Open Source Group Files Compliant Against Microsoft For Making Windows 8 More Secure

EC microsoft

Today, Reuters reported that a Spanish group called Hispalinux  is filing a case against Microsoft for making Windows 8 more secure for consumers. Hispalinux represents 8000 member open-source software users that has made a complaint against Microsoft to the European Commission. Their concern is that Microsoft’s UEFI Secure Boot system in Windows 8 is not allowing them to install Linux distros.

Reuters reported the following about their complaint,

In its 14-page complaint, Hispalinux said Windows 8 contained an “obstruction mechanism” called UEFI Secure Boot that controls the start-up of the computer and means users must seek keys from Microsoft to install another operating system.

The group said it was “a de facto technological jail for computer booting systems … making Microsoft’s Windows platform less neutral than ever”.

Now, I expect them to file a case against Apple for not allowing them to install custom Android ROM on iPhones. LOL.

If you want to read about advantages of using UEFI in Windows and more details about it, check it here.

Source: Reuters

  • backlashsid

    ba ha ha ha ha

  • Bob

    Just a sect of autist linux fanboys, nothing to see here. Even Torvalds has nothing against secure boot.

    • David

      If anything, he praises it.
      When Linux fanboys found out about that, they pretended that they never hated it in the first place.
      It goes to show how respect is a very powerful taming tool.

  • Leandro Paina

    Well, even though I prefer Windows to Linux everyone should have the wright to Install the OS they want in their computers which is completely different than installing another OS on a mobile phone

    • lubba

      yeah but why are they leeching on MS. Why don’t these half wits build their own pc or work with a vendor and put their os on it and sell? why linux and the like leeching on MS all the time?

      • educator

        Are you REALLY that stupid ? no wait don’t answer.

        This is about MS using it market dominance to lock out other OS’s, MS uses its licencing terms to strongarm OEM’s

        What you are saying is imagine if google used their search dominance to manipulate all search results for windows phone and returned android results.

        • lubba

          why don’t they leech on to Apple or google?

        • Bob

          You are simply an idiot. MS do not prohibit the option of disabling secure boot on x86 machines. Leave your complaining for your PC maker if they do not include this option. Besides MS couldn’t care less about Linux desktop, it is a no threat as always has been.

        • Henry

          You are the one who sounds stupider here. Microsoft is not using licensing to restrict OEM not to allow other OS in UEFI secure boot. On the contrary, Microsoft has said every Windows 8 Pro PC should allow users to turn off secure boot, effectively letting users install other OS without having to bother with cert-related issues.

        • Tips_y

          MS cannot stop anyone from buying pc parts, put them together and install Linux. Even if MS wanted to, they cannot anymore lock out other OSes from being installed in a computer you yourself can put together. It’s so easy to do so I can’t understand all the whining and the crying!

          I did it 3 years ago because I wanted to try Linux… but hated it so ended up buying an XP license and installed that instead.

    • rjmlive

      Well, there are virtual machines.. and you can buy OS free hardware…

    • Tirinti

      The main difference between a PC and a smartphone is that everyone can buy PC without any OS and it is impossible to buy smartphone without OS.

      EU should fight with the evil googlighting stranger monopoly.
      Samsung should be ordered to allow user to chose between spydroid and WP when they first time boot theier smartphones.

      • Lachlan Chau

        Not if it is a Mac.

      • Tips_y

        In my opinion, no need to go through all that. It is so simple to just buy pc parts, put them together easily, and install Linux. So I don’t understand all these whining and crying when it’s that simple. I did it 3 years ago because I wanted to try Linux. In fact today, there are so much more choices for pc components if you really want Linux!
        But I ended up uninstalling Linux and put in XP instead because I liked it better.

    • Tips_y

      So go buy pc components, put them together, and install Linux. It actually comes out cheaper that way.

    • grs_dev

      What’s the difference? If Microsoft pays HP a subsidy to lower the cost of its personal computing products for example, why should the secure boot only apply to a phone?
      Why aren’t these lunatics complaining about Apple and Mac OS?

  • Tirinti

    Maybe WP users should fille complain against Samsung that it is imposibble to install Windows Phone on Galaxy S series and Ativ S is unavailable in most of EU.

  • Notebook Grail

    Why the hell did one agree to buy a windows PC in the first place knowing the limitations?. Just buy one without a OS or a freeDOS installed. Just a bunch of child crying for candies.

    • dougie

      “Why the hell did one agree to buy a windows PC in the first place knowing the limitations?. Just buy one without an OS”

      Thats the problem, Microsoft PREVENTS OEM’s Selling BARE PC’s, anyway that is not the issue, it should be MANDATORY that secure boot be disabled in BIOS.

      And for all you winphans, this affects you too……this has the potential to lock say Windows 8 onto the hardware you buy and prevent you upgrading to Windows 9.

      • Bob

        “Microsoft PREVENTS OEM’s Selling BARE PC’s”
        That’s simply a lie you pathetic Linux cunt. I was always able to buy a bare pc that suits my needs.

        ” should be MANDATORY that secure boot be disabled ”
        You mean “be able to be disabled”? Go complaint at your PC maker, MS do not prohibit this option.

      • Tips_y

        I don’t know what country you live in but from where I come, I can go to any computer store and buy pc components, put them together, and install Linux anytime if I so desire.

      • grs_dev

        Actually, NO! It has the potential to lock Windows 8 on the hardware that Microsoft subsidizes and prevents YOU from buying a ridiculously priced, quality product, only to fart around with your distro on it…

        Upgrading to Win 9 and or later would be done through the “proper” channels.

      • mog0

        “Thats the problem, Microsoft PREVENTS OEM’s Selling BARE PC’s”
        They haven’t been doing that for about 10 years now. They were rightly fined for it and they have been monitored since. You need to update your anti-microsoft vitriol.

        “it should be MANDATORY that secure boot be disabled in BIOS”

        It should be mandatory that the vast majority of users are put at extra risk of infection so that Linux fanboys have to click on a few extra options when replacing the OS?? Microsoft makes it mandatory to have the option to turn it off in BIOS if the manufacturer wants to put the Win8 logo on the machine. If they don’t want the logo then the manufacturer can do what they want and Microsoft are powerless to prevent this due to the same anti-trust judgement mentioned above. They are not allowed to put limitations of any kind on the OEMs.

  • MK

    Stupid Linux turds

  • Carlos

    Why Window$ 8 don’t support dual boot? Because it is secure! Not vírus or malwares… Redmond is affraid with Ubuntu?

    • jvs


      This will be the year of Linux in the desktop!

    • Tips_y

      LOL are you saying Ubuntu is a malware that’s why MS is afraid to allow it to dual boot in W8?

    • grs_dev

      Yet another Ubuntu fan who thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread… I don’t get what these people find so great about Linux let alone Ubuntu! Must be a masochists!

      • Stevie

        Yest another masochist working for redmond!

  • jvs

    The are smoking good stuff in Spain!

  • arrow2010

    No cause for standing here, as Windows 8 only has 3% marketshare.

  • Monkey boy ballmer

    Completely misleading title. How does UEFI make a computer more secure? Its just another attempt to monopolize the market by M$. Ah, i see the 1.5 billion of M$ marketing budget is being spent on bullshit sites and articles like this.