Piper Jaffrays: Microsoft Stores getting half as much traffic as Apple stores, mainly lookers, not buyers

Apple booster Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray has performed a side by side comparison of Microsoft and Apple stores on Black Friday and posted some observations.

After 8 hours of observation he found Apple stores were seeing about 715 customers per hour, while Microsoft stores saw 47% less, at around 379 per hour for the two hours they observed them.

While this is still pretty respectable traffic, the problem appears to be that buyers at the Microsoft store were mainly buying Xbox games, while the Apple store sold about 11  iPads per hour, vs no Surfaces at all during the two hours they observed the store.

Of course not everything was going Apple’s way. While footfall has increased, buying has decreased – last year they sold 2.7 iPads per 100 visitors, this year 1.5 per each 100 visitors, a drop of around 43%, with less iPads being sold than last year (14.8 vs 6.7 iPads and 4.3 iPad Minis). For a company with expectations of high growth an actual reduction in sales, and the movement to a lower-margin product is extremely bad news

Of course it could be argued that for Microsoft the stores are all about being a good show room for their most excellent products, rather than a real retail location, but I suspect both stores would prefer gawkers pick up more products while there.

Read more at CNN here.

  • NegLewis

    MS has a problem: Windows 8.

    For the first time in the IT industry NOT because OS has some BUGs or because OS it’s Expensive or because has no features… but because the Hardware is too expensive or is just… not there.
    The Software is SOooo amazingly good !!! (my opinion) that the hardware part is simply UNACCEPTABLE!!! No Touch Enabled NoteBooks, Laptops, Convertible… cheaply to buy…
    SO!!! What’s to be done?

    Make it happen. Make the people SCREAM for TOUCH!!!… by releasing a free upgrade version of Windows 8… for 1 year… until 2014… some Home Edition ones…

    They went too far with the UI innovations, UI Best Practices, Design Features… Design Language that the OEM’s seems to be 10 years back…

    My mindset is changed for good, I can’t just buy a non touch Laptop or NoteBook… it’s a Heresy.

  • lnk

    bad news for both I would say…

  • GG002

    Every person going into the Microsoft store should count 3 times! The Apple worshippers can’t be taken seriously.

    • arrow2010

      Also it’s not serious to compare years of Apple stores to brand new Microsoft stores. People are used to shopping at Apple, they are still wondering what is in a Microsoft Store.

  • Mista Wet

    The funny thing is none of this line stuff changes the fact the Surface is the better device when compared to the iPad. Apps aside, it’s not even close. When they are talking craftsmanship, design and UI it’s not even close. Go ahead and gloat over crowds and lines Apple Heads. At the end of the day, the people in the know realize your current offerings are stale and the least bit innovative.

    • arrow2010

      Agreed, Windows RT is a superior OS to iOS for many reasons.

  • mog0

    Obvious question…did they have any Surfaces in stock or had they already sold out?

    • tkadrum

      Yes, I bought the 32gb,and its has a flaw. I took it back to xchange for another one. They were out of 32gb, and gave me a 64gb for the same price at no Xtra charge. Thanks to Gina at Bellevue Sq MS store.

  • Joe_HTH

    Sounds to me like Gene Munster, what a name, needs to get laid. He has way too much time on his hands. I’ll also say what I said before. Every retail outlet in existence, except for specialty stores, sell Microsoft’s products. Most do not sell Apple products. It’s a ridiculous comparison.

    • arrow2010

      Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Staples, Office Max, Walmart all sell Apple gear.

  • deathdealer351

    Surface pro depending on price has my vote.. I want the 128gb for $799 some say im a dreamer lol

    • Myclevername

      I ordered a very nice Samsung Smart PC/Tablet convertible from Amazon for $749 this weekend. Nice 11.5″ screen and it has the extra battery keyboard dock that should keep me running all day. Gorgeous screen, specs and weight. I also bought a nice 64gig micro sdxc card for $65. I think I’m going to be very happy. Plus I was able to sell my older Acer Iconia running Windows 8 for $250. ka-CHING

  • John

    I saw no less than 3 Surfaces sold while I was waiting in line to buy some stuff at the Microsoft Store on Black Friday.