PHT Corporation To Deploy More Than 2,000 Dell Venue 11 Pros Running Windows 8.1 At Clinical Trial Sites

Microsoft yesterday announced another customer win in the enterprise for Windows 8.1 tablets. PHT Corporation, the leading provider of technologies used to collect patient-driven electronic data for clinical research, has selected Dell Venue 11 Pro tablets featuring Windows 8.1 to run its SitePad® System. PHT will deploy more than 2,000 Dell Venue 11 Pros that will be deployed at clinical trial sites around the globe.

PHT selected the Dell Venue 11 Pro with Windows 8.1 for the SitePad platform because the device provides a superior user experience. The Venue has a high-resolution touch screen that supports greater ease of use for both clinicians and patients. In addition to providing a superior user experience, the Dell Venue provides multiple modes of data communications including Wi-Fi, Ethernet and an embedded 4G card.

PHT chose the Windows 8.1 tablets because of the flexibility and security aspects of Microsoft technology and because the solution allows PHT to increase the quality of real-time site-based data capture for trial participants and clinicians. It also allows PHT to run custom software that helps decrease clinical trial costs for sponsors by reducing time spent downstream resolving missing and inconsistent data. The superior end-user experience helps provide additional convenience and comfort for end users, enabling rapid entry of electronic source clinical data.

Sheila Rocchio, vice president of Marketing & Product Management at PHT commented the following on choosing Dell Venue 11 Pro,

“The Dell Venue 11 Pro with Windows 8.1 is a modern and sleek device that both patients and clinicians enjoy using — the usability testing feedback has been excellent,” Rocchio said. “Sponsors are also very excited about the embedded 4G modem in the Dell Venue 11 Pro, which eliminates the need for an additional wireless hotspot, making setup much easier.”

More information is available on the Microsoft Customer Spotlight newsroom. Find Dell Venue 11 Pro from Amazon for $479 here.

  • NGM123

    Been such a long up hill battle, but is that a faint glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel I now see?

    • Don’t fear the future

      I see it too. This is at least the 3rd medical based business in 1 week that is going to use Windows 8 tablets. The first 2 in a week was a Children’s hospital based in Seattle and the other is a university hospital in Pittsburg.

      Looks like healthcare professionals want tablets, but also want to be able to dock it and use their native Windows software too. With the 2 hospitals mentioned, those facilities started off with iPads but now switched to the Surface Pro 3, which isn’t even out yet.

      This could spread like wild fire in the medical field since employees and the hospitals themselves do not like to beaten technologically by competing hospitals.

      I should know, I work in a hospital in the Cleveland Area. We have University
      Hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic. Both are amongst the best hospitals in the world, not just the country. The competition is fierce.

      • Bugbog

        You left out Seattle-Mercy-West hospital, (or whatever the heck it’s called!) they use SP2’s there :) (The Gray’s Anatomy show to every one else that’s thinking what?!!)

        Maybe they’ll upgrade to SP3’s too?

        • Don’t fear the future

          Very true. How can I forget the most popular Hospital in the US?
          How silly of me. :)

    • Guest

      Sorry that light, I’ve seen it before with Zune and Surface RT, it’s not daylight but headlight of the freight train of failure coming down the tracks.

      • Don’t fear the future

        Well, the Zune’s capabilities competed with the iPods capabilities, the Surface RT’s capabilities competes with iOS and Android capabilities, and Windows 8’s capabilities competes with MacOS’s,, and Linux’s capabilities.

        Remember: these companies have already tried using iPad (mobile phone OS) like devices. They didn’t work and are moving to Windows 8 tablets instead so they can continue to use the same native software they have been using for decades on a tablet form factor device.

        So what’s the Freight Train for a Windows 8 tablet in a hospital / clinical setting; A Windows 9 tablet?

      • NGM123

        Lol, was waiting for it

        • Guest

          Welcome back, we have missed you! You seem happier! :)

  • xxcorpxx

    Shame they are not able to go Surface 3 – I have the Dell Venue 11 and it misses the mark by a lot compared to the Surface line and even the Nokia 2520 which I also have.
    Just gave the Venue 11 to a colleague to make room for the Surface 3 coming in on Friday.

    Windows 8.1 adoption however is great to see.

    • Guest

      So your the person who bought that Nokia 2530. We was wondering who it was.
      – Microsoft Marking Dept.

      • NGM123

        LOL mk2