Panasonic Reveals Windows 8 Based 20-inch 4K Tablet With Stylus Support

Panasonic today surprised everyone at CES at their press event by revealing their new 20-inch Windows 8 devices. Their new Windows 8 device will support stylus as well. All changes made on screen with the stylus (or by hand) can be implemented directly over the cloud. The main highlight about this 20-inch tablet is the 4K resolution. Yes, 4K resolution on a tablet, not on a TV.

Source: CNET

  • FremyCompany

    I want this as a secondary screen for my desktop, not as a tablet/all-in-one however..

  • Psyllo

    lol it’s so nig they need 2people to work on it

    • Sunovavic

      lol you used the “n” word appropriately.

    • Eli

      God bless typos 😀

  • Pisneck

    Any prices? Cos i’d like to get one for my birthday!

  • ale91g

    source link doesn’t work

  • Frostie

    Good to see panasonic back on the scene.

  • mrdeezus

    think about the cargo shorts youll have to wear for this….lol

  • kalval

    Now make it a 24″ monitor and I’d pay whatever they’re asking for that tablet

  • Windows 8

    OMG !! Ohh My God !!! This is a dream to have, I put this on the top list of any gadget or tech product that I wish for..
    Wish I had some money to buy this.