OneNote demoed on Windows 8 (video)

imageOneNote has been updated for touch and Windows 8, and in the above video we have a demo of the new features of this favourite Office app.

The app features a new radial menu which includes commands such as bold, italics, font size, and colour options.

See Microsoft here to see what’s new in the app.


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  • Daniel @warmth Delgado

    I hope that Microsoft is paying regalities to Autodesk for copying its radio menu!

    • Jomon Mondia

      You are wrong. The radial menu came from a Microsoft research project and I remember the name now. It’s called InkSeine. Here is the link to the desktop app. You can actually download and install this on Windows.

      • Daniel @warmth Delgado

        I’m talking bad about Microsoft, I’m a Microsoft lover but trust me Autodesk have at least 5 years with this in the market and at least 10 years developing the idea…

    • lol

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  • Peter Bannor

    I haven’t used the onenote mx app because I don’t have a touch pc but this is exactly what I have been wanting for so long to take with me to uni. Radial Menu demo is simply fantastic. I noticed someone commenting that autodesk may have used these first, if so well done to them for creating it. This could very well be how the full version of office could become touch enabled. The wait for the surface pro seems an age :(

    • Jomon Mondia

      The radial menu came from a Microsoft research project from a while back. I forgot what the name was but I believe some elements of it made it to the courier concept also.