Paul Thurrott: OEMs disappointed Microsoft with poor delivery of Windows 8 PCs


Paul Thurrott, who has previously posted that  Windows 8 Sales were Well Below Microsoft’s Projections, and that Microsoft blamed the OEMs, have today expanded on this.

He noted “the one thing that is consistent is that the company does in fact blames PC makers internally.

He continues, saying “while PC makers had announced a wide range of launch PCs and devices, many weren’t even delivered to retail in time for the Windows 8 launch” and that  “PC makers did not manufacture PCs and devices in the quantities needed to support the Windows 8 launch.”

We find the explanation pretty believable, having ourselves found the most attractive Windows 8 hybrid models not available in stores. Thurrott notes that this may be recoverable, with OEMs still expected to deliver new Windows 8 PCs in volume before year’s end.

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  • surilamin

    Ironically the OEMs are going to be responsible for their own demise. This is going to force Microsoft to push their own hardware (i.e. Surface) even harder.

    • inyourbase

      Exactly. After years of putting up with sub-standard OEM rubbish, and the negative effects of the race to the bottom, this is actually good news for us consumers. Microsoft know how to make great hardware, and this just validates their decision to get involved in the hardware game.

    • JimmyFal

      How ironic will it be that when MS saw that software was the way to go in the beginning and shoved IBM out of the way, that they then move in to commanding a lead in hardware. The MS tortoise rides again and this tortoise knows what it’s like to climb long and slow all the way up to the top.

  • sanshiro

    Y’all know what this means, right?

    Yep, Microsoft Desktops, Microsoft laptops, convertibles, etc. Surface Pro, Surface Desk, Surface Surface…

    • guesttt999

      Love Surface! And yes that would be awesome except that Microsoft needs more distribution channels and outlets than just their stores. So they need to either rapidly expand Microsoft stores across the world or get some big partnerships going!

      • Chris Koekenberg

        Agree and just release the Pro i’m not waiting for RT.

    • TrickyD

      Stick an Atom in the current Surface chassis and gives us full Win8 – I would buy that in an instant

      • Ocelotty1

        Stick a Haswell in the current Surface chassis – FTFY :)

      • bruinsensei

        I don’t believe that Clovertrail was ready during integration which would have been critical during the design of the Surface chassis, given all the trade offs they’ve publicly made, which is why you only see a Nvidia Tegra T30L & a Core i5 3317U. Maybe in the next release which reportedly features 22nm fab & Ivy Bridge graphics on SoC architecture, roughly around the same time as Haswell. As it stands, the ARM implementation is really excellent & at least hints at the future of low wattage solutions.

        • Bugbog

          That’s what has always caused issues with Windows; waiting for Intel to deliver. Why is it only now that Microsoft has gone full tilt with an ARM compiled version of Windows has Intel ‘suddenly’ come up with its Clover Trail and “upcoming” Haswell chips

          Intel: forever “something better shortly!”
          ARM: quiet and consistent product release

  • blackhawk556

    may be one reason why OEMs didn’t deliver high number of devices was because they wanted to see how well W8 devices were going to sell. Did anyone ever consider that? Imagine making 100k models of a device and only selling 75k. Now what do they do with the remaining 25k? From everything that we’ve heard, even with the low number of devices being sold, sales are not that high. Can MS really blame OEMs?

    • Kareem Hysanii Anderson

      I don’t believe it is an issue of manufacturing a low number of devices as much as it is a low number of available devices from separate OEM’s on shelves that were built for Windows 8. Some of the issues maybe that Windows 8 has been upgraded on existing hardware and sold as is. There are few touch enabled devices being released/marketed.
      So when an OEM says we’re having slow sales of Windows 8 devices, what they should be saying is that our older Windows 7 devices aren’t selling well with Windows 8 on them. Whether that is a testament to Windows 8 is up for debate, but unless devices specifically designed for Windows 8 fully replace Windows 7 devices in stores, its going to be hard to judge who is at fault.
      At least that’s my opinion.

    • Ef Jay

      Of course there will be fewer devices sold, the most anticipated category, hybrid devices are the hardest to cone by and almost all have ridiculously high prices. If you have no stock to sell in the first place its no wonder sales have been lower than expected.

    • NGM123

      Pretty lame assumption IMO, windows has been delivering them dividends for decades, why wait and see now, I don’t buy that.
      No, it’s just poor support from the OEMs who want to do things at their own pace. this has the potential to bite them hard if MS now decides to fully enter hardware production as a competitor as a result of this..

