Possible Photos Of Upcoming Microsoft Surface Mini Accessory Listings Spotted On Amazon

Microsoft Surface Mini Images

We have heard many rumors about the upcoming Surface Mini tablet from Microsoft. One of the main thing was, it will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as opposed to Nvdia Tegra processor in Surface 2. Also, the device was rumored to have a 8-inch device. Another report claimed that the device will be marketed a “consumption-class” device that is also ideal for note taking.  As with the current Surface 2, the Surface Mini is expected to ship with Office.  The Surface Mini will also support an an active digitizer and theoretically could support a Wacom digitizer with the correct drivers.  It may be a pen/stylus similar to that found on the Surface Pro devices.

Today, couple of listing of accessories related to Surface Mini was spotted by TechCrunch.

Regarding timing of the release, Microsoft is expected to announce the device during Computex event in June.

Microsoft Surface Mini Images 1 Microsoft Surface Mini Images 2 Microsoft Surface Mini Images 3

  • John

    That looks more like a dell venue 8 pro that a surface.

    • Wieland

      This is not supposed to be the Surface Mini…

      • techieg

        Looks more like an iPad in its very thick/chunky variants of wanabe case and keyboard combos.

  • Habib Wakil

    Doesn’t look like a Surface at all

  • hyperthermia

    Nothing surface like here. It still should have its own kickstand and magnetic keyboard

    • JohnCz

      Likely just a placeholder image. While agree about the magnetic keyboard, I’m not sure it will get a built-in kickstand like the current Surface 2 products. We’ll see.

  • Drewidian

    The problem for me with 8″ devices is that they are too small to be productive devices and too big to be a phone device. If a 6″ Windows Phone was like the old Motorola Atrix and could dock with a laptop shell or a desktop dock with connections to 2 external monitors, mouse and keyboard, it would make sense as a “one device to rule them all”, but we aren’t there yet. I had a Dell Venue Pro 8″ and while it was decent as a media device, the desktop was useless and since it had no laptop dock for a mini KB, it wasn’t practical to productivity. I eventually gave it to my son for Netflix. gaming, and web use and got the Dell Venue Pro 11 which has effectively replaced my desktop, laptop, and ipad for day to day use. I still have my gaming rig, but for the most part only use it when I’m interested in high end gaming. If Dell made a 13″ version, I’d be very happy.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    I’m looking forward to the surface mini. Especially the wacom stylus support, if true, is the major selling point for me. It being a media consumption device is a given for me, because these days, nearly all the devices in this size category are classified and built for that. The only fundamental flaw I see is that the stylus use seems slightly to be marketed as a gimmick still. Something that goes to heart, because the stylus can still be a serious business tool in my expierence. I also wish the notetaking and stylus support was also pushed harder for business, because frankly the notetaking support is good, but the expierence is still poor, and most people will stop using it just because of that poor execution of an end-user experience.

  • Wieland

    Finally, a sign of life.

  • skruis

    Yea, nothing too amazing here. They could have simply pre-created a matching product in anticipation of it’s announcement/specs reveal and mistakenly listed it. That doesn’t indicate that they have ‘advanced’ knowledge of the product features…unfortunately, only that they intend to release a cover should a Surface Mini be announced/released.

  • Lj

    I think that’s just a picture for the tablet cover that’s being sold on Amazon. The tablet in the photo is in fact a Lenovo think tab 8. You can tell by the placement of the headphone jack just under the windows button.

  • nuprotocol

    It’s actually the Lenovo Thinkpad 8 in that picture. I have that exact same case for mine and the stock photos looked like that. lol

  • textomatic

    Surface Mini will be my next tablet. It will also be my next remote control using the Xbox One Smart Glass app.

  • Gregory C Newman

    Folks it appears that The MS Surface Mini will run Windows 8.1 RT which does not run any x86 legacy desktop programs. Folks Apple iPads and Android tablets do not run Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7. Windows 8/8.1 legacy Desktop programs and People buy them everyday and do not care about the fact they do not run PC programs. It is sad too many People want Microsoft to make only tablets that are PC tablets that run old desktop programs. Microsoft created the Windows RT operating system to run on tablets that use ARMS CPU”S which will not run any Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 desktop/server programs. The 2 Microsoft Tablets that now run Windows RT OS the Surface 2 and the Nokia 2520 have a 75 to 85 percent approval rating given by those who bought them. they just need more Apps to more of a hit. both 0f them are the best bang for the buck 10.1 inch business production tables because the have MS Office home and student pre installed on them and you can buy “MS OUTLOOK” for them also.