Outlook.com Hits 25 Million Active Users, Introduces New Features


Today, Outlook.com team announced there are now over 25 million of you are active users using the new Outlook.com. In a study Microsoft conducted with Gmail users, 4 out of 5 of the Gmail users said they would switch to Outlook.com. Not resting on its laurels, Outlook.com team announced bunch of new features that will be coming over weeks.

  • One-click Archive: from the inbox, select messages and click the Archive button to move the selected messages to the Archive folder (or any other folder of your choice). It’s a fast and simple way to move messages out of your inbox to find later.
  • More and more keyboard shortcuts: Outlook.com has dozens of keyboard shortcuts and we’re adding even more. And better yet, we don’t need to list them all in this post because you can now find all available keyboard shortcuts by simply typing a question mark when you’re in your inbox.
  • More customization of your inbox: we added several new ways to make your inbox look and work the way you want.
  •  You now have the ability to toggle between “Reply” and “Reply All” as the default option.
  • Outlook app for Android: Many of us use Outlook.com as much on our phones as we do on a PC. For devices like Windows Phone and iPhone that support Exchange ActiveSync, you have built-in support for Outlook.com – no download necessary. Android devices aren’t consistent in their native support for Exchange ActiveSync, so starting today you can install an Outlook.com for Android on your mobile phone. The new app is free and works on all Android 2.x devices and higher.

You can read more about it in the source link below.

Source: Outlook blog

  • http://twitter.com/outlaw_d Big D

    Nice. A good step forward. I love outlook.com!

  • Oliver Mills

    Will any of these features be transferred to the similar-looking Mail client on Windows 8? I hope so!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rico-Alexander/1238539776 Rico Alexander

      Exactly! Why isn’t this much effort being placed on the native platform.

  • techblogger

    Its a beautiful app. I only keep gmail around for the less important and less personal webmail. Oh and google reader. Soon a Microsoft begins to aggregate a reader, I won’t need gmail for anything but spam.

  • NGM123

    Always hated hotmail/live, a necessary evil to have an alternate email account where 90% of the junk mail was sent.
    Gotta say tho, after using the new Outlook for a month, with calendar, skydrive etc, i am now very impressed. Sydrive when installed and integrated into your PC is the bomb, it links with Outlook, outlook calendar then syncs with your phone, you get MS Word and PowerPoint, 7GB of online storage, everything works together beautifully and it’s all FREE !