  • Daniel Dudek

    Looks great? seriously? Dear lord… Looks like Gmail back in 2009…