Open Thread: What Would You Do As Microsoft CEO?

My third favorite Australian (behind Rupert Murdoch & Michelle Jeneke) and well known technology enthusiast Long Zheng had an interesting set of tweets shortly after Ballmer’s retirement announcement. In his typical humorous fashion, using the hashtag #IfIWereMSFTCEO on twitter, Zheng pondered a number of things he would immediately do if Microsoft named him CEO.

What would you do as Microsoft CEO? Voice your thoughts in the comments below.  We’ll do a follow-up post with the best ideas.

Outlook Ballmer CEO Long Zheng

Spotify CEO Ballmer Long Zheng

Surface Long Zheng Ballmer CEO

Windows Home Server CEO Ballmer Long Zheng

Windows Phone Ballmer CEO Long Zheng

Xaml HTML5 Long Zheng


What would you do as Microsoft CEO? Voice your thoughts in the comments below.  We’ll do a follow-up post with the best ideas.

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  • Davey

    If I were Microsoft’s CEO I would aggressively reorganise the marketing department!!!

    • Guest

      They have a marketing department?

      • Davey

        Ha! Good point.

  • Forc6

    If I were Microsoft´s CEO I would put more effort in Windows Phone.

  • Tirinti

    1. Demand from EU actions against Google monopoly equal to attacks on Microsoft.
    If EU demand that user needs choice of web browser after Windows is instaled, then user needs OS choice for each smartphone. Each day without Xperia without WP choice should result in milion Euro penalty for Sony.
    2. Create new version of XNA or any other .Net based game development API for X1, WP and RT.
    3. Stop financing Nokia and give that money to Samsung to promote Ativ brand.
    4. Expand Surface brand. Different sizes and versions (W8Pro, W8, W8RT, Atom and Core i*U).
    5. Expand all Live/XBox services to whole World.
    6. Release WP updates for all the devices and countries at the same time.
    7. Demand from OEMs high quality and good hardware specs in order to acquire Designed for Windows label.

    • ZackFirst

      Lol Samsung fanboy go f#%&% yurself

  • p0kes

    1. Merge WP and RT and give them same priority as Win8 Pro
    2. Create a Surface Book (ultrabook), Surface Pro (10″+), Surface RT (7″)
    3. All hardware including xbox should have similar design language (vaporMg)

    4. Spend then next 2-3 year rolling out an aggressive update policy for consumer focused software as nothing creates hype and good consumer sentiment as receiving new functionality regularly through updates.

  • FreeDom

    1. Buy Nokia.

    2. Resurrect “Courier” tablet development.

    3. Rename Windows RT to Windows Surface.
    4. Buy Dailymotion or create a better alternative to Youtube.

    • Trappist

      Regarding 1. Why would MSF want to start building mobile networks and develop base stations? I thought they were a software company… MSF need not 150.000 new employess.

      3. RT ought to be named Dead Man Walking OS. Because that is what it is.

      4. They should first make Bing less bad, if not decent, before venturing deeper into more challenging Google territory.

      • FreeDom

        1. Because staying still is sure way of becoming obsolete in the next 10 years. Microsoft is a software company but it doesn’t need to stay the same. Apple is successful because they have full control of the software and hardware production. Google is successful because they have Samsung support. So the only choice is to get Nokia full support to be relevant in the mobile industry.

        3. I’m using a Windows RT tablet and it serves me very well. Windows RT tablet is not as bad as what the media say it is. What Microsoft need to do is educate the people by providing more easy to understand information to the general public. And they need to do it not just in US but to the rest of the world as well. And the first thing to do is to rename “Windows RT” to a brand name easier to identify like “Lumia”, but since is already taken “Surface” is the next best name.

        4. Bing might be bad but it is the second best alternative that it is available. We can’t just have Google monopolized everything. Just look at the Youtube app issue between Microsoft and Google and if there is a Youtube alternative that it is as good, Windows Phone’s user will already have the official app. So even if Microsoft buy Dailymotion and make it better but it still sucks at least there is an alternative to Youtube.

  • ner9y

    Kill windows phone and merge Windows RT and Windows phone in to one. Unify windows store and windows phone store in to one, so same app runs in all devices(Phone, tablet and desktop). I guess that is what already planned.

  • NegLewis

    1: MS needs to have a chain of commands: One neck to grab
    2: Fix Country-Discrimination Policies (see credit cards, software, settings…)
    3: Merge ALL Cloud services under one umbrella: Outlook
    4: On Outlook/ I would add (besides Mail/People/Calendar/Skydrive) a Tile for Skype, Office(Doc, Excel, PP…), Music, videos
    5: I would create a “Cloud Desktop” for my (MY) Cloud Base Apps/Services/Games (like desktop has – maybe a metro style App Viewer/Launcher)
    6: Merge WP and RT. Allow WP apps to run in W8
    7: Fix W8 Security holes.
    8: Allow Cloud Base App builders (a Cloud Base Visual Studio version)

  • JReuben1

    If I were Microsoft’s CEO I would fire & blackball the entire Metro UX design team, then buy out Canonical & rebrand Ubuntu as Windows 9.

    • Sugadevan

      good luck with that 😀

      • JReuben1

        I dont mean to burst your fanboy bubble, but W8 / WP8 has failed !

        • Sugadevan

          Failed? oh really? why so serious? 😀 no bubble bursting here.. why taking so much care on something “failed”?? Being a fanboy is better than a hater. Iam loving something I like, you are wasting your time on hating something. its funny to see haters keep on talking about something they don’t like! expecting more serious bashes on your reply.. 😀

        • Mike366

          Ubuntu has failed

        • neva

          I don’t mean to burst your hatter bubble, but if W8 failed with over 5% marketshare and number of apps in about half an year, where did Ubuntu (“other” Operating Systems including all Linux based OSs have less than 2.5% Marketshare) make any better?

