Qualcomm Bullish About Windows RT’s Future

Surface 2 Silver

Even though the new Windows RT platform didn’t have enough success so far, Qualcomm remains bullish about its future. Talking to CNET, Qualcomm executive Horton said that Microsoft is a very capable organization, with lots of technologies,” but “didn’t hit a home run out of the gate on the very first product, but they’re working on it.”.

Also Qualcomm believes in Microsoft’s vision of having both entertainment and productivity on a single device. He said, “The RT of today may not be the RT of tomorrow.”

“We have a longer term view on these things,” Talluri said. “The RT of today may not be the RT of tomorrow. But the vision of a device that’s both your entertainment and productivity device that you want to carry with you is going to be there. We invest for the longer term.”

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Source: CNET

  • Emily the Strange

    for real?… lol at this guy… he just sound like another stupid person who talks crap around the internet. and apparently he is just talking crap because Surface, the ARM Windows Tablet that will sell more than any other Tablet like the Nokia one, doesnt use qualcomm but Nvidia.
    but he seems to have discovered fire? or something. its obvious the RT from today wont be the same RT in some years… but apparently he gets paid to talk logic stuff.

    • Hello

      He is optimistic about Surface, idiot.

      • Emily the Strange

        lol please. qualcomm is basically talking crap, first they put a stupid “we are faster than surface 2 (nvidia)” without any benchmark, but in a year of RT OS they didnt say anything about RT and now magically the RT is the best OS ever for the future?? it doesn’t matter if he is optimistic or not, he is still talking crap, only because now Nokia 2520, the only serious Surface competitor reminding runs qualcomm, and obviously they want people to buy it instead of Surface 2, so crap crap crap.
        and again, its obvious RT will transform into something different, because its Windows 8 without desktop apps, running on ARM. so if Win8 progress RT will progress as well.
        again before you call someone stupid learn to read my comment, I don’t care if he is optimistic or not, to me he is still talking crap.
        its like if Acer CEO, in 1+ year when windows RT becomes a good seller in a tablet or desktops or phones they started to say “oh we always believed in RT and it will be always the best thing for us!” or something like that, wouldn’t you think he is talking crap?
        so again, only because qualcomm is “optimistic” doesn’t mean they arent talking crap now.

    • http://lukeja.co.uk/ Luke

      Basically Windows RT will be gone in a couple of years and Windows Phone will replace it when it is ready and Windows Phone will be on future ARM tablets instead because it is faster, more polished, more efficient and doesn’t have the desktop which i will be very glad to see disappear!!!

      • HighDefJunkies

        Nah. RT is the future of Windows. You’ll see.

        • http://lukeja.co.uk/ Luke

          Nah. Windows Phone and RT have very similar back ends but Windows Phone is the better made, faster slicker interfaced one and it already supports 6 inch devices with 8.1 update early next year to add support for up to 10 inch tablets

          • reKitab

            And Qualcomm will power them/it both, whatever!

      • Ben A

        desktop is hidden but there in 8.1. in the future spring GDR 1 update I will tell you, it will be gone. I just know it.

  • Joe_HTH

    Nevermind! Wrong topic.

  • Guest

    “But the vision of a device that’s both your entertainment and productivity device that you want to carry with you is going to be there. We invest for the longer term.”


  • Tirinti

    I don’t belive in RT future.
    Bay Trail Atom makes ARM Windows Tablets obsolete.

    • Ben A

      not really. not everybody want a expensive intel tablet.

  • nohone

    People here are laughing about the future of RT. Most of those people are Mac/Apple fans. The thing is, when you discredit RT, you are discrediting the future of Apple. The ARM processor RT runs on is the same processor the iPad uses. We know Apple has virtually abandoned the Mac, only supporting it so that developers developers developers can write iOS apps. So if you don’t think that RT can survive, then iOS can’t either. And without iOS, Apple only has the abysmal failure known as Mac and OSX.

    • Guest

      iOS has a established and vibrant ecosystem that is highly supported by developers and health growing sales.

      RT has a weak ecosystem avoided by developers and customers alike sales coming from deep discounting.

      Comparing them is like comparing Apples to…pig poop.

      • nohone

        Steve Jobs himself told us that we don’t need native apps, just web apps is good enough. He introduced iOS and told people we do not want native apps, the browser was all we would ever need. And Steve Jobs is never wrong, he is perfection and everything he ever said or made is pure perfect just as he is.

        And so we go back to the usual:

        1) Microsoft does not have the apps. The claim is people do not want to use Microsoft’s devices.
        2) Microsoft gets the big name apps. The claim changes to people do not want the same apps on iOS and Android, they want exclusive apps.
        3) Microsoft gets exclusive apps. The claim changes to people do not have all the apps they want.
        Wash, rinse, repeat.

      • Ben A

        RT weak with over 125,000 apps and more productivity programs than that big shit poop called iOS. lovely. Only real consumers are not blind, only blinded apple fags like you

  • The1nChicago

    I think MS will stick with the ARM/WIN environment because they are positioning this OS as a stripped down OS for the ARM server market very soon.

  • Guest

    The problem with any product competing with Surface is that they are fighting over the same customers and very few of them are ones that are in either Android or Apple camp already.

    It is what happens when your late go the market with a so- so product.

    • Ben A

      errm Microsoft is no stranger to the tablet market neither its mobile market don’t talk bullshit. Microsoft been in the mobile space longer than those two platforms combined.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Microsoft stop polluting our landfills with your millions of unsold electronics. Thanks.

    • NGM123

      They can gladly drop a truckload at my place.

    • Ben A

      WHAT. polluting, you mean Apple,Samsung,Sony and others tech companies. shut up cunt. stop living in a lie, its not just one tech company. retard

  • Luke Murphy

    The problem with this is as guest stated, they are late in the game, but the bigger thing is that they are lacking a lot of apps. Word spreads quickly that the device “sucks”. In my opinon Microsoft should just scratch the RT line, I know they changed the name to “Surface”. But they need to focus on the PRO, maybe make some cheaper hardware PRO models to compete againest Apple and Google, or spend a lot of development and get every popular app out there for Windows. I have a Windows phone that is finally starting to get close to the apps, but there are still so many known apps that are missing from the store. There was also a lot of confused customers on the RT model seeing the desktop screen and thinking they had a full blown “PC”. The PRO can really dominate the market, they just need to focus on that more, to have a PC and a tablet is just beautiful that Apple and Google cannot match! Focus on the sucess, or if you want the RT to be a sucess, hire a lot of developers and knock out the popular apps for the Microsoft App store.