President Obama References Xbox (Playstation Not Mentioned)

President Obama used many analogies to explain his perception of Republican shutdown negotiating strategies, but his Xbox reference certainly gathered the most attention.

Noting that Republicans want to delay or defund his health care law before approving a new spending plan, Obama told reporters:

“The American people do not get to demand a ransom for doing their jobs. You don’t get a chance to call your bank and say, ‘I’m not going to pay my mortgage this month unless you throw in a new car and an Xbox.’”

Of course this sent PS4 fans into overdrive, denouncing the President for mentioning the Xbox but not the Playstation.  Clearly the President was well aware, nobody wants a Playstation, even if the bank throws it in for free.

  • Yuan Taizong

    People forget that he said this because the Xbox is an AMERICAN CONSOLE made by an AMERICAN company, the PlayStation is Japanese, Nintendo is Japanese, if Atari still made consoles (or was American, as it’s now French) or if Apple made the Pippin (which would’ve been praised by the Applecentric media of America, who usually hates Microsoft but give them the Xbone because they’re the only consolemaker that’s relevant in America) he would’ve talked about that.

    • Emily the Strange

      and that’s the reason PS4 seems to be more liked by alot of people around the world…not the Microsoft haters (but they can be that as well) but you know the Japanese wannabes, that think for saying kawaii and Konnichiwa, and of course listening to jpop… they are already japanese so they have to support japanese products and they “must be better” for having the japanese “Brand”… you ask them how big is japan, or provinces, or something about their story, and the population or something like that, and they dont know… but they still “are” japanese because they like anime and stupid things like that.

      and there is a reason why Xbox has sold more than any console in US for alot of consecutive months. so no surprise Obama used Xbox, of course the surprise its he used “Xbox” in first place, when there is alot of more products around. he didnt even say a Brand of a car, but he still said “Xbox” and that’s the surprising thing I guess..

      • vidwa

        Lol wat.

    • koenshaku

      Actually China and Mexico make the xbox just saying…

  • Viktor

    Product placement level – over 9000.

  • Wtechrover

    @Suril Amin Great pic! All in Xbox style. Nice :)

  • Chiquis

    Yeah, who would want the sold out PS4?? He he, who? Oh, YEAH! MILLIONS!