          • Sugadevan

            u don’t know?? as they always say, 2014 will be the “YEAR OF LINUX”!!

          • JReuben1

            Android is Linux, Mac OSX / IOS is UNIX –> 95% marketshare – I guess 2012 was the year.

          • whatup12

            why are you all bothering with someone (jreuben) that on another site posted ” its just the nature of the beast – the savage ‘culture’ of islam”. Ie, he is a pathetic version of a pained human being. He doesn’t seem to be a troll–he just seems to be depressed and you are enabling him by engaging him.

          • JReuben1

            argumentum ad hominem, is an argument made personally against an opponent instead of against their argument.

          • whatup12

            and what is latin for racist?

          • JReuben1

            what is Latin for someone who label’s an opponent a racist when they lose an argument ? Don’t use labels to shutdown a debate – its pathetic.

          • whatup12

            the savage ‘culture’ of islam?
            i didn’t label you as racist…you defined yourself as a racist. Me pathetic? Really?
            I am always intrigued about where MSFT hate comes from and you have and you have an interesting story of being an ex-MSFT-developer who got screwed and didn’t get the MVP status you wanted. You have moved on and see bluer skies elsewhere now. Good for you. But indeed, you come on sites just to post negative comments about MSFT? But that pales in comparison to your posts on other sites. Your arguments were interesting and I was paying attention. Until I saw that these arguments were also being made by a racist. And then I stopped paying attention and suggested others do the same.

          • JReuben1

            Actually, I was an MVP for 2 years, but my tech knowledge comes from multiple science degrees + 20 years work experience. I cut code in Israel – an advanced hi-tech oasis surrounded by perpetual war zones. I think I know what I am talking about, more so than you.

          • whatup12

            You do huh? Is that because you also cut code next to schools enrolling students to study the Talmud while actually travelling in Thailand in order to steal money from the government? Should we thus call it “the thieving “culture” of Judaism?” You are also in a high-tech oasis that is aggressively funded by much of the world as part of spreading democracy? Listen, as a jew, I love Israel as much as the next guy…but don’t fool yourself about trying to rationalize your racism. It is what it is, and you are what you are for propagating it. In any case, you were an MVP in areas, by your own admission, that differed from what you wanted. You moved on. Or did you?

          • JReuben1

            Your antisemitism is your problem, I’d rather focus on technology.

          • whatup12

            say what? because the right-wing schools that steal from the Israeli government and also produced the people that killed Rabin annoy me makes me anti-Semitic? How is this related to technology? EVERYTHING in life is about perspective (including technology)…your perspective is crystal clear. And that perspective guides (or misguides) you…and that takes away from your credibility to post about the demise of MSFT. So all to say, MSFT will be fine. You on the other hand…you could use a consult.

          • p0kes

            you are reaching so badly that it is funny.

            I guess Android and Linux are interoperable and so is OSX/iOS and UNIX.

            Just so you know…OS does not equal kernel

          • JReuben1

            Of course it does. Linux kernel is a monolithic kernel. That means Linux kernel is whole/complete operating system alone.
            Download the Android SDK. Connect an Android device to the USB of some computer. Type ‘adb shell’. There you go.

        • Emily the Strange

          Im sure there is more people using Windows 8 than Ubuntu around the world. and if you havent checked, win8 marketshare grows and grows. you like alot of people who apparently dont use their brain, are the ones saying it fails… also there is a win7 behind win8, its obvious some people will not need to upgrade immediately.
          please just learn… and stop commenting on something you dont know. and stop ruining the site with your comments please :) since you arent adding anything anything useful.

          • JReuben1

            Emily, your in-depth market promotion skills are just what MS needs right now :)

          • ImmerEssen

            What MS needs even more are Mister Know-it-alls like you, lol.
            So Win8 has failed: jn your infinitive wisdom, by what definition please?

          • JReuben1

            Market penetration

          • nohone

            If market penetration defines Win8 as a “failure,” then what does that mean for Ubuntu? They couldn’t even rally 25,000 fans to pitch in and build an Ubuntu phone. The OS has less than 1% of the market, nobody except for a statistically insignificant portion of the population knows that it exists.
            But Microsoft is supposed to abandon over a billion people, force them to throw out the software they have been using for years, learn the command line, and use substandard open source software? And you have the nerve to mock others for supposedly not understanding the market.

          • ImmerEssen

            +1 :-)

          • JReuben1

            Ubuntu is just one flavor of Linux / UNIX. Mac OSX is another. Android is another. Linux / UNIX is quite pervasive. When I made the switch, I didn’t have to throw out any software – Eclipse, Chrome, Libreoffice etc are all cross-platform. I’ve actually tried other operating systems besides windows – have you ? If not, how can you claim to understand the market ?

