Official Windows 8.1 Preview Landing Page Goes Online

Microsoft has been churning out Windows 8.1 information lately.  While most of the consumer and developer information will come in June at the BUILD conference, Microsoft has just put online the Windows 8.1 landing page.  We likely see more official information regarding Win8.1 from Microsoft on this page. Check it out for yourself.

Source: Microsoft

  • tomakali

    Microsoft should auto-upgrade Windows XP to W8 for free
    or just time bomb Windows XP.

    otherwise many corporate idiots wont bother…

    • grs_dev

      Why do you keep pointing to Corporations when talking about XP? There is no corporation that is going to hold on to a depreciated piece of HW or SW.

      IF anyone is going to hold on to a version of XP it’s going to be Grandma not businesses.

      • LoveTech

        You are totally wrong. Have you ever seen a corporate computer or work station?

        • Cri5_09

          Donno about others, but the company I work in uses Windows 7 and most of the development centres have already upgraded to Windows 8. Windows XP was phased out years ago :)

        • grs_dev

          Look you clearly don’t understand basic accounting principals and GAAP.
          Get it through your head. Companies who are running XP still are not companies are hobbies and are most probably run by Grandmas thus my statement remain true!

          • luis3007

            Most of the enterprises in Windows XP either use pirated software or have specific programs that won’t work with anything else. Of course there are smaller enterprises as well, but for the bigger ones it’s due to embeded hardware/software written only for XP

          • grs_dev

            So maybe the word enterprise is being used incorrectly here, but

            a) Windows 7 offers XP Mode which is a VM for those who have the problem you’ve described. It also offers backward compatibility mode to mitigate issues that are known to prevent software built for older platforms from running on it.

            b) The number of applications that were written specifically for XP and will not run on Windows 7 should be very tiny.

            If anyone uses the Enterprise and XP in the same sentence going forward they deserve to be smacked.

            The other issues that may prevent legacy software from running on a more modern OS like Vista and Win 7 is the way the legacy software was written to access resources liberally. UAC for example tends to get in the way but there are work arounds for that. Another common issue tends to be with drivers that were build using older libraries and were abandoned by their developer. This usually is the most annoying once because it could span hardware and software products. Examples of this would be: ODBC drivers for a legacy database that is no longer supported. Device drivers for a capture device that is no longer supported.
            Businesses that may have built automation and tools around those poorly implemented software such as hospitals and factories have already moved on. They have budgets they need to spend otherwise they lose these budgets and miss out on the tax benefits associated with these spends.

            The bottom line here is that:
            NO Enterprise is not stuck on XP. Having 1 or 2 machines that are restricted from upgrading to Win 7 or Win 8 does not stop the whole business from moving ahead. Those who think it does, they do not belong in the jobs they currently occupy and need to be replaced.

            NO your cousin’s business that may be running a pirated version of XP does not qualify as an Enterprise level business.

        • tomakali

          The main reasons i can assume of a company still hugging to XP
          1.IT head whos scared to do R&D on upcoming technologies
          2.People who doesnt know how to explain why the need to upgrade
          3.People who doesnt understand why the need to upgrade
          4.People who believes that the world is ending soon…

      • tomakali

        India, such maniacs exist…

    • surilamin

      Corporations will move to Windows 7 when XP hits end of life, they’ll move to Windows 8 (8.1/whatever) when Windows 7 hits end of life in 2019

      • Bugbog

        I think, in the scheme of things, that at least 10 – 15% of SMB’s/Corporations will move to Windows 8, simply due to the fact that a large percentage of new devices will come with embedded! (That, or it’s as a result of having a large mobile workforce that utilize the BYOD policy)

      • tomakali

        True, W7 and W8 are radically different.
        wish if we could skip W7 for the love of W8.
        So that W9 could be more awesome…