Office For iPad Apps Word, Excel And PowerPoint Jumps To #1, #2 And #3 Ranks In Apple App Store

Office for iPad App Store  rank

At the press event in San Francisco yesterday, Microsoft announced Office for iPad suite. Office for iPad suite includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps to be specific. OneNote for iPad is already available in App Store. Microsoft yesterday released an updated version of iPad with new design. Reviews of the new Office for iPad suite are on the positive side and even the consumer reaction has been great. Consumer response is evident from the fact that Office for iPad apps including Word, Excel and PowerPoint now ranks No.1, No.2 and No.3 in Apple iTunes App Store in several markets around the world. Also, OneNote for iPad is rising among the Top 10 lists in several markets. So far, it’s a great news for Microsoft.

Also, Apple App Store is now promoting Office for iPad in its Featured category list giving these apps a much needed promotion. Apple CEO Tim Cook even posted a welcome message on Twitter for Office for iPad release. Read about it here.

Find more details and download links about this app here.

Office for iPad No.1 AppStore

  • NGM123

    Bitter sweet. Would have been nice if MS hardware was so strong that these didn’t need to be available on apple and android products, but they are premium software products and this will lead to some serious coin for MS down the track, so good news I suppose.
    Love my fully operational Office suite on my Surface.

    • wp77

      It’s good in a way, Surface and MS hardware will have to succeed on their own merits. And this will at least get others looking at the MS camp.

    • James50

      Why is it bittersweet? this is great news for Microsoft and the Office services. It’ll bring more people into the ecosystem, attract more people to Office and Microsoft, and they’ll eventually realize if they want the best experience, they should come to Windows. :)

      • koenshaku

        In turn it will probably further reduce PC sales and windows 8 sales as apple trendies will have another reason to cling to their shiny aluminum devices.

        • Bugbog

          Not really. Windows 8 (tablets, hybrids & 2-in-1’s) have had a slow start, but they are beginning to ramp up. We’ve already (and are continuing) to see that large form-factor Android tablets don’t really have much in the way of value, and it is my view that this is where Windows 8 will dominate.

          In a few years time the house computing devices will be in the order of an Apple Ipad/Mini, Surface/Pro/8-inch/2-in-1 device, and/or a 7/8″ Android tablet.

        • XBoxerOne

          Windows 8 already gave them enough reason to jump if they are able but most user just want the cheapest so the will stick to PCs

        • Prayaas

          VaporMg is much better than anodized Aluminum. 😉

      • NGM123

        Its bitter sweet because it’s another reason for the masses to not to buy MS hardware but sadly if we are brutally honest with ourselves, MS hardware is not setting the world on fire anyway, so why not take the software money and run.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    This is the Microsoft OneNote 2013 for Mac story all over again, good job Microsoft. :-)

  • Guest

    I guess Microsoft has finally realized you CAN do REAL WORK on a iPad!

    • HTk_Joe

      Yes we all knew that was BS from the start. MSFT did not have a timely response for the iPad and we needed someway to discourage business from adopting the platform. That is why Ballmer would not release Office for iPad two years ago. He was right but now that Surface is a flop we may as well make some money off of iPad.

      • TomeiW

        That is harsh to call Surface a flop just because Microsoft is losing money on the product does not make it a failure. Just look at XBox, the company lost money for the first 10 years on it but people really like it, so you can’t call it a flop.