Office for iPad to be Unveiled March 27th by Satya Nadella

Office for the iPad has been rumored for many years now, but it appears Microsoft is finally ready to unveil the product later this month.  According to reports, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will himself demo the product marking his first major public appearance since becoming CEO. Yesterday, Microsoft sent out press invites for an event in San Fransisco on March 27th and Microsoft is expected to unveil Office for iPad on that day.

The Verge reported the below,

We understand the iPad variant of Office will be similar to the iPhone version, and will require an Office 365 subscription for editing. We’re told that document creation and editing is fully supported for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps. Overall, the interface and features are expected to be similar to the existing iPhone version.

Nadella’s unveiling of Office for iPad will be the first major press event for the new CEO.

Microsoft to also talk about the freemium business model at the event.

Source: The Verge

  • SategB

    This is great news, as long as they do not screw it up. It should contribute ~$2 billion of PROFITABLE revenues to the company’s bottom line.

    MSFT strengths is Software and Services, it is promising to see Nedella recognizing where the future is for the company. His next step is to reverse the hardware commitment that adds nothing but a financial drain on the company.

    • observer2121

      MSFT strengths today may not be their strength in the future. Companies need to reinvent themselves. At one time Nokia left their historical strength and became the leader in mobile phones and now they are selling that business and moving into other areas. A business that can’t change with the times and grow into other areas is doomed. You should never lead a company.

      • SategB

        An ability for a company to transition successfully while legacy revenue streams are being disrupted require Management to understand the company’s core compentcies.

        Nokia was able to go from boots to phone because the company understood it’s skills at manufacturing and distribution. It changed product but still relied on core compentcies. This is what Nadella needs to do with MSFT.

        Microsoft core is software and Services not hardware. Let’s be thankful that the new Board members are starting understand this. It will that less intelligent followers a bit longer.

    • LexicoRed

      I have never understood the MS fan who almost cries when someone suggest getting rid of hardware. Why would do they think it is smart to continue to piss away money on profit killers like Zune, Kin, Surface, Xbox and such when it could be used to create better software and services like Azure which is their future.

      It good that we have some new blood in the Boardroom and fewer “Yes Men” that allow Ballmer to go down this failed hardware strategy. Here is to hoping better, and more profitable, days ahead!

    • catherinekylie

      base for Microsoft Office 365 will increase adding more revenues. Posted By:

  • Captain Panaka

    I already use Office Web apps on my iPad…works great. Just signup for a account, and you will have the browser based version of MS Word, Excel, etc. at your disposal along with 10GB of OneDrive space (Dropbox only gives you 2GB). A very handy Microsoft Office tool that most people don’t seem to know about!

  • Guest

    As with the norm over the last 5-6 years; Too little, too late. :(

  • Steve

    I think this announcement just signals the direction Microsoft is headed. Office 365 requires a mouse to be really useful. It is not a touch based app and thus will be of limited use to iPad owners. Microsoft needs to get the touch version out the door. Nevertheless, a nice pop in the stock. Investors might consider taking profits!

    • Guest

      Yes a bit ironic best thing to happen to MSFT stock was an iPad announcement: 14 year high. Even better then Ballmer getting the heave-ho!