PS4 Fanboys Post Racist, Vile Comments On Xbox One Video For Young Children & Parents

Toy“R”Us is a leading retailer, in the US, for children’s toys and other juvenile products.  They posted a video demoing the Xbox One in order to inform their customers (mothers, young children, etc) about the product.  This was part of the company’s annual “Fabulous 15” list of recommendations for the holiday season.  


Sony fanboys, angry that the PS4 did not make the list, quickly resorted to posting comments on the youtube video which are simply to vile to repost here.  This is especially unfortunate given the intended audience of the video.  The company did eventually disable comments but not before racist & sexist remarks, profane comments, and excessive thumbs down votes were given to the video.  Ultimately a decision was made to remove the video.  Sony declined to comment.  Microsoft was not immediately available for comment.

Source: Video Games Scene

  • Mikado_Wu

    I have continued to read up on both devices, and I believe in the long run Xbox One will dominate the market. The Xbox One and Xbox Line really has the potential to some amazing stuff.
    All this hate is just silly. Buy your PS4, its ok… We will see you on Xbox Live next year.

    • neva

      The problem is Playstation is already a loved and respected brand, specially in Europe and Asia.
      And Microsoft is not helping itself. First it was the DRM (if they told people that DRM would result in cheaper games, everyone would love it just like Steam), then they removed it (making people like me unhappy because I loved family sharing and all those stuff that required it, and still hoped for cheaper games), they made XBox One more expensive than the PS4, most countries will only see it next year, missing the Holiday Season. And many other problems.
      Probably XBox One will be released only next year in my country (proving once again we are not important to Microsoft) while PS4 will be released 24 November. Do you think people will pass the Christmas and buy an XBox in February or March, specially when they already love the PlayStation brand? Of course not!
      Only a few idiots (like me) will do that and pray to not regret it later.
      In the USA (and maybe America) XBox will always dominate but not in Europe and Asia and it’s Microsoft fault!

      • kalval

        You will never regret waiting before buying technology. It will likely be cheaper after the holiday and there has been all of that time for both companies to iron out bugs, and for users of both systems to post their reviews. You will be better informed and if you decide that you would prefer the PS4 by then you won’t have lost anything for waiting.

        I do think Sony’s launch looks to be far better planned at this stage, but I think the software on the XBO will completely outclass the PS4 as far as being the centre of the living room. If you like flawless voice commands, Kinect, and being able to run apps side by side (eg taking a video call while you’re gaming, or watching a walkthrough while you play that part of the game), and having more non-gaming apps accessible on your tv with full voice control, then XBO is for you. If you are buying a console for gaming and gaming only then choose whichever has the exclusives that appeal most to you. I honestly don’t get any of the people who buy one or the other because of the brand.

        Personally I have used my 360 for tv/movies/youtube far more than I’ve used it for games, so XBO is a no brainer for me.

      • Dal Dudas

        Xbox never dominated Europe or Asia O.o Don’t think its Microsoft’s strategy to dominate anything except software market. They invested a billion dollars into the Xbox division,Xbox One is supported by Azure Cloud Network[which is one of the best cloud services around] Xbox is focused on AAA games and supports indies,while Sony is dependent on indies and occasional decent AAA game. Xbox Live is lightyears ahead of PSN and PS+ in terms of reliability. Xbox has SmartGlass support which you can download for free,while if you want to use second screen capability on PS4,you have to buy PS Vita. You get a Kinetic included with the system while you have to pay 60 extra bucks for Playstation Eye or what ever you call it. You Playstation morons think that if Xbox One fails and MS goes out of the console market,everything will be perfect….once competition is done and only one producer stays in the game,be ready for some major ass fucking by who ever holds the monopoly….best thing I see happening is Xbox One and PS4 are neck in neck the whole generation…..I’ll be buying a Xbox because frankly,none of the PS4 games interest me all that much.

        That is all

      • Matthews John

        get your fact right. both xbone and ps4 are not launching every at the same time. yes sony launches in more countries this year but most of those extra markets are so small it’s meanigless. and xbone actually launches in europe before ps4.

        • Matthews John

          btw the xbone is not more expensive.

          you are buying a xbone and kinect 2 kinect 2 cost almost as much as the xbone wich means the xbone alone would probably cost less than ps4.

    • James

      being outsold 2 to 1 at luanch is your longterm strategy? Did you go to the business school of retarded?

      • Matthews John

        lol did you read your comment before posting it?
        he said long run. then you sighted short term sales as his long term strategy. and you are calling him a retard? do you know the diffrence between short term long term? why i am even asking you probably think your micro penis is a foot long.

        xbone sales are going to go up once the console is in peoples hands.
        half the people buying a new console at this pint still think xbone has always online drm. ms has alot of pr troubles still most of which will be laid to rest once the console is out and word of mouth sales start to propagate the market.

      • ryan

        why are all sony fanatics rude, ignorant, and immature? I feel like you’re all a bunch of angry hateful Japanese people who just dislike anything from the United States? ahah

  • Guest

    I am surprise “nohone” would post those comments on the Toy R Us website…I would have assumed he was a XBox fan…

    • Yuan Taizong

      That’s a Microsoft-News in-joke ¿isn’t it?

      • nohone

        I think he was talking about me.

      • Guest

        Little joke among friends!

