Penny Arcade’s Gabriel: Xbox One Is Just Way Beyond What The PS4 Is Doing Right Now


Penny Arcade’s Gabriel was quite vocal about his opinion that he prefer Sony’s PS4 in this current generation gaming consoles. However, he had a change of mind after looking into the latest developments regarding Xbox One. He tried out the Twitch app integration in Xbox One and came away impressed. He compared his Twitch experience to the one with Sony’s PS4. He preferred Xbox One’s Twitch integration UI, video quality options and other neat little stuff. Read his full experience from the source link below.

I’ve been pretty vocal about preferring the PS4 so far this generation. I have to say the Twitch app is a point where I can say the Xbox One is just way beyond what the PS4 is doing right now. Combine that with Tianfall and I think you’ll have a hard time getting me off my Xbox for a while.

Source: Penny Arcade

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  • troyrig

    Almost all the gaming “experts” are oblivious to what the Xbox is meant to be and will become. I understand their reasons for making recommendations on present capabilities, but it helps to look ahead a little. Sony is content to focus on specs and performance only and it won’t take long before PS4 looks like a Honda next to a BMW.

    • kevin

      That last line was awesome , well stated

    • Don’t fear the future

      I agree.

      The Xbox One runs 3 different operating systems: A gaming OS, a version of Windows RT and another OS that ties the other 2 together. I believe that’s why this so called Twitch app has advantages on the Xbox One that the PS4’s version cannot match. For the Xbox One, not only do developers have the proper tools to make a great game building for the gaming OS, they also have proper tools to make proper companion apps like Twitch using the Windows RT OS. Due to this, I think as time goes on the quality and capabilities of the Xbox One will out shine the PS4.

      But anything can happen. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • troyrig

        Sony’s niche is building great hardware, and Microsoft’s of course is software. Sony has a slight edge on the hardware specs, which is appealing to the hardcore gamers,
        but at the end of the day the huge software talent gap will, I think, make the Xbox look like the premium device.

        • Don’t fear the future

          I agree. Gaming consoles tend to be like marathons. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

          The hardware is done; it’s etched in stone already. But the software can and will improve on both consoles. I, like you, agree that Microsoft’s software backbone has many advantages over Sony in the software department.

          I don’t want to sound like I’m hating on the PS4. I’m sure it’s a really great machine. But from here on out, it’s all about the software and one has to think that Microsoft has that advantage over Sony.

        • Bugbog

          All we need now (which I’d do if my skills were up to it), is a Gif of a Titan ‘falling’ onto PS4 and smashing it to bits!

          Titanfall indeed 😀

    • tegz

      the xbone is not a bmw lol

  • BW

    This is a very sensationalist type of headline. To imply XBONE, as a whole, is “…way beyond what the PS4 is doing right now” is a very misleading and purposefully manipulating the actual quote as well as the meaning of the quote. A person who has a PS4 bias said a VERY SPECIFIC APP and it’s integration to the system (i.e. Twitch) on the XBONE is better than the PS4. That’s it. Nothing more. I prefer the XBONE to PS4 as well so far, but get real and stop trying to create a story where there isn’t one. Misleading and sensationalist “journalism”.

    • alukard

      XB1 will do just fine.

    • Duk3togo

      Did you read the article that shows that Sony lied about native 1080p on killzone??

    • GG002

      Do remember that a great bunch of people buy devices/consoles for apps and available games.. Something like a better Twitch on XB1 can make or break the deal.. so I don’t see any exaggeration here. Or are you implying that something like WP has been flooded because of the severe previous lack of apps?

  • grs_dev

    I predict that the next PlayStation will run Xbox OS.

  • scotthumble

    Give them enough time and Sony may actually figure out what the, “cloud” is.

    • Blastiel

      Yeah I know right! I mean its not like Sony has streaming downloads that can be played before the content is finished, streamed from a disc that is only fractionally installed, launching PS Now that allows streaming classics from PS3, PS2 and PS1 enabling people to play those games not just on a PS console but from a TV, Laptop or other app capable device. Not to mention the classic use of cloud for storage and the launching soon “viewing / control” feature that allows people to take over your game if you wish.

