Post-PC era? What Post-PC era?


While Apple loves to tout the so-called Post-PC era, and even in their recent financials spoke about iPad growth on the strength of them replacing PCs, recent research has found they may not be as well position as they appear.

Deloitte denies the claim that we are in the ‘post-PC era’, and that whilst tablet computers have made inroads to traditional PC sales, the only thing that tablets replace is paper, with pilots taking tablets into the cockpit and doctors reviewing medical records on them in hospitals and restaurants as wine menu’s.

The 2013 forecast by the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Group announced that only tablet computers between 10m and 15m are being used as PC replacements despite companies around the world purchasing 30m tablet computers.

There are 500 million enterprise PC’s in use, but only 15 million tablets (3% of the enterprise PC market) and only 5 million of these (1% of the enterprise PC market) have replaced PC’s fully.

‘Deloitte Ireland partner Harry Goddard claims, “we are not in a ‘post-PC era’, we are in the area of PC-Plus’, meaning that PC’s have full or mix-size keyboards, larger screens and mice and are therefore more favourable than tablet PC’s for certain tasks such as reviewing documents, browsing the web or watching videos.  “The Deloitte Ireland 2012 CIO Survey also observes this trend- only 3pc of respondent Iris CIO’s identified tablets as an alternative to laptops, reflecting the laptop/PC as the preferred content creation device for the foreseeable future’.

While the tablet may not replace the PC as a content creation device, businesses and consumers will still use tablets and smartphones as a useful tool in areas as diverse as sales and warehouse inventory.  In many ways this position Microsoft,  who with Windows 8 has created the ultimate PC Plus vehicle, as the company best set to profit from the trend. We should see evidence of this over the next 2-3 quarters as Windows 8 penetration increases.


  • Rick Villafuerte Gonzales

    Era Post-mac

    • disqustingtard

      Post aids-infested Steve Jobs, and better for it. Other homos learnt to use a condom. Let’s see what takes Tim Cook and if his family also refuses to release the official cause of death.

    • Steve

      LOL. Well, Mac sales did drop 25% from last year so…

    • Mythos88

      Exactly. PC sales are being affected a little but Mac sales are getting hit the hardest.

    • Tomakali

      there was never a Mac-Era

  • Felix il Gattaccio

    Wonderful article. Tablets were made to consume what’s been created using pcs. This was before windows 8. Just give it the time to penetrate the market with more and more hybrid systems such as Acer w501 or Samsung Ativ pro or Surfaces available.

    • FRC01

      That is not entirely accurate. Tablets can be as powerful as a full desktop. Here is a hint “Surface Pro.”

      • GG002

        A full desktop may be a little exaggerated (they’re not created to be compact and low-power), but say a laptop or ultrabook and I agree fully!

      • iamtiger

        The Suface Pro is a PC… In a hybrid tablet- laptop form facture…

      • accuracy

        That’s the “Windows Version” of tablets and honestly the only tablets I care about! If you see most of people who own a tablet (iOS or Android), they use it for Youtube videos, Facebook and to play Angry Birds.
        That’s why I hated tablets so far and I still can’t understand their purpose. iPad and Android tablets are not the evolution of PC as Steve Jobs said and a lot of people keeps saying. They are over-sized Smartphones with big screens.
        I love Windows 8 because it’s here to change that and actually make tablets one of the evolutions of PC!
        Unfortunately, it seems most people like the over-sized smartphones version the most and they keep buying iPads and Galaxy Notes and Pads, instead of Ativ Pros and similar…

    • NGM123

      Just wish they would hurry up, W8 tablets are like trying to find the golden goose.
      They need market penetration yesterday !

    • disqustingtard

      Do not confuse tablets with ipods with large screens. Anyone can shove a large screen on an mp3 player, that does not imply all tablets are just mp3 players with large screens.

  • FRC01

    Not a bad article but sounds a little dry. I agree Micrsoft has done a fantastic job on Windows 8. They put the windows 7 on a diet and strip away the fat to make it fast and lighter. Then they coated a brand new design on top and called it ‘Modern UI.’ Windows 8 will highly benefit from merging new hardware with better battery life.

  • grs_dev

    The irony of the whole “post pc era” is that it hinges on computing becoming more personal…

    • VHMP01

      Exactly… Smartphones actually are small computers for personal use; with HD, RAM, Procesor, etc. (PCs by definition). Tablets (even iPads) actually are small computers for personal use; with HD, RAM, Procesor, etc. (PCs by definition). I also hate when iFans (even Cook) say it should be a Tablet or a computer; what? An iPad is a Personal Computer that does not have more than one account! They critizise merging technologies; what? Are they that stupid? Media players + video, camaras + phones, game consoles + DVDs, etc. All tech is becoming Personal Computers!

