Office 365 Home Premium Reaches 1 Million Suscribers

In just a little over 100 days, Office 365 Home Premium has reached 1 Million subscribers, on average selling 1 copy per second since launch.   The Office team posted this infographic on their official blog:


Microsoft and other companies have been pushing more and more of their software to subscription services in the cloud.  Office 365 recently joined the ‘Billion Dollar Business’ club at Microsoft.

Are you using Office 365 at home or work? Let us know in the comments below.

  • redtidal

    Quite impressive, especially consider Office 365 is a work tool, while many on that list is purely consumer apps.

    That been said, what is the breakdown for businesses and individuals?

    • leoniDAM

      Office 365 Home Premium is not only a work tool, but is addressed for home users and the license is not for commercial use

      • redtidal

        it is a production tool, that’s what I meant, not for fun and time-killing.

        Of course people use Office at home too. But there is competition for the “just good enough” group who also use lieks of Google Doc (I know, not on the same level, don’t remind me). That is why I want to learn more about the business and home user break down.

  • jimski27

    Using it at home and work (a really small office). I am a big Access/Publisher user. So now having the entire suite on all 4 of my machines is really special. Not to mention I now have 47GB of SkyDrive space. Haven’t even looked at the Skype minutes. It was a no brainer for me. But maybe not for everyone.