Official Microsoft OneDrive App Now Available For Blackberry 10 Devices

Blackberry 10 OneDrive app

The official OneDrive app for Blackberry 10 devices is now available for download from Blackberry App World. It includes all the basic online storage service features along with automatic backup of camera roll, ability to comment on or edit documents while you’re on the go and more. Good to see Microsoft’s commitment to support every possible device for OneDrive.

App Description:

Connect to Microsoft OneDrive is a free application that allows you to create an online space to store your files so you can access them anytime and anywhere. Share your files with others, all from your BlackBerry 10 device!

• Automatically back up pictures and videos you capture on your device.
• Share important files and documents.
• Comment on or edit documents while you’re on the go.
• Seamlessly and easily work with your online files on your device.

Download it here from Blackberry App World.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Yet we’re still waiting on Windows… even BlackBerry comes before Microsoft’s own O.S. somehow this doesn’t surprise me. (>_<)

    • Bugbog

      What on Earth are you talking about?!

      SkyOneDrive is available for all three/four of Microsoft’s platforms!

    • Tips_y

      You must be asleep and dreaming… you don’t know what you’re talking about ;-/

  • Mike366

    Sweet. This feels much better than releasing an android app. Probably this so like aiding the weak, but supporting android is like bowing to the devil

  • Fritzly

    To be specific the app is made by Blackberry Limited not Microsoft.

    • Tips_y

      It’s still official so at this point in BB10’s life, not that important who made it.

  • Tips_y

    I want WP to win and not just be no. 3 or no. 2. I want it to be no.1. But I’m also glad they allowed the OneDrive app to be officially launched in BB10 as a reciprocal arrangement for BBM coming to WP8.1.
    At this juncture of Windows Phone continuing growth and increasing presence vis-à-vis BB10’s status in the mobile space, BBM coming to WP8.1 actually gains more significance compared to OneDrive going to BB10.

  • Joe Cassara

    Here we are, a year later, with an upgrade just posted and it’s still a SLOW PIECE OF CRAP with 100mb upload limit.