    • Chris Koekenberg

      Hahaha and if everyone waits nothing get’s sold. So yes they can cause if i look at myself i’m someone that wants to buy a Samsung Smart PC Pro but there is just nothing there and i’m sure i am not the only one.

  • Eric

    It’s impossible to overstate the incompetency of PC makers. I’ve been using PC’s my whole life, and ever since the end of the “Dell era” in the early 2000’s, PC makers have been digging their own graves by:

    (1) Demonstrating a complete inability to market their wares (compare the website in which Apple sells in Macbook Pro to that in which HP sells their PCs. It’s like night and day – the HP site has 50 different models, each which slight variation, and tells no competent story as to why you’d want to own one. Apple sells two and basically sells you a lifestyle.

    (2) Copying Apple in the worst way possible, which is to say, making copies that bring nothing new to the table but work WORSE than the original. Exhibit A: the dreaded buttonless touchpad. I hate it, but on a Macbook, performance is at least passable (you can even keep one finger on the touchpad while moving the mouse). Every other PC maker that has this POS design (Sony, e.g.) creates an unbelievably useless mess that manages to mess up the most basic form of interacting with a computer.

    (3) Bizarre lack of communication with consumers. After Windows 8 came out, I thought the Ativ Smart PC Pro by Samsung was a godsend – a full-power x86 laptop in a tablet form factor not much heavier than the iPad. For about 4 or 5 days, I ended every errand by stopping at my local Staples/Best Buy/Office Depot to look for it. But it was nowhere to be found. It was “sold out” on Amazon from day 1, and it was unclear whether it had even been released. It’s probably available right now somewhere, but I wouldn’t know – I lost interest and put off buying a new tablet for another year or so.



    • Bugbog

      Just as well I never even considered any tablet other than the Surface, otherwise I’d be ranting just like you! :)

      But seriously, despite the fact that the MS Surface had a limited release, you kinda knew where you stood. Not in the US? order online (and adjust your currency accordingly!)

      I haven’t been looking for any of these other devices, but even so from the info that is percolating towards me, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of any organised release or availability data.

    • dabears88

      you, sir, have the comment of the last decade!!

      • Eric

        Thank you good sir :)

    • TrickyD

      I agree with your comments. Except for the “selling you a lifestyle”. How many times do we have to hear crap like “Apple is a life style choice”. Bollocks! It’s nothing of the sort. If you believe that you really have bought into their reality distortion field. It makes no difference to your “life-style” whether you buy one companies products over another.

      • arrow2010

        Apple gear is great as long as you stay in their bubble. As soon as you buy your first non-iTunes album you’re in trouble.

        • NarcoSleepy

          Word on the street is that Apple has “ways” to keep that from happening, if you know what’s good for you…

    • biobots

      >>>(compare the website in which Apple sells in Macbook Pro to that in which HP sells their PCs. It’s like night and day – the HP site has 50 different models, each which slight variation, and tells no competent story as to why you’d want to own one. Apple sells two and basically sells you a lifestyle<<<
      That is just BS, Apple's website has lots of models, 5 just across the top of the screen, and that breaks into many more.
      So lets just call the " apple sells two " thing complete Bullshit you made up to help your point.

      You should stick to being honest , it makes a point better.

  • Benjamin Benzema Erefagha Ayer

    I have been looking for the ativ smart pc pro in the uk… but Samsung is so stupid to make it available… it is available on misco but those crooks are selling it for 1300 pounds

  • Tirinti

    Apple has retina and PC OEMs are still labeling WXGA as HD display. IT was HD when Xbox 360 was next gen console.

    OEMs were responsible for Vista disaster because they had been selling PCs with single core CPU and 512MB RAM with Vista. Now they are selling old Windows 7 PCs with Windows 8.

    I want to buy hybrid ultrabook with core i7 or i5 ULV, 8GB RAM and 1080p 11″-12″ matte multitouch screen with at least 2 USB3, HDMI, display port or even thunderbolt.
    There is Dell XPS duo, but without Ethernet and with glare screen and with strange rotating screen and it’s quite expensive. Soon there will be Samsung Smart PC Pro, but in Europe with Pentium instead of i5 and with soldered 4GB but at least it will be cheap.
    Well I upgraded my old Acer 1825PT to Windows 8 and I plan to wait until ultrabooks with Haswell CPU.
    The same thing is with WP8. There is heavy Lumia 920 without microSD, there is 8X with poor battery and without microSD, and Ativ S is delayed. I I could, I would buy Ativ S today.

  • scribbins

    Thinkpad Tablet 2 is a perfect example…Lenovo claimed it would launch with Windows 8, a month to the day and “Coming Soon” still on the website. Ugh.