      • grs_dev

        Let’s give it a name…
        UPC? Ultra Personal Computers?
        XPC? Xtra Personal Computers?
        HPC? Hyper Personal Computers?

  • JRV

    Post-PC is iHype. As tablets get more powerful, battery life increases, and especially with the rise of hybrid tablet/ultrabooks, we will likely enter the post-notebook era. At least for devices that can use external monitors. More powerful and efficient still and we MAY be talking about a Post-PC era. But Post-PC defined only as elimination of notebook and desktop form factors, in favor of a more convenient, touch-friendly form factor. Not the limited experience of iOS or Android. The OS or applications that run on it will still be running on what we know today as “desktop” OS’s, like Win RT, OS/X or *nix. But not on OS’s like iOS or Android. Win RT will only replace Win32 if today’s fully-functional Win32 software can, indeed, be successfully adapted to touch. And I believe they can, although there are currently no examples. It will be a few years yet, just as it took the GUI a few years to become accepted. But I think history will show that Microsoft had it right.

  • guin261

    funny how a company who never built a good PC would say this. I used Macs for 15 years as a designer starting with the IIcx, through quadra’s, blue and white, black and white, mac pro towers and all the rest. Hardware was average, price was extortionate, and OS was unstable as all hell. So yeh, apple would love to say “post PC era” because they never took part in it in the first place.

    • Scott Humble

      Wow. I don’t know if I would go that far but that firmly establishes your argument. As for this article, my personal experience confirms the premise that iPads in the Enterprise are not replacing PC’s but that may not be true for a percentage of the consumer market. OEM’s will either need to become more efficient so that they can pass savings onto the consumer, more innovative or they will need to be willing to lower their margins for the consumer market. In the long run, competition is good for everyone. In the short term, its good for the consumer because choice drives innovation, increases quality, accessibility, and lowers cost. Acer likes the Chromebook because they are able to retain margin without the need to become more efficient. Personally, I’m tired of OEM whining about Windows 8. If they want to sell Chromebooks, that is what they should do. Time will only tell about how sustainable Google’s model is. In the Enterprise, the viability of a tablet is relative to whether it can connect to and use Exchange Activesync. Ask any administrative assistant and they would tell you the same thing. Google’s stance on EAS and Apple’s notorious unreliability will eventually catch up to them so I would say that MS has the Enterprise market wrapped up unless Google and Apple either embrace Enterprise management or they build a better mousetrap that replaces Exchange Server’s dominance in Enterprise messaging. That isn’t likely to occur any time soon.

  • NegLewis

    They meant Post-Desktop PC Era as a form Factor: Big Case, loud fan, Mouse, Keyboard, DVD.
    Next PC is a All in One Form Factor: Slim Case, Fan-less, Touch, Cloud Storage. Old Mouses and Keyboards still supported but deprecated… as a second/business option.

    • disizhell

      The All-In-Ones are fine for some use, but the big case PC’s have a lot of followers. You can put next bleeding edge video card or motherboard in a big case PC, but most All-In-Ones won’t allow that.

  • donzebe

    Before the Ipad style tablet, tablet pc / slate have been widely in use in the industry especially health care. I can see those that have put down their tablet pc / slate pc for ipad going back to the new modern windows tablet pc / slate because they all have everything the ipad style tablet have plus can do more.
    It is a shame to see most tech bloggers / journalist talk about the ipad as being the first tablet ever invented. The only thing that make the ipad tablet to stand out from earlier tablets was the instruction of multi touch and apps for general consumer use. Unlike earlier tablets which were mostly industrial focus and pen input for touch and were not make available in local retail stores. Now, all that is gone with the introduction of Windows 8. windows Tablet will not only be limited to the industry but for everyone and will be found in local retail stores.

  • donzebe

    what post PC era?

    PC ( personal Computer ): calculators, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, tablet pc, slate pc, convertibles, ultra books, notebooks, Laptops, Desktops etc which ever name we choose to call our personal computers (PC), There is not going to be anything like Post PC era. The demand for PC (personal Computers) will continue to grow in all forms, factors and names we may choose to call them.

  • newyorkcitymale

    Apple reinvented the tablet as a consumption device with the iPad. Microsoft has reinvented it again as a production device with Windows 8… which is really Bill Gates’ original vision of the tablet over a decade ago.
    It’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft can grab market share now.