          • nohone

            Statcounter, the website that people like you use to “prove” Win8 is a failure lists Win8 at 6.61%, Win7 at 52.48%, and XP at 20.45%. Linux – all variants – is listed at 1.29%. With the 100s of distros available, Ubuntu has a such a pathetic market penetration that they should be a shamed of how poorly they have performed in advancing their cause. And don’t give me that OSX and Android is based on Linux/UNIX (I like how you are now adding UNIX into the mix, trying to add a few tenths of a percentage to the market share, and OSX is not UNIX), as those platforms have become such a bastardized version of Linux/UNIX that they cannot be called Linux/UNIX any longer.
            So users of Office, Visual Studio, and one of the millions of other software packages would not need to throw out their investment? I use Office, Visual Studio, etc. And Eclipse or LibreOffice are no replacement for VS or Office. If they were, then e old see millions of people using LibreOffice and the others. Instead, they know a feature rich package when they see one, and that is why they choose MS office over LibreOffice, OpenOffice, or whatever they want to call the fork this week.
            Xaml is tied to one platform and fragmented? The Android API is tied form. Coco/Carbon is tied to one platform. The Linux API is tied to one platform. and those last 3 are all fragmented, also. different APIs scattered across the different versions of Android. APIs carried over from NeXT to OSX, some work on iOS, some don’t. And for Linux, different distros with different window managers, that one program is not guaranteed to work depending on which packages you have installed, it is a tangled mess.
            If they don’t like the flat look of the tiles, then why is Google and Apple making their interface look the same? Apple went one step further with iOS7 and use a pastel pallet that looks like it was out of the Smurfs. And yes, the market has spoken, being that Win8 has a better market share then Linux, and much more than the distro you advocate, they have said that Linux is a joke. How does it feel to support an OS that is a fraction of the OS you call a failure?

          • JReuben1

            Can you be specific as to exactly what you feel is better about ms office compared to LibreOffice (which is free & supports ms office file formats)?
            For non-C# development , why do I need Visual Studio? For javascript webdev (AngularJs / NodeJs), its just legacy bloat – I find WebStorm much more streamlined. For C++, neither Visual Studio 2012 / 2013 are 100% C++11 compliant.

          • Sugadevan

            OMG..Still ranting here? U need to slow down a bit, ur comments are turning into jokes.. LOL 😛

          • JReuben1

            so … you cannot answer my question ?

          • Sugadevan

            Sry u never asked me any questions :P, im the one who asked you questions but u never replied me, u see how bad is this? :(
            u have some pre-typed troll templates to roll on every Microsoft related article.. sry for you

            but, nohone answered ur questions, but u will keep asking same “Ubuntu rocks, win8 failed” questions everywhere on web.. stupid questions..

            “Can you be specific as to exactly what you feel is better about ms office compared to LibreOffice (which is free & supports ms office file formats)? “// for how many decades you guys are going to ask these questions to office users? I don’t think they cared anything about your libreoffice questions!

            if u think ranting over something in internet will make you win, then u r wasting your time.. damn I love win8 and wp8 I don’t f**g care about your “vision” ,”fortune teller” things.

            I always download Ubuntu live cds and try now and then.. but I cant keep using it, why cant u Linux users can agree that windows is right ahead in time like android.. I don’t see Linux users as bad ones. but according to you windows users are idiots, why? I open heartedly welcome if Linux comes up, and I let it happen when it happens but windows is ruling now..

            No windows or office users are going Linux related sites, asking to Linux users to use windows or office.. but guys always come across everything u don’t belong and seek for attention.

            U hate windows8, u hate windows phones, and Microsoft is dying, and Linux is ruling the worldwide market share.. damn it seems sweet in you eyes and u have no reasons to argue about it here.. but I don’t don’t know why you are coming specifically to Microsoft related sites(this is disgusting and shameful) and rant about how big is Linux. WHY?? , sometimes I think “oh good, Linux users having so much fun and enjoying more openness” but by seeing some comments by you I think u guys are sitting so disturbed there. sry.

            Why don’t you can enjoy working with Linux like windows users enjoying with windows? what’s your problem of users using windows and u think 1.3 billion users who are using windows are stupids? leave the stupids like me and please enjoy your Linux!

          • nohone

            Here you are, complaining about MSVC not fully supporting C++11, and yet you are advocating LibreOffice for reading Office documents, which does not fully support reading all of Office docs. LibreOffice’s own web page states that they are working on improving Office compatibility.
            Visual Studio offers much better productivity tools than Eclipse does, period. I will admit that it has Ben about a year since I last did any development with Eclipse, but then Eclipse was so far behind in helping the developer write code, I highly doubt that they have been able to bring the tools up to VS level in that time.

            But you are going off topic from your own post. If market penetration proves weather software has failed or succeeded, LibreOffice is an abysmal failure. And if Eclipse is so great, why are you using WebStorm?
            So why are avoiding the market penetration, and therefore all around failure that is Ubuntu?

          • JReuben1

            you must admit that Linux has better price (I don’t count TCO for the clueless), better performance & is more secure than windows – do you have any evidence to the contrary ?

          • nohone

            Oh, look, another distraction to try to derail the conversation because it is very clear that by your standards, Linux is a total and complete failure.
            Let’s list your distractions: Android, Mac, UNIX, OSX, iOS, Zune, kernels, USB, XAML, WP, DirectX, C++, JavaScript, color pallets, price, security, performance, standards, and so on, and so on, and…
            Do we need to keep playing this game? We all know I will present you with evidence contradicting your claims, then you will throw out some new complaint, which will also be shown wrong. This will go on for a while, where we will finally get to the only thing left you have to argue – the names given to Linux distros are odd and more unique than the name Windows, to which I will agree, Ubuntu is a more odd and unique name than Windows. I guess there is something for you to rally upon.

          • JReuben1

            Thats a poor argument for evading technical debate – You have to earn those product promotion dollars for quashing dissent !

            I’ll repeat the question: you must admit that Linux has better price (I don’t count TCO for the clueless), better performance & is more secure than windows – do you have any evidence to the contrary ?

