People Line Up For Buying Microsoft Surface Pro

Surface Pro line1

Microsoft Surface Pro went on sale yesterday in the US and it was sold out in most of the stores within few hours of the launch. This is a special launch moment for the PC industry as people lined up before Microsoft Stores for buying Surface Pro which is PC. I don’t think in the recent past, any laptop or desktop launch lead to people lining up. The above image was taken at Seattle’s University Village Microsoft Store.

Are you planning to get a Microsoft Surface Pro?

Source: Geekwire

  • koenshaku

    Well that looks optimistic. That line I am sure is full of enthusiast though.

    • panagiώtis

      well at least it isnt full of sheeps like in icrap launch

      • Alex F.

        Surely enthusiasts are sheeps too?

        • Alex F.

          Sorry, I just woke up…

        • Bugbog

          Not really. Enthusiasts have a particular focus and, unlike fans, won’t just get ‘Anything’ because its branded!

    • Danny Steiger

      Umm… aren’t “enthusiasts” the ones who line up for anything anytime there’s a line up? I’m not sure what your point is here.

    • SagetB

      Lets not get too excited, lets remember the ZUNE HD sold out at launch too, and we all know well that hardware did for us.

  • Kristijan Sašilo

    I would have lined up, too, had Microsoft decided to open a store in Croatia… 😉

  • Fred Beiderbecke

    I guess it is easy to sell out when you don’t have much stock. I checked early Saturday morning on line and none were available in South Florida. Very disappointed in availability.

  • NegLewis

    Why so many yellow umbrellas?

    • TheManFromEarth

      Its Seattle, and they are getting into the submarine.
      (think beatles)

    • HIMYM

      Ted’s wife is there…

  • Raif Copeland

    Yeah, no lines at the various Best Buys and Staples I went searching for a Pro 128 at. That’s because there supplies of 2 or 3 (ooh!) were sold out by 10am in Fort Lauderdale. Come on! Bah Humbug! MS could have had so many more impulse, emotional purchases on launch day.

    • Manu

      Even worse in LA. Out of the 25 or so ‘local’ (30 mile radius) Best Buys, only 3 had received a 12GB, and quantities were 1-2 each. Couldn’t order online or at another Best Buy. By the time I got to a Best Buy that had it in stock (only 20 minutes after opening) it was gone already.

    • Bugbog

      I [would like to]think Panos was referring to the MS stores as being ‘sold out’ as opposed to any Best-Buy’s or Staples.

      • WixosTrix

        because they can make sure they’re trained properly and having a Surface section in those stores. Hell, MS has enough employees and evangelists to have one in very best buy in the US. The poor retail experience is ultimately MS fault.

    • ecb

      Agree with that. I went to 2 local Best Buys and they neither one received more than 3 Surface Pro’s. Same was true with the Microsoft Store near me. Either Microsoft is trying to create the impression of demand by keeping supply low on launch day or they completely screwed up the launch by not having enough supply, Regardless, the fact that it was impossible to get a Surface Pro when I know the demand was not that substantial left a bad taste in my mouth.


    Under one of those yellow umbrellas is Ted’s wife! He have met the mother of his kids in the line for buying the Surface Pro 😮

  • NGM123

    Wow, the grammar on this site is woeful at the best of times, but this article takes the cake.
    Just saying…..

  • Malikoy

    That is a tough place to find Ted Mosby’s wife XD