Opera Mini Becomes The Default Web Browser For Microsoft’s Feature Phones And Asha Phones Portfolio

Opera Nokia X2 Browser

Opera today announced that their Opera Mini will become the default web browser for Microsoft’s existing feature phones and Asha phones portfolio, Opera Software today announced. This includes mobile devices based on the Series 30+, Series 40 and Asha software platforms. Microsoft is planning to send notifications to existing Xpress browser users and they will be encouraged to upgrade to the latest Opera Mini browser. Factory-new devices will have Opera Mini pre-installed.

“We continue to sell and support classic first and feature phones as well as the Asha range, which have performed well with millions of people who want new mobile experiences at lower price points,” said Rich Bernardo, head of legacy business, Phones, Microsoft. “The agreement with Opera will enable us to provide continuity of service as we transition from Xpress Browser to Opera Mini.”

“This is a great opportunity to spread the benefits of Opera Mini to millions more consumers in our core markets. There are still massive numbers of people who have not moved to smartphones, but Opera Mini can provide them with an amazing browsing experience right now,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software.

This deal is not surprising to me given the fact that Opera Mobile browser was already made the default browser for Microsoft’s Nokia X series devices.

  • Michael Fernandez

    Im confused… I thought Microsoft’s Nokia was only going to make Lumia’s going forward… so what is this about… Any idea Pradeep???

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      • haha123

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    • Tips_y

      When I read the news that Microsoft would halt the Nokia X line together with the Asha line and the feature phones, I kind of wondered how they could achieve that when there are millions of stocks remaining, and millions more of parts in warehouses that await assembly. Are they just going to throws those away?!!

      Well now the answer is clear from the article. It’s not going to be an abrupt stoppage but a gradual phase-out that could take about 10 years to implement.

      • Michael Fernandez

        Well you are right about that Tips_y… But it was also mentioned that any further development effort in the X and asha line will be stopped with immediate effect. So im still wondering whats with the 10 year time line? 10 years to clear stock but no feature improvements?. I only hope no effort is wasted on anything else other than making Windows phone No.1 in the next 10years…

      • Michael Fernandez

        Read this comment by kjblank80 at wpcentral about the same topic…
        “The Asha line will still be going away. There problem is there are still future models in the pipeline. MS paying Opera to support the browser for 10 years. Doesn’t mean the phone will be sold over the next ten years. Opera mini requires backend support to function.”

        Now it makes sense….

  • Babamba

    I really want opera to make their web browser for windows phone. IE 11 is not bad, but it’s not easy to use mobile websites because most websites only consider webkit engine. I think it’s good for both Opera and Windows Phone. If Opera makes browser for WP, it will be major browser as soon as they release, also Windows Phone will be better to use.

    • http://www.regularspelling.com/ Daniel ‘sRc’ Cheney

      that Webkit detection is why they changed it in Update 1. i’ve been served the correct mobile sites a lot more since that installed on my phone

  • http://aaronenvoy.tumblr.com/ Aaron Abraham

    Xpress Browser was good, they just needed to improve compatability in certain websites. Wonder what will be the default SE in these browser from now onwards because till now Opera used Google as default with no option to change it.

  • sb1370

    Nokia 130 has opera mini so it supports J2ME?