          • nohone

            So you have avoided everything I have said so far, running, hiding, and changing the subject over and over again so you don’t have to admit that Linux/Ubuntu is a total and complete failure. But I tire of you not facing the facts, and suddenly I am now the one who is avoiding the question.
            An no, I do not agree that Linux wins on price, performance, nor security. I don’t need to provide any evidence, you were the one that made the claim that Linux wins on those, the burden of proof is upon you.

          • JReuben1

            I guess thats why MS abandoned the desktop and is pushing Linux on the cloud:

          • nohone

            Oh look, another distraction to add to the list – Azure.
            And if you understood anything about anything, you would know that Microsoft did not abandon the desktop on Azure. Since you obviously have never used Azure, let me explain how it works. When you build an Azure project, there is a checkbox. When you check that checkbox, it enables using remote desktop (terminal server) to log into the server you deploy to. You can then use tsc to log into that server and use the desktop like any other server. If you do not check that checkbox, then it does not enable the desktop for performance and security reasons – no desktop, no resources devoted to it, no desktop, no ability to allow malicious users logging in if they discover your password.
            They do allow Linux because they realize that someone may have software that only runs on Linux. Last year I was working on a project that required software that worked only ran on Linux, we created a Linux VM, installed the software, then connected to it via web service from a Windows Azure VM. And by checking that checkbox, I was able to log into the Windows VM to discover that I had the connection string to the Linux VM wrong.
            Thus, proving that once again, you were completely wrong. So which straw will you grasp at next?

          • JReuben1

            I know all about the capabilities of Azure – i’ve delved into pretty much all the APIs from worker roles to HPC Scheduler, from SQL Azure to HDInsight. You come across as quite a corporate shill, rationalising everything from the mothership. I suppose push notification services is for software that only runs on Android ? You should try some objective thought: Its not the 1990s anymore – the game has changed, and MS is no longer the market leader. Deep down Im sure you are aware. Embrace change, and listen to what people in the know have to say, instead of trying to crush dissent. In .NET / Silverlight’s heyday, I too thought that the sun shone out of MS’s ass, but as I explored alternatives , I learned & grew.

          • nohone

            There we are, you post comments that are not true, such as Microsoft has abandoned the desktop on Azure, I show you wrong, and then the personal attacks start. I am a shill, I am unwilling to grow, I will not listen to what others say, blah, blah, blah. If you are wrong don’t blame me, grow, learn from it, and then use that to debate. But you have decided instead to throw whatever you can at the wall, see what sticks, and when it does not stick ignore it and try to find some other attack, which has now turned personal.
            But Linux distros do have more unique names, I will give you that.

          • JReuben1

            heres a long, long list of Linux adopters: – I guess they are all wrong & you are right ?

          • nohone

            People use what they want to. You are the one who, before all your distractions, twists, and turns, said that Microsoft needs to drop Windows and switch to Ubuntu. There are well over a billion Windows users on this planet. I guess every one of those are wrong, and you are right and they must all switch to Ubuntu today, before it is too late?
            And I guess you cannot grow to admit that along the way to here, you have told one mistruth after another, and you have to throw out a list of groups that use Linux, changing direction yet again.

          • JReuben1

            before its too late – you mean April 14th 2014 when the support for XP security patches expires, and the first Win7 security patch released after that is reverse engineered –> 50% of those billion windows users who never had a desire to upgrade from XP will be botnet infested – it will be zero day forever.

          • nohone

            OK, we are done here. You have proven that you cannot stay on one topic, admit to your failings, and even that paragraph I could point out 4 separate incorrect statements in your last comment. If I were to point out your failings, you would just start rambling on and on about some other topic.
            You can claim now that you “won” the debate because I am stopping here, continue to believe that Microsoft should adopt the miserable failure in the market known as Ubuntu, and give your self a cookie for thinking how awesome you are – all while the internet laughs at you.

          • JReuben1

            I hope you learned something from this technical debate. Cheers!

          • nohone

            Yes I did – that you have no problems lying to scare people away from Microsoft, and have no problem projecting your shortcomings onto other people. Good for you. No go get yourself that cookie.

          • Sugadevan

            u know I learned something from you.. Linux is failing further. sry for you :(

          • JReuben1

            Did you think of that by yourself ? very impressive !

          • Sugadevan

            every comment you make, leads me to a good laugh, tell me more jokes :) You are the perfect example for “really scraping the barrel”, right here in this article :)

            you are so dumb and clever to engage an argument where you are actively, desperately comment lick your beloved Linux and clever enough to avoid any straight questions shot at you.

            “you think that you are a programmer”? wow u know what’s the problem of u Linux guys?
            u think Linux=.damn codes, commands, servers, supercomputers, hello boss.. normal consumers don’t f***g care about these.. they want something simple, something that’s working, something that’s everybody is having, something that’s not too technical, something that’s dumb enough to run everything they throw, that’s WINDOWS.

            You talk about OSX is Linux based, android is Linux based.. oh many know that android is Linux based? some hundred or thousand? huh? u know most of android users know their phones only as “Samsung phones”, they even don’t know about android, how can they know about Linux.. ?? u guys anytime thought about these? Those 1 billion who use windows know that they are using windows and they know about Microsoft.. please don’t make Linux further complex by talking too technically about servers and maketshares, u guys should concentrate on getting consumers(where Linux sucks so big) or u can continue this trolling on articles about the mighty rare Linux.

            u should accept the reality that arguing about Linux in comment section of a Microsoft article wont do anything. Every time when you start talking about Linux’s “combined market share” it clearly shows your frustration. And again are u not ashamed of coming to Microsoft sites?? at least u should do this in some tech sites other than Microsoft fan sites, consider this, you look so dumb here :(

          • JReuben1

            That was an incredibly incoherent rant. FYI I know windows pretty well – I’ve read Russinovich’s “Windows Internals” & “Windows via C/C++”. What strikes me as worrisome about the future of MS is the way its ecosystem attracts nincompoop fan-boys (such as yourself). By definition, idiots will gravitate towards idiot-proof tools.

