Outlook.com Celebrates One-year Anniversary, You Could Win Celebration Packages

One year ago today, Microsoft’s redesigned Outlook.com came out of preview and rolled out to Hotmail users worldwide. Throughout the year, Microsoft delivered both major and minor updates improving the over all user experience. Microsoft commented the following on Outlook.com’s anniversary,

It’s been a great year. We’ve learned a lot, heard great feedback from customers and continue to work every day to deliver the most personal and productive email service. We believe more than ever that Outlook.com is the best email choice for people around the world. We thought the best way to mark our one-year anniversary would be to say thanks to you, our customers, and share a few of our reflections from the past year.

Microsoft is celebrating this day with customers on Twitter using the hashtag #OutlookTurnsOne. Tweet your experiences, they will be randomly selecting participants throughout the day to receive Outlook.com celebration packages.

Source: Outlook

  • NegLewis

    We have 4 tiles on Outlook (SkyDrive, People, Calendar and Mail)
    From Outlook I have access tru a VERY VERY SMALL icon on Skype (NO TILE)
    From Outlook->SkyDrive I have access to Docs, Excel, PPT… – but there are no tiles for them.
    On Outlook.office365 (using the same email address) we have one Note
    On Messenger (same email address) I have “people” (but no Skype, Lynk…)

    On MSDN, Visual Studio (Same email address) I have access to other MS subscriptions

    On WindowsPhone.com (using same email address) I have access to my phone (contacts, features)

    On Azure (same email address) there are my Virtual Machines – As a second Screen Technology

    On Bing.com… On …on…on… same thing.

    When using all MS Products and and you are FORCED to switch from one site to another (basically same MS site) to access all those services you can feel A LOT of disappointment.
    I use one browser to store all those cookies and passwords and just fly from one service to another… and each and every time I feel “one pain”….

    MS… integrate all there is great in MS in those outlook tiles. Make Second Screen technology (A Metro Starter in the cloud) asap.

    Outlook.com it’s one of the greatest things that MS ever build