    • Johan Nilsson

      We have ordered a few TT2 at work and the retailer says we will have it before xmas.

      • scribbins

        Good to know. Can’t wait for One Note + Ink at work.

  • Avatar Roku

    I haven’t been able to get the PCs I want and the ones I’ve been able to preorder are shipping in late December.

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    What the OEMs NEED to do is make fewer devices and more options.

    I say? Fold Ultrabooks, convertibles, i3/i5/i7 powered tablets into one device. One device that is a tablet/laptop hybrid. Dell can focus on the XPS 12 form factor, Lenovo can focus on the Yoga form factor, Asus on the Transformer, etc….

    Say… Offer 11 and 13 versions. From i3 to i7. 4GB (I don’t know about 2GB), to 8GB. 64GB to 512GB. 720p to 1440p displays, etc…

    That will allow the devices go for $700 to $800 to $2000+, depending on configuration. Those who don’t need much, pick up the i3, 2GB memory, 64GB storage, 720p display for $700 (maybe $600). Those who need i7, 8GB memory, 512GB SSD, 1440p can pick up their $2200 machine.

    Also fold business, consumer and enterprise into one device and just have those “business features” as optional ads on or standard options.

    If they make android and Windows tablets, fold those devices together so the only difference is the OS running on them, etc…

    If they do that, they can focus on making them far better and getting a lot more out. Also price of making them will drop significantly.

    My complaint right now is that Company A may have the display, but not the CPU. Company B has the CPU, but not the storage. Company C has the storage, but not the display, etc…

    And if those companies could OFFER all of those options, it will be killer sales!

    • peterfares

      2GB RAM? It’s a crime to limit computers to 4GB but you want to put a measly 2GB RAM in?

  • the person

    Microsoft just needs to get the Surface Pro out ASAP and continue building the WIndows 8 store. Only Lenovo and Asus make good PCs anymore…Dell and HP need to choke on the bile they are pushing as “PCs”

  • freeiam

    This is the end of Microsoft

    • Kamran Rastegar

      you dont ACTUALLy believe that. if you do you are an idiot.

  • jimm69

    Microsoft themselves are guilty of this as well. The Surface Pro should have been released at the same time. I will not waste my money on a RT machine. Period.

    • Kamran Rastegar

      cool. enjoy your 5 hour battery life and slowly degrading performance (dont forget to keep your startup items clear and stop services from all those x86 apps you are going to install). When your tablet runs like shit and is full of malware in 6 months have fun with that. i want a tablet to run like a tablet; If i need to use a PC ill do it on my PC when im at home/the office. My surface rt rocks.

      • Mar

        The malware and running slow problem is solved with windows 8… Get back to the present man. Ive been running win 8 for a year on an ssd and its fast and stable as it is on the day of a fresh install. Stability is nothing like W7, it came a long way with Win8.

      • Mar

        The malware and running slow problem is solved with windows 8… Get back to the present man. Ive been running win 8 for a year on an ssd and its fast and stable as it is on the day of a fresh install. Stability is nothing like W7, it came a long way with Win8.

        • Ak fred

          You just said that you have been using windows 8 for a year now. please tell me when did microsoft release windows 8? or are you working for microsoft

          • TrueStory

            Ever heard of OS previews?

  • tomakali

    2015. Year of Microsoft

  • mrdeezus

    This is exactly why I don’t get a new laptop to compliment my surface and Windows 8 phone. Its sad really, where is my 13.3″ 1080p laptop wih removable tablet screen. Or just a 1080p tablet. So lame.

  • oldjovian

    I don’t rag on Microsoft very often, but if the OEMs didn’t get the Windows 8 products out there, Microsoft needs to take a large portion of the blame. It’s got to be worth the OEM’s investment in time and money to get things done on time. If it wasn’t worth the time and money to get the products out there, then Microsoft should have made Windows 8 worth the time and investment for the OEM’s . . .

  • biobots

    Paul , is simply back tracking after his bout of anti Microsoft rants.
    Now he is crying foul, claiming he was misquoted, and claiming people used his story unfairly.
    I for one am sick of his cheap click baiting.
    There was no foul, Paul printed that windows 8 was doing poorly, and now looks like an ass after MSFT has released some numbers.
    Paul also acted like an ass on windows weekly and was down right nasty about Steve’s departure.
    I strongly doubt MS insiders will be letting Paul inside the way he has been acting lately, and why would they? MSFT is a for profit company and nothing else.

  • Nitesh Maharaj

    Microsoft just needs to be a hardware and software company. The Surface is just the beginning. Let’s hope we see a lot more hardware coming out of Redmond.