PSA: Surface Team To Hold Reddit AMA Monday

Microsoft will be unveiling the next generation Surface this Monday in New York City.  Panos Panay, Corporate VP @ MSFT, and in charge of the Surface team has been in New York City since Thursday.  He along with other members of the Surface design and development team will host a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” at 3pm EST shortly after the Surface event. 

Surface Reddit AMA

Our sources tell us that the event will not be live streamed.  We will be posting a rumor roundup article tomorrow, but in the mean time you can see our previous coverage of the Surface:

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  • Yuan Taizong

    I never got why Microsoft loves Reddit so much, it’s over-hype’d, but then again, so is the rest, this is the internet we’re talking about.

  • Johan Spånberg

    What?! The event wont be streamed?!?

  • reKitab

    Where the funk is the link for the surface 2 live reveal tomorrow?

    • Sugadevan

      no live stream as MS said, may be live blog.

      • FateStayNight

        wut? A travesty! An affront to all surface dwellers. 😉

  • Zicoz

    Why don’t they live stream it when they did so last year? Stupid imo, and what is the point for an AMA if noone has seen what they’re presenting, might as well just do a Q&A With the people who show up.