Official Roku Player App Now Available For Download From Windows Store

Roku Windows Store app

The official Roku player app is now available for download from Windows Store. With this Roku app, you can control your Roku streaming player on your Windows 8 device.
Download it here from Windows Store for free.


– Automatically detect all Roku players on the local network
– View installed Roku channels and launch the channel with a tap
– Control your Roku player with an on-screen remote control

via: WinBeta

  • hysonmb

    It would be nice if Microsoft would do something like this for the Media Center. They’re sitting on entertainment gold and letting it rot.

    • PoohGQ

      Oops..great minds think alike..! =)

  • PoohGQ

    So now I get to control a device that pretty much does what I can do on my PC, right? What about a Windows Media Center for Metro instead..!??