Processor specs for Surface 2, Surface Book rumoured


MSNerd, well known leaker of Microsoft secrets, has posted the following tip:

MSFT switch to Snapdragon for 8.6" Surface RT2, Temash for 11.6" Pro 2 & Haswell for 14.6" Surface Book.

The Snapdragon processor for the next Surface RT of course makes a lot of sense, given that it is generally felt Qualcomm’s processors are more performant than NVidia’s.

The Temash processor for the Surface Pro 2 however does not make as much sense. The chip is an X86 unit by AMD with two cores and a GPU cut at 28 nm and therefore very low power.  The issue is of course not the processor specs, but whether Microsoft would further jeopardize their relationship with Intel by using an AMD processor in their own-branded device.

Lastly we do have an Intel chip for the intriguingly named Surface book, which has a 14.6 inch screen and is powered by an Intel Haswell chip which is the successor to Ivy bridge and is cut at 22 nm for low power consumption.  The 14.6 screen size suggests something other than a tablet, raising the possibility Microsoft may compete even more directly against their OEMs by releasing a laptop.

Do our readers find the potential leak believable? Let us know below.

  • surilamin

    While at one point in time MS_Nerd did provide some reliable information, he is just full of shit now.

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    What do I want…?

    Surface Phone.
    5.5 inch 1080p IPS display (if not Super Amoled plus), 1.5 GHz Quad core A15 CPU, 2GB memory, 128GB storage capacity, 8MP rear cam (w/ flash), 1080p front, Stylus.

    Surface RT
    11.6 inch 1080p (if not 2560 x 1440p) display, 1.5 Ghz quad core A15 cpu, 2GB memory, 128GB storage capacity, 8MP rear cam (w/ flash), 1080/1440p front, stylus, type cover. (maybe a dock that adds even 8 to 10+ hours of additional battery life)

    Software wise? Full Office (including Outlook) capability & support.

    Price wise?
    $700 to $800 for the Surface Phone.
    $850 for the Surface RT.

    Now, those will be 2 devices /I/ want. :)

    • auziez

      You’re kidding right? 5.5inch screen on a phone is just too large IMO. Although I will agree that there are potential buyers like yourself, the market just isn’t that big. Especially for a phone that is meant to “save” windows phone, so to speak.

      • Liber8

        Meanwhile, Samsung sells 5 million Galaxy Note 2s.

        • auziez

          I realize that they are selling, but not at large. Yes it may trend upwards, but its not as big as other screen size buyers. 5 million is allot, but not allot compared to the over-all market sales of smartphones.
          My point is not that it would be a bad phone, but that MS stated they will tap into it if their current OEM’s for WP do a poor job. I don’t think they would come out swinging with something only a fraction of smartphone buyers would consider.
          From my understanding the surface phone would be to “save” WP. But who knows, that option is still on the table I guess. Just that I would rather a phone , not a tablet phone.

  • the person

    I don’t think they need to meet Apple at every price point and every product level. They really need to let someone else like Nokia do a small curated tablet.

    • Bob

      In pink.

    • Zicoz

      As far as I know anyone can create a Windows 8 tablet down to 7″

      • NGM123

        Well where are they than ??? I want one !

      • Sheila

        I want a 7.7″ or 8.9″ Windows Pro tablet with at least 64gb of storage!!

        • Ww

          add LTE/4G and i am in! :-)

    • NGM123

      Agreed. Where’s a 7 inch Nexus competitor, that’s what I want !

  • Pookiewood

    I really hope the AMD rumors are true. They could use a win like that. Also I want a 7″ RT tablet. I’m in love with the Playbook form factor and it’s a shame that it’s been shunned. Just give me the PB form factor with Win RT.

    • The__Truth__Hurts

      AMD needs to MASSIVELY step the game.

      • Me

        I agree here, being one who uses AMD CPUs in Desktop builds (I have Intel in my laptops, partly because there is no AMD CPUs in premium laptops). Temash has a lot of potential, but AMD needs to execute, that is there absolute biggest issue. They have good products that take them too long to get to the market and they end up mediocre.

  • Brian Chau

    I doubt it. However, I would love to see a 12.5 inch Haswell powered Surface tablet. 12.5-inch is a good size for running desktop app without compromising too much in portability.

  • connectwith

    Since you asked, no, I do not find the potential leak believable. This is a bunch of bs.

    • Zyf0

      I agree, bullshit.

  • yup

    Microsoft needs to relax and focus on their core products, software. They’re going after too much at once. Focus on one product at a time, make the surface a hit, than move on. All these products will be inadaqute.
    I smell disaster.

    • arrow2010

      I smell victory.

      • Bob

        I smell disastrous victory.

        • Nomrna

          I smell victorious disaster.

          • Tin TIn

            I smell bacon.

    • nickcraze

      oh you mean they should leave it to the bunch of incompetent hardware oem to take care of this?

    • frankwick

      Microsoft is no longer a software company (as their primary biz). They are now a devices and services company.

    • Jesse Chunn

      I smell what the Rock is cookin. The Surface Book, the Surface Pro 4, the 950 XL, the Hololens, Xbox One, Kinect, Band 2, Windows 10, Continuum… So now Microsoft has the best hardware on the market running the best OS on the market. Mic drop.

  • Abraham Soto

    I like AMD, if they can put a good APU that means a lot better Graphics performance. With less power.

  • CD

    YES, make the 14.6″ Surface book! I have a Surface RT and love it, but I wouldn’t enjoy typing a several thousand word essay on that 10″ screen; my eyes would be strained painfully. 14″ is just large enough to stare at for an extended time, and just small enough to be considered portable; at least for me.

  • Wieland


    • Nitesh Maharaj

      I think that’s the Surface Book. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully.

  • donzebe

    If only it wouldn’t be sold only in the Microsoft stores

  • Kitab

    AMD & Intel are equal partners with M$ in the PC universe since time immemorial. So, how in hell are they jeopardizing their relationship with Intel by using an AMD processor?

  • alukard

    An 8.9 surface rt would be perfect for me since it will be small enough to be handled comfortably and large enough to be useful media consumption device. I don’t think productivity will be very possible, but if the have a nice touch keyboard for it, I’m happy to be proven wrong.
    I love my surface rt, its awesome but I won’t mind having a smaller version with equal specs. That will the most cute computer in the world.

  • Bjoern_Hi

    “10,6” is the perfect size” …. bla

  • cluk

    i hope the surface 14 inch is true. A lot of designers will want it with a good active digitizer

  • Tech_Reader

    I don’t believe this.

  • Jesse Chunn

    Well, it appears that the Surface Book has been in the works since at least 2012, and this leak had some very early insight into what MS has been up to.