Over 20% Of Steam Gamers Are Now From Windows 8

Steam Win8

There are various ways in which one could measure the reach of a new OS in the market. Usage share is important one among them and Steam gaming service usage numbers will give us a glimpse of market trend. According to the December month stats from Steam, Windows 8/Windows 8.1 saw a growth to capture about 20% of the usage share among Steam gamers. Windows 7 remained the most popular OS with an usage share of 64.38%.

According to the the latest market share data from Net Applications, at the end of  December 2013, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 gained 0.85% points. It now holds 10.15%, up from 9.30% in November. Thanks to new PCs and the free update for Windows 8 PCs, Windows 8.1 market share increased by 0.86% from 2.64% to 3.50%.


Source: Steam via: Neowin

  • Asgard

    Looking these numbers it is so funny that Valve hates Windows 8 so much and endorses Linux which just breaks 1% share :)

    • deathdealer351

      He hates it because if MS can get one stop shop working.. Xbox games playing on PC and then combo it with deep discounts that steam does then they will put a ton of pressure on steam.

      • Asgard

        MS has given absolutely no sign of starting to compete with Steam and they are soooo far from it. Imagine all the things Steam offers: modding functionality, DLCs, the way updates work, the community, Friends, …
        MS did try to compete earlier with Games for Windows Live and it was a joke. The things you mentioned are very much things they should have done long ago but for some reason they are not.
        Valve could very well just embrase W8 and even if MS sometime decide to release something there, Valve would have a long head start. At least that is clearly what their users would benefit from. Now everybody just gets a feeling Steam sucks on W8 which is bad for them if MS ever starts to compete. We will see…

        • Nham Thien Duong

          Though the Games for Windows – LIVE service is being succeeded by the full Xbox LIVE integration in Windows 8.X, it is still possible for Xbox LIVE to compete with Steam, note that Xbox LIVE already has a community, fora (the multiple of forum), automomatic updates, friends, a community and excluding modding, Xbox LIVE already has all those functions and the functionality will gradually increase as Windows P.C.’s, Windows Phones and Xbox’es (both 360 & One) are slowly fusing, you already have a messaging network (not just Windows Live Messenger & Skype, but a seperate Xbox LIVE network, which is already integrated in Windows P.C.’s and Windows Phones).

          Because how Steam keeps dissing Windows 8.X and saying how it’s ”the worst thing to have ever happen to games” and to echo that message (still today) in every gaming community possible, you could still go to a web-site and hear over and over again how ”Windows 8 sucks for games”, at-present the Windows Store doesn’t offer much for games, but the first ”console level” games so Valve is correct to fear Microsoft, though the false words they’ve been spreading is a low move, I personally hope that Valve will go bankrupt because of its anti-Microsoft speech, Xbox LIVE has the potential of beating Steam (especially with Xbox LIVE Gamer-points and other already built-in functionality), and anyone who knows the Xbox Community knows that they’re a strong (though tested since t”he One debacle”, which made the Xbox One the most hated thing on the internet,e vesince), but it still has an advantage over Steam, and as for Microsoft not being able to compete, a couple of updates can beat that, I personally really hope to see Valve fail, they are one of the reasons people are afraid of Windows 8.X so I won’t ever respect them.

          • Bugbog

            I partially agree. Fair enough if you wish to protect your marketshare; but not through sabotage, economic or otherwise.

            I get it, you wish to secure your user base. But having us all chuck everything away and switch to Linux? F.O.!!

          • Ben A

            POWERFUL BRAND XBOX LIVE, YES THAT CAN CRUSH valve and put it out of steam lol

        • Emi the Strange

          if developers want to, they would créate great games for Windows 8 with great “modding functionality, DLCs, the way updates work, the community, Friends,” like you said.
          look at Project Spark, now tell me how PS game which is a WinRT game only available through store, isnt a good start for what you are saying?
          of course it depends on developers, and some studios thinking about Win8 store and stop thinking about desktop games only. of course WinRT is new, and all that, but it can give developers the power they want. like I said Project Spark is the best game in W8 today, and it has so many things that some people thought it wasnt possible in W8 store because no developer has tried to do it.
          so again, everything is up to developers and if people keep using Win8, more and more developers will not mind giving Win8 store games instead of desktop ones.