          • Sugadevan

            again you are deviating!! read my reply again, u should be ashamed of urself..where are my answers u stupid? bye bye and goodbye u will make me dumb if I continue.. u don’t have answers u only have stupid questions.. thank you for laughs and I think u will move on to another Microsoft related article and spit ur templates, bye bye

          • JReuben1

            are you having a meltdown ?

          • Sugadevan

            he is not going to answering you questions, he just wants to continue the conversation by spitting the words, he is not replying me 😛

  • reKitab

    I’ll eradicate the desktop totally from Windows RT, and instead use the WP8 UI/system on it, alá Android:) on tablets.Then, I’ll return Windows 8.x to it’s roots. No more funky “metro” stuff on it, but retain the flat UI look. Win 8.x will be desktop/laptop PC exclusively. Anything Win 8.x tablet will be on embedded devices for the enterprice, period…

  • George

    A good CEO won’t make drastic changes. You don’t risk a quarter trillion dollar business on poorly thought-out changes. I’d do one, and only one thing immediately: scrap the stack-racking system used for employee reviews. The cut-throat kingdom-building culture of never coordinating between teams is a direct result of that failed policy. Change the policy, and see how things change there.

  • Tips_y

    If I were MSFT CEO, I’d see to it that most of those who posted here will not get hired to work for MSFT and a few crazy ones among them will not even be allowed to set one foot in the MSFT Campus.

  • Jeremy Bell

    I would merge windows phone with windows rt.

    All existing windows phone apps should run on winrt, and most (the .net only ones) should run on windows 8.

    New apps for winrt should be runnable on with phones if they add support for it (just one more screen size to support).

    One store, one developer portal.

    Allow third party browsers in winrt/phone.

    Add third party desktop apps api for winrt for store distribution.

    ALL devices shipped should be unlockable for development, for free, without registration, in any country.

    Allow users a system setting, specifying whether they can install signed software outside the store, and a separate setting for unsigned software.

    Stop charging enterprises for the right to distribute internal software. It is free everywhere else but on winrt, and it’s embarrassing.

    • Davey

      “All existing windows phone apps should run on winrt” HELL YES!!!

  • Mike366

    I would grab a Xbox One internal version for myself

  • James

    A few things:

    Get rid of X-Box Music and X-Box Video, replace them with Zune again. Add support for subtitles and multiple language tracks.

    Aggressively promote Windows Phone with very focused 1-feature-highlight ads to show the advantage of WP8 over iPhone/Android.

    Take the suggestions I compiled at , , , and what’s on user voice and attempt to release 3 new features each month for a year for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

    Release a Surface TV: – thin PC with a blu-ray drive and a 1 TB HDD, tied to your MS account and with a Kinect, that’s purely media consumption. It would take your video files, like those files available on DVD 2-packs, and show you metadata (album art, title, year, release date, genre, actors, crew) so you can sort or use Kinect to say “show me all movies written by Joss Whedon” and it would do so.

  • AJ

    If I were Microsoft’s CEO I would continue improving the “reimagination” of products

  • james

    Merge windows phone with windows rt.

  • Emily the Strange

    if people were CEO, they would understand for a company like Microsoft its not like a picnic day in Bahamas and they would understand somethings cant be done as they wish. or they cant be done as fast as they think, because it would depend on alot of things. like “unify OSs” its obvious Microsoft is doing that but it needs time, programmers arent machines that can work 24/7.
    and other people just think, Microsoft money can be used for anything, like “buy Nokia”, well its not free, it costs alot of money, money that has been saved making a partnership, spending money for alot of things sounds really bad, because you arent sure if you will get money back. its not like making phones is free, so buying company, making phones, shipping them, making ads… everything would cost money. and you never know if “Nokia” Brand would sell as you wish.
    But well, this is just a dream thread anyway… but still I would rather be logical than trying to say some silly things like if CEO was an easy job, especially for a big company like Microsoft.


    I would put at least two brand new Nokia Windows Phone models on Sprint!!

  • peterpulmonary

    more focus and less duplication. all parts of msft should sell software intended for a specific purpose, even if another division made it. and software for a purpose created in one division should not be duplicated. focus R&D instead of duplicating and competing among microsoft divisions.
    eg: msft made windows media center, also windows media player, then zune, then xbox music, xbox video. all basically do the same thing.
    should stick with one music/video system, with ONE brand. make it once and improve it incrementally instead of reinventing the wheel every couple of years. have all divisions from enterprise-oriented to windows to xbox, selling the same media software. obviously in each market it would be used differently. BUT since all users are both enterprise and consumer, the strength of msft in enterprise would be properly leveraged. and wider consumer acceptance of msft tools would lead to more enterprise use. currently, the music/media system should be called xbox. currently, the same iTunes that teenagers listen music on (they need to pay PER TUNE, unlike unlimited downloads for cheap monthly subscription on xbox) is also referenced as a source of apps for news or scholarly content, and that is partly why everyone thinks apple is “cool”. eg: the itunes app for the new england journal of medicine. there si no xbox app for new engl journal od medicine. and indirectly, that is why there windows phone is not popular and there is no new engl journal of medicine app for windows phone. xbox currently is too narrowly marketed (just etnertainmenbt/gaming) and therefore the professional user is excluded. therefroe that user, who is also a consumer and wants to be “cool”, uses itunes, then itunes invades the home etc.
    the current reorgazination of msft shoudl hopefully address this.
    thank you for your time.

