PlayStation Move Catching up On Xbox Kinect??

Yesterday, Industrygamers did an exclusive post on how PlayStation Move is catching up on Kinect. I completely disagree with their analysis.

Kinect quickly reached 8 million sold in 60 days and then hit the 10 million mark, but that was back in March. Meanwhile, Sony’s Move has been selling at a slightly steadier clip and has recently reached the 9 million mark. As IndustryGamers’ Steve Peterson points out in his special on Kinect, “The Kinect’s weakness has been the sales pattern, where 8 million devices sold in 2 months, and then in the next 10 months only 2 million more devices were sold. This has led to some concerns.”

First comparing 8 month old Kinect stat with PlayStation Move’s latest stat is stupid. Also its important to know that Kinect is a single accessory when compared it to Sony’s Move which needs a sensor, and two controllers. So Sony have sold only 2-4 million PlayStation Move sensor/controller sets in the whole 1 year period. With about 70 game titles available for Kinect this holiday season and new improved dashboard that takes advantage of Kinect, Kinect will further increase its lead from PS Move.

Source: Industry Gamers

  • Ram Uppugunduri

    I totally agree and the analysis is totally flawed. Cue the double standards by Analysts. They always try to undermine Microsoft just by twisting the facts. They feel cool to bash Microsoft, but people are realizing and one day they feel cool to bash these mindless analysts and their drivel against Microsoft.

  • Anonymous

    This guy should be analyzing Wii and sony move and not Kinect.

  • WizzyF

    Missing the source link

  • Eingoluq


  • rsgx

    Sales = I don’t care.

    Who’s talking about the Move? I haven’t heard a single person mention it to me in real life – ever.

    The Kinect on the other hand, people go on about it all the time.

  • the person

    Move is stupid, just go to any Best Buy where it is on display/demo…no one plays it because it is embarrassing to hold what looks like a glowing dildo.

    • Mason Sell

      HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU FUNNY GOOD SIR…. not. Have you played the games? There are things called games on the move and it is developed for real gamers. Name 5 serious games for kinect that are already RELEASED! Also, how do you not look stupid playing kinect? Any motion controller makes you look like a complete retard… I felt embarrassed after playing Kinect at Fry’s

  • Kane Gao

    Peace guys, peace. This analysis actually *could* make sense. Let’s not forget PS Move and Kinect are totally different things in nature. A Kinect serves a FAMILY, while Move serves about one guy (or only half a guy if you are playing a game that needs dual-wielding). Say, if you’ve got 4 potential gamers in you family, you need no more than ONE single Kinect. But with Move, you’ll need to find FOUR to EIGHT of them to enable everyone to have fun together. It totally makes sense if Move catches up with Kinect on sales number, which does not necessarily mean increased influence in this case.

  • Anonymous

    LOL! The numbers Sony gave for the move were shipped numbers, not sold. So these idiots are completely off base. The fact that they think only 2 million Kinects were sold in the last 10 months speaks volumes about how clueless they are.