PlayStation 4 Will Support Xbox One-Kinect Style Voice Recognition With PlayStation Camera

Sony has recently confirmed that their PlayStation 4 console will support Xbox-Kinect style voice recognition through their PlayStation Camera. Sony said that they will share more details on this shortly.  PS Camera is expected to support navigational voice commands to facial recognition similar to Kinect. We are yet to see all these in action from Sony.


While Microsoft has decided to bunde the new Kinect with the Xbox One for £429, Sony is going to sell the device separately for £55 to reduce the price of the £349 console.



Source: Eurogamers

  • nohone

    But what about the NSA???? Sony is going to record audio and video of me and send it to the NSA which they will use to create a clone robot of me and then kidnap me so they can torture me with waterboarding and get my secrets out of me and put the clone robot in my place so my friends and family will not know I am gone and then they will use that secret information to blackmail me into doing their bidding so they can put wires into my head that will be used to make me into a drone so they can control my entire life where I will be made to buy friends and family an EyeToy so they can be converted, too.
    Oh, wait, this is not Microsoft’s Xbox One. Sony is as pure as the wind driven snow, and they would never do what Microsoft is accused of doing. Besides, Sony is too busy playing Me Too to actually do the work to send your data to the NSA.

    • koenshaku

      It isn’t required nor does it come packed in moot point. Don’t hate on Sony for delivering clear launch messages and MS for keeping consumers in the dark then reversing all the crap they had planned. While talking about always online, always on and always kinnected. Which ultimately led to some consumers distrusting them including myself. Hopefully their new CEO will pay more attention to their departments and I know you want to call me a troll, but I have never purchased a Sony console though MS has now done a fine job of having me consider one.

      • nohone

        Actually, I was making fun of the Sony fanboys, where with every point that they try to mock the Xbox One, it is turned around and Sony does the same exact thing.
        And which clear launch messages has Sony had? The one where they mock Kinect, and then add the same features, although at an inferior quality? Or is it where they laughed at the cloud integration in Xbox One, only to a few weeks later announce that they signed an agreement with Rackspace to add support for cloud computing? How about for the past 8 years they said that you shouldn’t need to pay for online gaming, only to add a paywall? Of course, they said that Xbox One was not about games, it was mostly about TV, but then went on to talk about how people watch Netflix more than play games on PlayStation and all the great TV and media features they support, and how they have supported TV watching features for years? They laughed about how Xbox One doesn’t have backward compatibility, when they have a streaming backward compatibility service that requires an always on internet connection, which was after they told us that backcompat was not important, which was after they told us it was important. And then the 360 was bad because the HDD was optional, only to go on and sell PS3s without a HDD (making games that required a HDD not playable), but now it is good to have a required HDD for games, even if you can only install 10 games and then need to start deleting games to install more. But the Xbox One is bad because it supports installing to external HDDs.
        Sony has changed their mind over and over again with the PS4, just as they did with the PS3. But people like you just want to ignore that, and focus on the changes that Microsoft has made.

        • koenshaku

          I’m not here to defend Sony or their marketing practices. I was a Sega and Nintendo fan in their day then I switched to xbox after the Dreamcast. Yes Sony does a lot of double talk and they are very aggressive with marketing, which is one way they killed Sega. All I am saying is that MS shot themselves in the foot with awful timing surrounding the PRISM news and killed a lot of what should have been excitement over the xbox one. I took a lunch break from work to rush home and check out the knowing MS was about to trump Sony after delaying their presentation then I see halo TV and DRM. While it is good that they have gone back on much of that nonsense it still is what it is and never should have happened.

        • Bugbog

          P.S. (hah!) That Kinect wannabe is U.G.L.Y!

  • Yuan Taizong

    Before Windows 8 made me a Microsoft-Fanboy, I was a hardcore Sony PlayStation- and Nintendo-fan, and I must admit that I utterly hated the Xbox, but now I can still say that the PlayStation is winning in almost every way, but I want to Xbox One to win (at-least in those United States) to thrive app development for the ecosystem, otherwise this won’t go well.

    Microsoft’s top innovation in the Cloud-software for the Xbox One was Game D.V.R. something which Sony does better (Xbox One 5 minutes, P.S. 4 15 minutes), and if PlayTV was built into the PlayStation, it could actually be the One device your living room needs (aside from the telly), Microsoft must get its act back together soon.

    • arrow2010

      Microsoft could up the Game DVR duration just like that to 20 minutes if they choose to.

    • steveo99

      Sony went for a decision that will come back and bite them on the arse. They didn’t pack the damn eyetoy thing in, Xbox One now has that advantage of taking over the living room.

  • steveo99

    Too bad they didn’t pack it in in order to make the thing slightly cheaper. MS made the right decision,