  • tomakali

    I will replace desktop icons with live tiles
    and introduce new start menu

    Release Free ServicePack8 to upgrade XP,Vista,7 to Metro UI and extend their product support for one more year

    Offer Windows Family Pack for every license a Free windows phone worth $100

    Make Stephen Elop as CEO for Yahoo [LOL]
    Make Joe Belfiore as CEO for Nokia [LOL]

    Buy Blackberry and Make Dell to go private and sell BB hardware to DELL and Kill BB software to replace it with windows enterprise services

    Push Lenovo to buy HTC, micromax, karbon etc

    open bing adsense to all countries

    Create new hybrid kernel for future OS which has WinFS architecture with Linux approach.

    a simple dream gets scary as it goes…
    its better nobody is CEO of that monstrous corp

  • Yuan Taizong

    If I was Microsoft’s Chief-Executive-Officer I would…

    – Buy Accenture and Yahoo!, phase Yahoo!’s services into the M.S.N. and make stronger contracts with Yahoo!-News’ partners, I would keep the brand, but replace the search engine with Bing.

    – I would make SkyDrive FULL device back-up for Windows XP, Vista and 7 (and older versions through clients) to make the migration to Windows 8 easier, the settings and software would be saved, but can only be implemented on a Windows 8 device bounded by a Microsoft-account, this will make the transitition to Windows 8 easier, I would also do the same for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7.x (especially for S.M.S./M.M.S. Back-up) via SkyDrive.

    – I would support Windows Marketplace for Mobile apps on the next Windows Phone, especially for company apps as there are still small businesses on Windows Mobile, make SkyDrive the default syncing tool for all archaic software, and sync it exclusively TO Windows 8.

    – I would add search by image to Bing Images,

    – I would buy Nook, and offer a native book-store in Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox.

    – I wouldn’t buy Nokia, as it would cost too much investments (money) to take over their hardware divisions, but I would produce a variant of Windows Phone for feature phones, a lightweight version with full device back-up on Microsoft SkyDrive and Microsoft-account integration to gain a larger audience for Microsoft web services, especially (Hotmail) and ((THE) FORMER-)Windows Live services, Bing and the Microsoft Network. The feature version of Windows Phone would only get Microsoft Word Mobile and Microsoft OneNote Mobile, and the ability to read other Microsoft Office Mobile-compatible files.

    – I would merge the Windows & Windows Phone application stores, and in time merge the Xbox LIVE Marketplace to compete more aggressively and offer more seamless integration of devices, clouds and Microsoft-accounts over the unified ecosystem.

    – I would bundle the Windows Essentials into Windows, and offer an ”alternative button” on all services to avoid lawsuits, but will hide it, so non-tech savvy users won’t easily find it ):-D

    – I advertise our products more in rising markets, especially the cheaper models of the devices.

    – I would get contracts with EVERY cable-/satellite-T.V. provider in the world (or most at first) to offer subscription based applications on the Xbox, then create an Xbox TV app for Windows and Windows Phone, and make T.V. avialable for all devices, seamlessly and revolutionise the way people watch T.V. and truly make the Xbox One ”the One device your living room need(s)”, while creating a win-win situation for both Microsoft and TV channels, D.V.R./TiVo will work seamlessly across all devices, based on both a TV-subscription and a Microsoft-account.

    – I would create a lightweight version of Windows Phone for M.P.3-/M.P.4-players (from now on referred to as ”Portable Media Players”), and ask Nokia to develop their own Portable Media Player to compete with the iPod, Walkman and Samsung Galaxy Player. Nokia will lead it, but smaller brands will follow, as they can’t develop iO.S. themselves.

    – I create a store for Desktop apps, absorb and catalogue all present applications (4.000.000+), create a voting system, and make it easier to hunt virus and rogue applications to make Windows a safer ecosystem.

    – I would merge Bing Maps with Microsoft WorldWide Telescope and create a Google Earth-like option to Bing Maps for Windows 8 (as a feature). And push Microsoft PhotoSynth to expand the panorama’s on Bing Maps to compete better with Google.

    – I would put all of Windows Live Messenger’s features on Skype, and also Yahoo!-Messenger’s, but will slowly phase the latter out, and offer better Bing integration into Skype, and create a joint Microsoft Office editing feature so 2 peers can edit the same file on Skype and save it to a shared folder on Microsoft SkyDrive.

    – I would create device back-ups and company-app back-ups for corporations subscribing to Windows Azure.

    – I would buy MySpace (My___) and use it to push Xbox Music across social networks, and make it a platform to push smaller artits, independent brands, and major brands/labels, while giving it better Facebook integration to signal to them that we’re not a competitor, unlike Google, and strenghten our relationship with the Facebook.

    – I would offer a company version of the Mail, People, Windows Live Messenger and Calendar apps for Windows 8 to be used for internal companies, bundled with the professional edition of Microsoft Office.

    – I would create an Xbox LIVE chess game for Windows 8 and R.T.

    – I would add a Windows RunTime version of the Windows Media Centre to Windows 8 via an update, and integrate it with Xbox Music, Xbox Video and Xbox TV rather than a seperate application.

    – Microsoft WorldWide Telescope Mars would be renamed Bing Mars, and offered as an alternative feature to Bing Maps and Bing Telescope as a web-app.

