Patch Tuesday pushes out 7 updates to the Surface, including a performance update


Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of the month, and the time when Microsoft pushes out software updates for their products.

On this occasion this includes includes Microsoft’s first ARM computer, the Surface, and the update  is  a “Cumulative Update for performance/compatibility” and another is a firmware update which hopefully addresses the same issue.

To check for an update:

1. Go to the charms menu and select Settings

2.  Select Change PC settings

3. Scroll to the bottom and select Windows Update.

4. Check for Updates and install.

We noticed definite performance improvements, including in multi-tasking, text input, quicker loading times and improvements in IE, including in tab switching and closing.

Have our readers noticed any other changes or improvements? Let us know below.

Thanks Tishawn for the tip.


  • GG002

    Thumbs up if you immediately grabbed your Surface to check for update x)

  • Big D


  • Bugbog

    Does this fix the muting sound issue? Cause I can do without getting my Surface replaced.

    • GG002

      Not sure about that one, since I haven’t had that problem, but another annoyance I think they have fixed is that music played off SD card no longer stops playing after Surface goes into sleep/screen goes off. At least initial testing hasn’t given me this problem.

  • Eric Hon

    didn’t notice anything major in the update…performance feels the same. What is the firmware for?

    • surur

      Apparently apps open faster.

      • GG002

        And less sound stuttering while Surface sleeps. At least buggy music playback while Sleep isn’t a problem for me anymore (knock on wood).

  • RJD

    Absolutely notice performance improvements across the board…loading apps, screen accuracy, word accuracy, IE improved to boot.

  • Techtony

    Not only the Surface was updated, The Asus Vivo Tab RT was also Updated. New Firmware Message and a total of 8 Updates