      Your right Sony know nothing! lol

      • scotthumble

        Hosting services on the web doesn’t mean that they are using a cloud infrastructure. The president of Sony’s Entertainment group once said that they don’t understand Microsoft’s approach to cloud computing. While Sony has a rich history with developing hardware solutions, infrastructure is a completely different ball game. Being able to cluster resources for each individual console to enhance gaming performance and concurrently handle backend workloads for things like Titanfall is really powerful. I’m sure that Twitch benefits from much of the same.

        • Blastiel

          Sony are using a cloud based infrastructure, it has for some time and not just in its gaming division.

          • scotthumble

            Now, I feel kinda bad that you took the bait. A “cloud infrastructure” is any kind of workload optimized infrastructure that is tailored to a service. Given that, nearly any kind of infrastructure could be used to host cloud services. The difference between service providers is service accessibility, performance, scale, service types and platform. There is a world of difference between a SaaS model to that of an IaaS model. And products can cross over between different service models depending upon the requirements and the price structure. For example, a web mail service can be hosted through SaaS, PaaS, IaaS abd many others I’m sure. The difference between those who are market leaders in cloud services vs those who just use it in their marketing material is fairly substantial. It isn’t really fair to compare Sony to Microsoft in that regard. Being able to delegate workloads for endpoints like the Xbox One puts them into a completely different class. That doesn’t mean that Sony doesn’t have an equally impressive product but their design parameters were a world apart from that of the Microsoft Xbox design team. Time will tell whether one or the other pays off but Microsoft’s underlying infrastructure and back end is really powerful to say the least. I just find it to be interesting that the president of Sony’s entertainment division didn’t have someone on his team that could speak to what the competition was up to.

          • Blastiel

            Took the bait! lol I’ve worked in IT since 1998 and have spent the past 5 years deeply involved in the role out of cloud based servers / offerings for major clients all around the world. The XBONE cloud services are not capable of picking up the slack. Not directly there fault but that of the limited capabilities of home broadband/cable connections as well as a large portion of the audience still refusing to connect / stay connected to the internet. For now MS will just have to make do with match making and storage. I realise arguing the point on this site is pointless but hey someone has to fight the good fight. :)

            Perhaps if the XBOX ONE wasn’t juggling 3 OS’s eating up 1GB of memory each it would be able to compete with the PS4 / PC.

          • scotthumble

            You’re right. It is pointless to argue with points like that.

  • DelsinRowe

    LOL Yeah, nobody is going to buy this crap. Just like nobody is buying the Xboner.

    • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

      Lies, I bought the X1 and PS4, and just from launch titles exclusive to each console im having more fun on X1 than PS4

      • DelsinRowe

        Good for you. Unfortunately, the sales numbers tell a different story.

        • L3Nix

          Hold on…. wouldn’t the sales numbers show that people are in fact buying both consoles? And how does sales prove which console has the better games? It doesn’t! It just shows that people prefer one console over another. But you probably already know this and are just purposely trying to bash on the Xbox one. In fact, why are you reading any MS related stories if you have such a problem with them anyway?

          • DelsinRowe

            Xbone is on life support. Stop. lol

          • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

            “Xbone is on life support.” you are brain dead

          • Delsin Rowe

            You mad.

        • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

          Well makes no difference now about sales since there is little between them now

          • Delsin Rowe

            Wow, you should look up the definition of the word “little”.

  • Blastiel

    Twitch is “better” purely because MS gave Twitch a big bag of cash, to assume the PS4 isn’t “capable” is utterly stupid.

    • GG002

      Sony didn’t do the same for the PS4, ergo the PS4 is less capable.
      If you never teach your kids or let them know how to cook, read, bike, play nice with others, etc. they will have a hard time being capable.
      Sony chose to out Twitch immediately upon PS4 launch, with worse capabilities, are you mad at them for that?

      • Blastiel

        Not at all, I have what I have. What something is capable of and what you actually get due to money talking are two different things. I’m simply responding to the earlier comment that the PS4 is less capable because of the features Twitch has on XB1, feature that are not hardware dependant.

        I ain’t made bro cos I did own both, now I own just a PS4. (Check my gamertags if you want, Blastiel on both.)