    – I would merge M.S.N. and Bing behind the curtains, while letting them retain the brands and brand-names.

    – I would launch a service called ”Bing Home” similar to the former iGoogle and Windows Live Home and My M.S.N. to make Bing more costumizable and consumer-friendly.

    – I would strip the built-in Windows Live Writer for Windows 8 and put the most wanted features in a Microsoft Web-Writer app in Microsoft Office, to boost sales of Microsoft Office.

    – I would offer the Facebook an on-line version of some Microsoft Office components (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft OneNote) but would create a new file-type that only Microsoft Office could read and write, and make it the only editable file-type on the Facebook to compete better with OpenOffice and Scroogle Docs.

    – I would offer Xbox Music & Video’s (Zune) on Android and iO.S. (but specifically not on BlackBerry).

    – I would break the Apple-centric culture in China and push Bing against Baidu.

    – I would buy Zynga and offer their games as Xbox LIVE games for the Facebook, and offer them exclusively on Windows Phone and Windows P.C.’s 😛

    – I would merge MySpace into Yammer and and abolish the brands and merge them into the M.S.N. as industry centric social networks, while working together with the Facebook to offer better services for them, while not competing with them.

    – I would offer updates to Windows 8 as Windows 8.1 (Blue), Windows 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 and later sell them rather than offering them as free updates, similar to Apple’s yearly new versions of O.S. X and do the same for Windows Phone, Xbox would be updated for free, as long as you subscribe to Xbox LIVE.

    – I would drop support for Nook e-readers in a few years, and offer new Nook devices with Windows R.T. but no pre-installed apps other than the Windows Book Store and a few basic ones (Bing, Xbox Music and the Windows Store), to make it cheaper to sell.

    – I would launch an enterprize (feature) suggestion box for Windows in the same fashion as the suggestion box for Windows Phone, and also make one for gamers via Xbox LIVE.

    – I would launch Internet Explorer Mobile for other mobile platforms.

    – I would build a giant statue of Steve Ballmer in-front of the Microsoft building.

    – I would launch an English version of the Bing Dictionary, and offer it with the Bing Translator and add more languages.

    – I would offer romanizations and transliterations for the Bing Translator.

    – I would make the speech recognition on Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox more similar to Siri and power it with Bing.

    – Subscription based ”SkyDrive for Xbox LIVE” for saved-games and game-data + settings to gamers.

    – Launch a web-app store for Internet Explorer (also older versions) and create specific company-centric features to make it easier for enterprizes to make internal web-apps.

    – Offer Nintendo to make Master Chief a playable character in Super Smash Brothers.

    – Create a YouTube-like experience on Xbox Video for Game-D.V.R. with Microsoft-accounts.

    – Put a small Bing Weather icon on the Bing homepage to show the weather of your current location, clicking on it will open the web-version of Bing (M.S.N.) Weather.

    – I would add voice search to Bing (for the browser) to collect data for better speech apps on all devices.

    – I would give discounts and special advantages to app makers who’ll exclusively produce apps for Microsoft O.S.’es.

    – I would add .pdf support for Microsoft Word and a ”convert to .pdf” option with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office Mobile.

    – Increase the storage space for Microsoft SkyDrive to Microsoft-accounts connected with Microsoft SkyDrive 356.

    – Offer newer versions of Windows the same way as a phone subscription, optionally of-course. (monthly payment).

    – I would place Windows P.C.’s and Windows Phones randomly in games, the same way Apple devices are on T.V. as advertisement of the products or the Nokia Lumia is on D.C. Comics’ movies and T.V.-shows.

    – Create a marketing division with 3 sub-divisions, Business(wo)men, gamers and general-consumers, the traditional Microsoft-clients. And make Microsoft focus also on new markets and make the division work closer with some divisions of Microsoft Research and Microsoft Studios to gather data, then offer it with Bing powered sites.

    – Create ”a SkyDrive button” next to ”the next and previous buttons” on both Internet Explorer and the File Explorer for cloud-syncing (Microsoft-account exclusive).

    – Add a ”scan with Windows Defender” button to Windows and automatic updates for Windows Defender.

    – I would add more enterprize-centric features to Windows Defender.

    – Launch suggestion boxes with voting systems in practically every app.

    – Add advertisements to more apps to support some of these reforms.

    – Integrate Windows Photo Maker in Flickr and Thumblr and various Microsoft services as Bing, SkyDrive, and M.S.N.

    – Merge GeoCities into Bing Maps.

    – Flickr and Thumblr sharing similar to SkyDrive-sharing (also giving users the ability to report unwanted porn shared with them).

    – Pre-install Flickr and Thumblr on Windows Phone as seperate apps, but make them a part of the Photo’s app on Windows and Xbox.

    – After 5 years Flickr and Thumblr will be branded under the M.S.N. brand and will be integrated in the Microsoft Social Network under that brand and make the new M.S.N. similar to the Facebook for specific groups of consumers (the former MySpace for Music, the former Yammer for business, Xbox Video’s for gamers, Flickr and Thumblr for photographers and picture-enthousiasts and artists).

    – Bundle the M.S.N. with Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox.

    – Add Skype-chat to the M.S.N. and support for the Facebook, Google Hangouts (formerly Google Talk), QQ-Messenger, VK and Google Orkut.

    – Add Microsoft FreshPaint features to Microsoft Paint.

    – In 5 years Windows Live Writer will be completely integrated in Microsoft Word, and offered exclusively in the form, with only a stripped down version bundled with Windows.

    – Launch M.S.N. Blogs after making M.S.N. into a social networks, akin to Windows Live Spaces.

