Penny Arcade Co-founder Stars in Surface Commercial (Video)

Penny Arcade is a webcomic focused on video games and video game culture, written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik.  Krahulik is popularly known on the web as “Jonathan Gabriel” or “Gabe.” Krahulik has been using the Surface Pro since near its launch. It has been especially useful to him as an artist because of the Surface’s active stylus support.

The Penny Arcade team is located in Seattle, quite near Microsoft’s own headquarters. Microsoft teamed up with Krahulik to create a Surface commercial:

Source: Surface blog via Penny Arcade

  • Emi the Strange

    this is an ad, so it’s obvious the comments will be nice and a dream and all that, but I can’t say they are lying at all, Surface Pro is an awesome device, and it might have some issues sometimes, but what it brings to the artists table, its more than what alot of people could imagine!
    it’s cool you can game but also make an awesome artistic job and take it anywhere you want.

    Rob Powers from Lightwave3D group uses Surface Pro 1 (dont know if he upgraded) but he takes it everywhere, he made a video tutorial on it, he went to spain and was showing people his work on it… wish Microsoft would make an ad with him, he has shown more times Surface and talked about it in conferences than any other artist I know.
    he always mentions how he is using a nice “tablet” to do all the things he is showing, so while SP is powerful enough, still Lightwave doesn’t require too much resources to play nice with it (you know it doesnt have he greatest gpu)

    I liked this ad and hope more people can take a look at SP and get it! it might seem expensive but compared with other ultrabooks, it’s a really nice device and really pretty.

  • kain0m

    Nice ad. Probably more suited to the actual idea of “Surface” than those dancers clicking in keyboards to some crazy music.