        • Tirinti

          There is to few W8 users to distribute serious games through Windows Store.
          But 5 years from now more then half of the gamers should have W8 or W9 and then it will start. And then they will be able to create Windows10 as RT version only and it will be end of applications from outside the Windows Store.

          • NGM123

            Yeah, I used to wonder why MS persisted with the gimped RT, then realised its all about forcing people back through the Store like apple and Google do

          • Ben A

            retard, do you want malware and buggy crap on your mobile tablet, that’s what mobile for secure and locked from assholes and hackers, that’s the nature of a secure mobile platform windows rt/phone. so your point is invalid. MS, is not locking nothing.

          • NGM123

            FK U. I’m a fan, I own 4 RT Surfaces douche.
            Categorically the main reason RT exists tho is all about money/ the store. Without RT they have no store, there’s no need for it on pro so wake up to yourself idiot.
            No RT means no ongoing fund stream like Apple and Google have, but you keep telling yourself it’s all about malware, fool.

          • Ben A

            wake up idiot. WINDOWS STORE, operates x86/ARM, not just arm fool. RT is a ARM OS is got nothing to do with valve. so do your research, malware in android that’s the truth, enjoy that, quality over quantity. Its funny you said you own 4 rt services oh Im a fan, then you sit here talking shit about it, if you don’t like it dump it, no one is forcing you to use it. See the one who is a douche is you. bitch please

          • NGM123

            I know that fool, but with x86 you don’t need the store, U can download what U want from where U want. Android, fk android, I am a full MS supporter, where the fk did that come from?!
            What a dumb shit.

            Sent from my RT Surface

          • Ben A

            DUMB SHIT IS YOU. Yes you don’t need a store. Android is shit fuck android, good your a full MS supporter. SO keep supporting it. Android is irrelevant to this article.

          • Ben A

            says the douche, THE reason RT exsits because of ARM, wake up idiot, they have a store, 150,000+ apps right now and Store also oprates both x86/ARM devices, its got nothing to do with funding, developers getting paid more than pirated android apps, and btw most android apps have malware, its the truth, “oh you own 4 surfaces and your a fan” but you are trashing the RT, wow, what a douche fool.

          • NGM123

            LOL, what a clown, fk off now princess and go play on the road. Knob jockey.

          • Ben A

            wow, pathetic comment. the clown is you

          • NGM123

            Your the one that bought up the pox android? I always support MS, doesn’t alter the fact RT is all about the store, so fkn what!?
            What a moron.

          • Ben A

            no no no, you brought up Google and APPLE, not me, yes the fact is RT is a secure version of windows that’s it, get over it, don’t call me some silly names, its the truth.

          • NGM123

            No argument about it’s security, but it’s still a gimped version of windows, thus allowing them to steer everyone back to the store, that is its main purpose, not security, thats a convenient and good, by product.
            Now go away

          • Ben A

            yes argument is about security, its no gimped version of windows, its just a tablet OS, every mobile tablet has a store, without that, how the average user, can get apps easily, by going to a website?, some sites cant be trusted to get applications, its main purpose is that. so my argument is done. I’m not picking fits with you. I’m saying how it is. Your not forced to by apps, you can avoid it, or jailbreak to run classic apps or dump RT for a pro os, that can run desktop programs. YOU HAVE A CHOICE!!!! This is no Apple/Google

        • deathdealer351

          I have win 8.1 on my custom rig and it runs fine every game I have granted its only like 50 or so but everyone I have played is fine. I have old games like stronghold all the way to the new tom raider game all no problems. pretty much if it played on 7 it plays on 8.
          you are right MS should have started in 2010 when they launched winphone 7
          looks like they are trying now and the way MS moves it will be 2018 by the time they get it done. where streaming games to phone and pcs would probably save their platform they should have a massive fire under their arses.
          Valve should be more concerned with google they may get there next year android console/phone/pcs and top tier games at uber low cost would hurt steam. Although I think gabe would sell to google before he sells to ms

  • LPHeadstrong

    I really hope this will lead to a W8/WP8 Steam app being released. It’s genuinely the only reason I can’t rule out an android device.