    – Create a rising-technologies division within Microsoft Research as a think-tank to integrate Microsoft devices and services into them and vice versa.

    – Integrates Microsoft Research’s photo-apps as (downloadable) plug-in’s for the Pictures app on Windows.

    – Integrate Windows Defender in Internet Explorer and Bing to gather data and improve all platforms.

    – In 5 years the Yahoo! brand would be merged completely with M.S.N. & Bing and its services too, Yahoo! Answers would be archived and viewed with the new M.S.N. Social-Network,, Flickr and Thumblr would merge into one large network* (in 7 or 8 years), the Yammer brand in 6 years and MySpace upon the creation of the M.S.N. social network.

    * = depending on the success of the brands, they will be either renamed or will remain to have their present brands under the M.S.N. (M.S.N. Flickr and M.S.N. Thumblr, respectively.)

    Users of the M.S.N. social network can make like threads with Flickr and Thumblr, while the basic functionality of both services will remain to exist, even post-rebranding, the Microsoft Community will be merged in it too as well as Microsoft PhotoSynth (while it will also be merged in the camera app of Windows and Windows Phone) and its social features into the new M.S.N. Social Network.

    – M.S.N. Weather and its news content will be merged into a personalized M.S.N. and Bing homepage.

    – The next Xbox will offer full integration with this social network and all existing Microsoft Services as well.

    – Users will be able to share their Xbox Music-Playlists via the new M.S.N. Social Network.

    – Microsoft Lync will be rebranded as ”Skype Professional”.

    – Microsoft SkyDrive Pro will be rebranded as ”ShareDrive”.

    – Add the Bing Translator to Microsoft Office as a feature (for all components).

    – Add the Bing Translator as a button on the M.S.N. Social Network and Internet Explorer.

    – Offer discounts to Windows Azure for Microsoft Office 365-subscribers and vice versa.

    – Every time some government will try to sue us, we’ll point out to Apple and Google and how they bundle their respective browsers (Safari and Google Chrome) with Macbooks and Chromebooks, how Apple has denied app-developers to publish apps because the are too similar to Apple’s own apps, and Google & Samsung’s aggressive advertising on YouTube.

    – Rename Microsoft SkyDrive to EuroDrive just to piss the E.U. off 😛 (a joke)

    – Add Microsoft-account social sign-in’s similar to Facebook- and Google-accounts.

    – Pre-install Skype on Windows Phones, and make video-calling over the internet free via the Messaging Hub (front-camera devices only).

    – Add Podcasting support to Xbox Music for Windows 8 and Live-T.V. support for Xbox T.V.

    – Merge most of Yahoo!’s content into the Windows 8 apps (Bing News, Bing Weather, Bing Sports and Finance).

    – Add the Bing Translator into Skype.

    – Merge Microsoft Mathemetics with the Microsoft Calculator (as an optional button).

    – Offer Google to launch all of their apps on the Windows Phone platform in exchange to drop the lawsuits concerning copyright on Android.

    – Buy A.O.L. and merge it the same fashion as Yahoo! then donate Netscape Navigator to Mozilla (as a variant of FireFox), merge A.O.L. Dial-up with M.S.N. Dial-up and rename it Microsoft dial-up. Replace the America On-Line Instant Messenger with Skype and make the ”You’ve got Mail” sound an option on

    – Use A.O.L.’s patents in lawsuits against the Facebook and Google+ after creating the M.S.N. Social Network in 8 years.

    – Sell the Surface brand to Nokia or Samsung, but under contract that Microsoft can use it’s vision for the software specifically to those devices (similar to the Google Nexus, prior to their aqcuisition of Motorola’s Phone division).

    – Offer Windows Phone to Camera makers (only if green-lighted by Nokia).

    – Add a ”week view” and zoom-in to the Microsoft Calendar.

    – Allow Hardware makers to costumize windows to fit their devices better.

    – Make Microsoft Office more costumizable for enterprizes based on special subscriptions and software licesing.

    – Co-develop a smartwatch with Nokia, H.T.C., Samsung, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, Sony or Huawei.

    – Add a few basic applications to the smartwatch:

    * Bing Weather
    * Skype
    * the M.S.N.
    * Bing Finance
    * Microsoft Office Mobile
    * the Bing Translator
    * F.M. Radio (through head-phones/ear-plugs)
    * Bing
    * Microsoft SkyDrive
    * S.M.S./M.M.S. (S.I.M. Support)
    * Bing News
    * Mail
    * Bing Sports
    * Xbox LIVE
    * Bing Travel
    * Calendar (with the ability to make appointments by voice)
    * Bing Speech (as a digital personal assistant similar to Siri)
    * a small camera
    * Bing Music Search
    * Xbox Music & Video’s
    * Bing Maps

    and offer the smartwatch for discounts to Microsoft Office 365-users, Windows Azure-users and Microsoft partners. The watch will also be almost completely powered by voice, and it has a touch-screen.

    Also add social-centric features that can only be done if a friend or other person owns a Microsoft smartwatch (like chess and other Xbox LIVE games).

    – Launch Xbox LIVE games’ demo’s for other platforms, but keep the games exclusive to Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox.

    – Create a demo option for paid Xbox LIVE games in the Windows (Phone) Store.

  • Хуй

    Я бы отьебал вас всех в жопу …

  • kabir

    If I was Microsoft CEO – I would close Microsoft down and invest all the money in Apple Inc Shares. ….

  • Taxanadian

    Fire whoever had the idea of burdening Windows with a Phone UI, AND whoever thought that a tablet needs a full OS…..those people can go a work for the competition