Outlook 2013 RT Screenshots Emerge

The Outlook Gods have been answering prayers recently and it was officially confirmed by Microsoft that Outlook is coming to Windows RT.  In the meantime, we have screenshots




The new Outlook has so much to offer including a streamlined user experience that reduces clutter and makes your content king.  From cool new features like quickly responding to email with inline reply, to using ‘peeks’ to view your calendar or contacts without having to manually switch between tabs, Outlook brings great new tools to your fingertips.  And with today’s news, Outlook will soon be available across Windows PCs, phones and tablets.  To learn more about what’s new in Outlook, check out the Outlook section on Office.com.

*Morgan Stanley Research, “Tablet Landscape Evolution“, May 2012

via: Winsupersite


  • Ian

    Nice. Similar to Office 2013 on Windows 8 Pro. Not much new, except for Windows RT.

    • Jamie

      Umm.. That screenshot IS Outlook 2013 (desktop) on Windows RT with touch-friendly turned on… that’s not Outlook RT. The Surface team tweeted that the Outlook RT is in the modern interface along with OneNote and Lync.

      Here’s their tweet: https://twitter.com/surface/statuses/342493712066166786

      • Xorge

        Yes, Office 2013 in Surface RT runs in desktop (Excel, Word, Power Point) not in the new Windows interface.

  • jack frost

    Love this can’t wait, because the mail app sucks

    • #TeamCortana

      Sure, but the mail app is only going to get better, and it also has a lot of hooks and integration to Windows 8 features like live tiles, the Share Charm, and the lock screen. Modern apps are the future, it’s time to (slowly) let go of the desktop.

    • PoohGQ

      Honestly, Mail app doesn’t suck. It’s really an ok app when on the move..I use extensively on my Surface RT and it does a really good job with quick replies on the go..

      • FateStayNight

        I agree, the mail app is acceptable. My mom and dad are both using the app without any complaints. I got myself an office 2013 for the outlook though, I need more than just acceptable for work

  • Willem Evenhuis

    “And with today’s news, Outlook will soon be available across Windows PCs, phones and tablets” Oh my! Goodie, goodie. Wonder if the feature copying email to calendar will be in this email app. Really missing this function from the desktop app in the current mail app.

  • http://www.modernlifetips.com/Adriel_Mingo Adriel D. Mingo


    • José Villaró


    • PoohGQ

      I would like to see more desktop apps with a MS Office 2013 or MetroTwit look..

  • Jamie

    This is NOT Outlook RT… that’s Outlook 2013 (desktop). See their tweet:

  • soder

    We should start preparing ourselves for the shock when its released
    and will turn out its so much crippled / limited / missing most of the
    features we used to have on desktop. Because that is the way these
    things work today. Very high expectations always result
    mega-disappointments. Microsoft figured out they must release cut down versions the first time, so they can refer to the future enhanced version as huge improvements over time, even if the product should have been released with all these additional features available at day 1. Average Dumb Joe will feel there is continuous improvement in the product. Yes there is, but its not the end result being at a very high level, rather the initial state was at very low.

    • Sammy Summers

      Be thankful and stop the negativity about what you don’t know. Microsoft has been doing a great job! Go use an iPad and see how useless it is for real work.

      • soder

        Dear Mr. Summers.

        Thank you for your kind comment. I dont care about Apple at all, they are outside of my interest scope. So I definitely wont buy an ishit. I own a surface RT, and work with all kind of MS products, so I know what I am talking about. Lot of past experience (especially the more recent ones) make say what I have written in my above post: market hype is so high with all the MS announcements (regarding W8, WP8, xbox etc.) however the real satisfaction index will be (and IS) so much lower, I already see.

  • PoohGQ

    That’s just not Outlook RT.. This looks like my Outlook 2013 with Touch turned on..