Presence of mass-publishing developers on Windows 8 Store raise spectre of spam


The Windows 8 Store is one of the fastest growing app stores, but one of the reasons behind this is an issue which the Windows Phone marketplace had long struggled with – Developers publishing hundreds of spam applications which are often simply RSS readers for specific websites with only the name and the feed changed.

This issue is well illustrated by Win App Update, who note only 12% of developers are responsible for 61% of the apps in the app store, giving an average of more than 16 apps each for developers who have more than 5 apps in the store.

Of course an argument can be made that the best applications will still float to the top, and that at this early stage quantity is more important than quality, at least until we get to 6 figures, but it does take some of the shine of the growth in the Windows Store known that this is likely due to abusive practices rather than general developer interest.

How do our readers feel about the situation? Let us know below.

  • GG002

    It’s not like this is not an issue with Android and iOS. How else do you think you can reach 700k+ apps?

    • the person

      um, it is not NEAR as obvious in a sea of 700k apps as it is 20k.
      Something has to be done, and fast. Quality over quantity. We need an additional option to report apps as spam. We need to put the developer on notice to Microsoft somehow.

      • GG002

        That wasn’t my point. My point is that every ecosystem has crapps. You can argue about your point, but I’m not about to do that. Besides, nobody seems to give a damn how much crap there’s in each respective store, as long as there are large numbers to brag with.

        • auziez

          Yup, its true. out of 700k apps in the other stores, probably 80% of them are toys (useless time consumers), and 20% might (just might) be useful. That is of course being over-optimistic on the useful side.

          • ikissfutebol

            Really? There are 140,000 useful apps in a store of 700,000? No. Just no. Don’t tell me people are really that ignorant.

            The AVERAGE person doesn’t even see 1% of apps in their lifetime (7,000) and probably uses closer to .001% (70 apps). People don’t just sit around all day and look at app stores. They search for the ones they are told about.

            Most people don’t really understand just how large 700,000 is… it would take you over 8 days of counting one number per second, 24 hours a day to reach 700,000. You would likely die before you accomplished this due to lack of sleep.

    • Bugbog

      I think anyone that really thinks about it will realise that for every length of time it takes to produce 1 quality app, someone else can churn out 20 crapp apps.

  • mrdeezus

    One day not enough apps now theres too many….go through all the ios/android apps and you will see about 1000 garbage apps for every useful one.

  • freeiam

    This is the end of M$

    • GG002

      You forgot the /s