    • WPhan

      Kind of snarky but I get it 😉

  • Yuan Taizong

    The truth is that Microsoft Fanboys are not vocal enough across the net, sure this behaviour is bad, but when you go to web-sites almost ALL of them hate Microsoft, you can find Apple cult-sites, Sony cult-sites and many others, but Microsoft always gets ”healthy critisism” (*cough* *cough* bias *cough* *cough*) and this doesn’t aid the company well, and maybe some people are now getting their children a PlayStatoin 4 simply because they read these things about the Microsoft Console.

    • Dal Dudas

      What….we should become brain dead loudmouths like Sony fanboys seem to be lately….pass….I’ll play my games and let Pony’s bitch about whatever they bitch about

  • Emily the Strange

    thats why comments should be turned off… you know, human race is so stupid that its better that way. specially if you know its a product that would get idiots against it like if it made better their lives for insulting a company or a product that you know… its not important. its not like people will die or live if you buy a xbox one or a ps4.
    you know, you don’t need to remove the video just the comments… and youtube should remove that stupid down rate and up rate crap system. well I don’t use stupid youtube, only when Im forced to… but you know, rating system like that are stupid.

    • CyberAngel

      “thats why comments should be turned off…”
      ONLY when the comments come from
      Emily the Strange

  • nohone

    Really, do people expect any different? It is become more about attacking Win8, WP8, Xbox, etc. not on the basis of how those products work, but doing as much harm as possible by lying or any other means to make sure their favorite product – Mac, iPhone, PS4, etc. win. Notice how they stereo typed Xbox players by using those same hateful actions that they claim others use. It is more an indication of the personality of the people posting those comments than the people they were posting them about.

  • counterblow

    well, the commenter has a point….the 12 yos on XBL are a terrible lot. Really makes you question the future of humanity after listening to them.

    • AlanStrangis

      12 year olds in any online environment are, including PSN, and most comment sections. So are most adults. Before online, they drew crude pictures in public bathrooms, with the same anonymity.

  • koenshaku

    LOL why is this news?

  • You are flat out wrong

    Everyone – aficionados of PC, Nintendo and Sony – were rinsing the video in the comments because it was so utterly embarrassing.

    “As you can see, it’s much lighter”

    “comes with an HDMI cable”

    “one of the fastest Xboxes ever”

    “Totally sweet!”

    “Ages 6 and up”

    Your marketing is going to have to improve if you want the Xbone to ever be desirable.

  • JReuben1

    pot calling the kettle black ? I’ve received anti-semetic insults on this forum for criticism microsoft.

    • nohone

      First off, who said to you “pot calling the kettle black?” No one in this thread called you out, and yet here you are pretending that someone is personally attacking you.
      Second, point me to one place where someone made an anti-Semitic comment towards you. Please, just one. Being you think this article is about you that you need to respond with the “pot calling the kettle black” remark, when you claim that someone is making racial remarks towards you, I tend to think you are just making it up.
      Honestly, you have not said one thing on this forum that has been anywhere near true. And I have not one reason to believe you now. And until I see these supposed remarks against you, I rank you among the lowest of the low of humanity. If you can provide any proof to the contrary, and by a registered user, not a “Guest” because I would not put it past you to log in and post comments attacking yourself to gain sympathy, but if you can provide proof, I will retract my statement. But if you can’t, then I will stand by them.

      • JReuben1

        Here is a link to your site where your buddy’ whatup12 conducts an anti-semetic tirade against me, posted one month ago:

        • nohone

          Nope, no apology. His reply was calling out your own racist comments. As a practicing Jew (traceable back to 6 generations through maternal lineage before the trail grows cold) I don’t agree with what he wrote, but your comments are no better than his were. And playing the race card just makes you that much worse.

          • JReuben1

            What racist comments? Can you back up that smear? You “dont agree with what he wrote” , but you rationalise it in defence of MS.

          • AlanStrangis

            Nonsense. In that other thread, whatup called you out for making anti-Islamic comments elsewhere (which he quoted, because it’s otherwise impossible to source when you’ve marked your acct private). You never denied the quote.
            Whatup also made comments that show an anti-ISRAELI bent, which is different than being anti-Semite, unless you’re suggesting that any Jewish person who disagrees with Israeli policy is an anti-Semite, which is inaccurate, and a smear tactic used by those who SO support Israels policies, particularly regarding Palestine.
            In other words, I agree with nohone above, and you just like to stir the pot for no good reason.

          • JReuben1

            You cant just make stuff up about people – thats slander. Whatup12’s vile comments were particular to Judaism , and you find them acceptable … because antisemitism is Ok if it can be construed under the guise of racism towards Israelis ??? You make me sick.
            Steve Ballmer was a Jew – perhaps he resigned when he realised that his business had developed a cultish following of anti-Semites !

          • Guest
    • Dal Dudas

      Haven’t seen one comment calling you anything,J O.o

  • Dal Dudas

    Its not a sprint,its a marathon,guys….and in the long run X1 will outsell PS4….

  • Jeremy

    I can find numerous examples of Microsoft fanboys doing the same thing. Retard.

    • Jack

      Lol please don’t post silly comments rather get an iq you need it !!

    • ryan

      I have yet to see an Xbox fanboy use crude and childish insults regarding mental disabilities. Child.