Pasadena Independent School District In Texas Deploys 12,900 Dell Venue 11 Pro Windows 8.1 Tablets For Students And Staff

Microsoft made an announcement on Sunday at the International Society for Technology in Education conference in Atlanta that Pasadena Independent School District (ISD) in Texas has chosen Microsoft’s technology for their students to help transform the student learning experience in the classroom. This is not the decision they took in few months, they have chosen Microsoft after a two-year pilot at schools around the district. After carefully evaluating its device options, Pasadena ISD decided to go with Microsoft because of the inking capabilities in Windows 8.1, combined with the power of OneNote, gave students and teachers the most engaging experience possible. As part of this program, Pasadena ISD will give students and teachers 12,900 Dell Venue 11 Pro Tablets with Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office 365 with OneNote.

“There is a massive transition to digital happening across the country and around the world in education, and schools looking to prepare their students for the world beyond the classroom are empowering their students and teachers by providing devices, services, training and other elements needed for improved student outcomes,” said Margo Day, vice president of U.S. education at Microsoft. “At Microsoft, we are proud to be a partner with so many great schools that are leading the way forward for education and in preparing our youth for tomorrow’s workforce.”

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Source: Microsoft

  • Jorge M

    Hell yeah.. More good news

    • dolco

      I think, for students and teachers too.

  • sri_tech

    This is a big WIN.
    Microsoft should concentrate on such deals. They have a great chance of ruling business and education sectors.

    MS should release Surface mini, Surface 3 (next gen RT tablets) this fall to lure consumers as well.

    • koenshaku

      RT doesn’t have e-ink which kind of makes it a gimped (fewer apps) iPad at this point seeing that you can get office 365 on iPad and android now.

      • sri_tech

        Mini was rumored to support to pen and I believe it has RT.
        I agree that all surface devices should support pen input.

    • Drewidian

      Its the OEMs that are pushing for school adoption. The school I work for has been getting ready for a refresh and are currently evaluating Dell, Lenovo, and HP devices. I’m a sysadmin and have been evaluating each and find that I like the Dell Venue Pro 11 the best. The HP has a 13″ screen, but I prefer the Dell’s build quality. I’m not the decider, so we shall have to see what we end up with, but Pasadena will be happy with their choice. None of them are really powerful enough to replace my Desktop since I drive 3 monitors, but I may live with 2 24″ ones with the Dell. I’m going to keep the Dell either way. 😀